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Sometimes you get in the mood for a little suspense, and there's no better way to scratch that itch than with a killer book—literally. Thrillers and mysteries never fail to get your heart pumping, making you turn the page at warp speed while also delivering an oddly satisfying uneasiness about what's to come. Naturally, these gripping domestic and psychological thrillers make for excellent beach reads or poolside companions. To add a bit of excitement to your bookshelf, we found some of the best thriller books out there. And you might recognize one in particular that has been adapted into a Netflix show: You, which streamed its second season in December and stars Penn Badgley as bookish murderer Joe Goldberg. If you want to read the novel that started it all, check out Carolyn Kepnes's tale below—plus more of the best thriller books of all time. You'll be glad you're reading them on a hot summer day because they'll all send a chill up your spine. Magazine All World Provide Of You Thriller, Thriller Book, Thriller Novel, Thriller Ebook, Read Online Thriller Book And Novel Free.

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