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Titan's Vengeance (Ris Daniels Chronicles 2) by Lauryn Evans Book

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Titan's Vengeance (Ris Daniels Chronicles 2) by Lauryn Evans Read Book Online And Download

Overview: “We don’t have to listen to the stars.”

By now, Ris Daniels knows she’ll never be normal. That’s impossible when you’re a titan-god’s vessel. What she didn’t know was the second half of the seer’s prophecy. And that it would change everything.

Their best bet in stopping Okeanos is a mystical trident powerful enough to kill a titan. Only, it’s been broken into three pieces, and each is guarded by a formidable sea goddess. Go figure.

When Ris makes a deal with the earthwalkers to form a shaky alliance, it becomes clear that she can’t run from what’s written in the stars. To save the people she loves, she’ll have to bring down a titan and his vengeance.

No matter what it takes.

Titan's Vengeance (Ris Daniels Chronicles 2) by Lauryn Evans Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Titan's Vengeance (Ris Daniels Chronicles 2) by Lauryn Evans Book

Titan's Vengeance (Ris Daniels Chronicles 2) by Lauryn Evans Book Read Online Chapter One

Some days, Nerissa Daniels could trick herself into thinking she was a normal college student.

Other days, not so much.

Today was one of those days she felt almost normal. Well, as normal as she could be when she was a titan-god’s vessel.

“Will that be all?” Ris asked, punching the customer’s order into the computer. She was about an hour into her shift at the local bakery café, Jenny’s.

“Yes, thank you,” the customer said with a polite smile.

Ris completed the exchange and handed the customer back her credit card. Then she turned around, made the customer’s coffee, and passed it to her over the counter. The customer graciously accepted the cup.

Ris made her way back to the cash register. It was Friday morning in mid-May, at that weird down time between breakfast and lunch. A few customers sat spread out across the dining area. One was engrossed in their food, the other typing on a laptop, and another reading a book.

Ris leaned back against the counter behind her. Her fingers brushed across her chest, landing on the amulet she wore around her neck. Made from cedarwood, known to hold earth energy, with a circular protective symbol carved into it, the amulet dulled her connection to the sea.

Since she was a siren, Ris couldn’t sever her connection to the ocean, but with the amulet’s help, she could resist the call of her master, the titan Okeanos. But she couldn’t resist forever.

How much longer would it be until she gave in?

How much longer would it be until she hurt the people she loved?

How much longer would it be until Okeanos took over her mind?

Ris clutched the amulet tighter, holding it close. She took a deep breath. Holding the amulet almost made her feel like Grandma was still here. That everything was going to be alright.

But Grandma wasn’t here. She was gone. Killed by sirens.

And if Ris wasn’t Okeanos’s vessel, Grandma would still be alive.

The next customer waiting at the register interrupted her thoughts. Ris went over to him and took his order, focusing on her job once again. The rest of her shift went by quickly, and before she knew it, she was pulling her apron off over her head and hanging it up on its hook in the back room. She slipped her crossbody bag onto her shoulder and took out her car keys.

Jenny, the café owner, flashed a warm smile. “Good work today, Nerissa.” Her eyes were sad. “If you ever need anything, give me a holler.”

Jenny was one of Grandma’s closest friends. She was hurting just as much as Ris was.

Ris nodded. Her eyes dropped to the floor. “Thanks, Jenny. I will.”

Jenny watched her for a moment, then headed to the counter. Ris ducked out of the café, got into her car, and drove home.

About ten minutes later, she pulled into the driveway in front of the small house she used to share with Grandma and stepped out of the car. The house was right on the beach, and sand came up to the far end of the driveway. The waves crashed from behind the house, the repetitive lull of the ocean calming her.

Ris slipped inside and put her bag on her bed upstairs. Logan Thomas, who was now officially her boyfriend, was coming over later. When they first met a few months ago, he’d been hunting her, thinking she was like any other siren—enslaved by Okeanos. Once he’d realized she wasn’t, they started working together to take the titan-god down. Since they got back to Everton, she and Logan had been hanging out more lately, just the two of them, which was nice. It was almost enough to distract her.

She glanced at the digital clock beside her bed.

Still have a couple hours until Logan gets here.

Ris took off her clothes and put on a bathing suit. She made sure to grab a beach towel on her way out but didn’t bother to put shoes on.

They wouldn’t have stayed on for long anyway.

Outside, the sand meshed between her toes. She dropped the towel some distance away from the water and waited a minute after pulling her cedar amulet off over her head.

Nothing happened. No voices.

She guessed Okeanos had given up on trying to convince her to sing, because she didn’t hear anything out of place after she took the amulet off.

Ris still didn’t trust the silence.

Brushing away the thought, she broke into a jog and dove into the sea headfirst.

The cool water washed over her skin. Fully submerged, the sea caressed her body like a gentle embrace. Gills formed on either side of her neck. Her legs melded together until they weren’t legs anymore, but a shimmering silver tail. This close to the surface, her scales glistened in the water all the way down to her fins, which were so light, they looked translucent.

Ris dove deeper, safely concealed by the depths. It wasn’t a good idea to stay close to the surface in her siren form. Up there, someone might see her.

Being a siren was her best kept secret. And she wanted to keep it that way.

Only the people closest to her knew what she was—Logan, his brother Hale, and her best friend, Samantha Parker.

Grandma knew too. And she died because of it.

Brows stitched together, Ris brushed away the thought. She focused on the feel of the water on her skin, the muscles in her tail propelling her forward.

But no matter how hard she tried to ignore it, her worries still clouded her mind, looming over her like a dark cloud.

So much happened during the past couple months. It was still hard to believe at times. They’d learned about the existence of earthwalkers, beings with superhuman strength and speed, that were sworn to serve Gaia. And since Okeanos was hellbent on waging war against his parents, Gaia and Ouranos, the earth and sky themselves, their elders saw Ris as a threat.

She swam through some kelp, using her hands to push it out of the way. She tried not to think about it, but her mind kept running a mile a minute.

The earthwalker Council of Elders still wanted her gone.

Why wouldn’t they? The prophecy said that once Okeanos claimed her, Ris would either become the savior or destroyer of all.

She slowed her movements. Black hair floated around her face.

Gaia’s words were so clear, it sounded like the goddess was here with her.

“Remember that you have the strength to do what must be done.”

In the dream realm, Gaia told Ris she could choose to be the savior or the destroyer. That her fate was for her to decide.

How could Gaia be so sure?

How did she know Ris was strong enough?

What if she was wrong? What would happen then?

Ris sighed and swam to the surface. She sat on the sand, and her scales started to fade away.

“You might need this.”

She turned around. Logan stood in front of her, holding her beach towel in his outstretched hand.

“Thanks.” Ris smiled and took the towel. She dried her tail and then wrapped it around her shoulders. Legs back to normal, she stood up and wrung out her hair.

“How was your swim?” Logan’s gaze met hers, the sunlight reflecting in his mossy green eyes. His cropped dirty blonde hair was tousled and longer than usual since he was due for a haircut. The T-shirt he wore was loose but did little to hide his toned shoulders.

God, he was gorgeous. And he was all hers.

The thought rustled the butterflies in her stomach.

“It was good,” Ris said while they walked back to the house.

Logan didn’t look convinced. “I can tell something’s bothering you.”

“It’s been three months. We haven’t heard anything from Amphitrite.”

The last time they saw her, the sea goddess had promised to help her take down Okeanos. But she hadn’t reached out to Ris since they found the heart of the sea. In all that time, Ris had started and finished her spring semester of college, closing out her junior year.

Still no word from Amphitrite.

Supposedly the sea goddess would use the compass, a magical stone, to communicate, but nothing had happened yet. It didn’t glow or do anything that made her think Amphitrite was waiting on the other end. But it wasn’t a cellphone. She couldn’t expect it to ring when Amphitrite called. Maybe it had already done something unusual, and she missed it?

“I still don’t trust her.” Logan’s voice was wary. He crossed his arms. “For all we know, she’s working with Okeanos.”

“I don’t think so.” Ris shook her head. She didn’t fully trust Amphitrite either, but she remembered the look in the sea goddess’s eyes when they were talking. The pain and the anger…

Amphitrite wanted to make Okeanos suffer. And it wasn’t just because he enslaved her like the sirens.

No, there was something else.

Something personal.

“Okay,” Logan nodded. They approached the back door of the house. He opened it for her, then went inside after her, closing the door behind them.

Ris brushed her wet hair out of her eyes and looked back at him over her shoulder. Her skin was sticky from the saltwater. “Do you mind if I take a shower quickly?”

“Go ahead.” Logan waved her upstairs with a tired look in his eyes. “I’ll wait here for you.”

“What is it?” Ris stepped closer, reaching out to him.

His eyes locked with hers. “Nothing. It’s just…” He paused. “I wish things were easier. I worry about you.”

She knew what he meant—defeating Okeanos, saving the world. It was hard on them.

On both of them.

“I know.” She squeezed his hand. “But we’re in this together.”

“We are.” Logan mustered a small smile. He took her hand and kissed it. “Go shower.”

Ris nodded and went upstairs. She felt bad for making him wait—the look in his eyes told her he just wanted to hold her and relax. So, she quickly peeled off her wet bathing suit and hopped into the shower, scrubbing the salt from her skin. Once she was clean, she threw on fresh clothes. She stood before the mirror, fixing her hair. Her blue eyes stared back at her, with dark circles under them. Her fair skin wasn’t perfect, but she’d looked worse, and her thick black waves were cooperating. Satisfied with her appearance, she headed back downstairs.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Logan looked up and instantly rose to greet her. He pulled her to him with his hands on her hips and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. Ris’s hand rose to his neck, running her fingers through his hair at the base of his head. He broke away from the kiss, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her forehead, still holding her close. Like he wanted to savor every moment they had together.

Like someday soon, she might not be herself anymore.

“Hey.” Logan cupped her chin and tilted her head up. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Ris shot out, trying to act natural.

“Talk to me, Ris,” Logan pressed, searching her expression. “What’s going on?”

“Just more of the usual. I’m tired.”

Ris knew she looked it. Her eyelids felt droopy.

His face fell. “Are you still having nightmares?”

Ris looked away and pinched the bridge of her nose. The motion spoke for itself.

Logan pulled her to his chest. “Is it the same dream?”

“Yeah.” She sank into his chest, feeling defeated.

Almost every night, for the past three months since they found Amphitrite and the heart, she’d been having a recurring nightmare. It flooded back to her, clear as day. She could still see it, even though she was awake, and it felt so real—Okeanos, possessing her body, storming the beach with his army of sirens. Gaia, taking the form of Ris’s grandma, Janice, standing before her. And Ouranos’s storms wreaking havoc, the winds knocking down trees, the clouds an angry gray.

It was the same beach she’d been to so many times in the dream realm, but it was different. It felt different. It felt angry, like the beach itself held the titan-god’s rage.

Each night was the same. Okeanos summons a mystical trident and plunges it into Gaia’s chest. Then the beach bellows and the wind howls, and then…

And then there’s nothing.

Nothing but empty blackness.

Logan pressed a kiss to her forehead. “It’s just a dream, Ris. It’s not real.”

“It’s not real yet,” Ris corrected him.

Logan pulled back, his gaze firm. “It’s not real at all.”

“You don’t know that. If he…If I…” Ris shook her head. “It could happen. You know what the prophecy says.”

“No. No, I do know that. I know you. You’re stronger than him. He won’t take you.” Logan wrapped his arms around her again. He murmured into her hair, “He won’t.”

His unspoken words hung in the air between them.

I won’t let him.

Ris’s heart sank. She wished she could tell him that everything was going to be okay. That this was all just a bad dream and it’ll never happen in real life. That she wasn’t Okeanos’s vessel, and there was no prophecy.

But she couldn’t. She couldn’t tell him any of that.

Not without lying.

Ris rested her head on Logan’s chest, holding him. She wanted to say something but didn’t know what.

Logan looked up at something and stared at it, a puzzled look on his face. He arched a brow, turning to her. “Something’s…glowing.”

“What?” Ris asked, turning to the stairs. Then it made sense. “Oh.”

A turquoise glow emanated from the staircase, spilling into the kitchen below. The light pulsed in waves, like it was mimicking the sea. It refracted as if it were under the water, moving rhythmically on the top few stairs.

Ris cautiously climbed the stairs, looking around at the light as she stepped into the hallway. Logan was close behind her, protectively holding his arm out toward her.

The light glowed brighter in the hallway, peeking out from underneath Ris’s bedroom door.

She grasped the handle and turned it, slowly pushing the door open.

They found where the light was coming from—a glowing figure stood in the center of the room.

“Well,” Amphitrite huffed, with her hands on her hips. “It’s about time you arrived.”

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