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Ruthless Legacy by Cara E. Holt (Hawk Bay series Book 1)

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Ruthless Legacy by Cara E. Holt (Hawk Bay series Book 1) Online And Download

Overview: When our social worker drops the bombshell that a grandfather, we never knew existed had come forward to claim me and my brother, I wanted to be happy about it, I really did. I mean, I was tired from moving foster homes and I wanted nothing more for my little brother, Kit, than to have a stable place to call home.

Our arrival in Hawk Bay is the talk of this affluent coastal village. On my first night, I knock heads with the Aces, the three boys who rule Hawk Academy and learn that their powerhouse families run the bay. Archer Savage is the worst of them. He’s arrogant, brooding and annoyingly gorgeous, and he wants me gone for some reason.

Hawk Bay is a place of lies, deceit and a stupid secret society with rich idiots who think they can control me. No one controls me. I’ve survived just fine up to now and handled worse than these three. I’m here to stay.

Kneel at my feet boys, because there’s a new queen in the bay.

Ruthless Legacy by Cara E. Holt (Hawk Bay series Book 1) Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Ruthless Legacy by Cara E. Holt (Hawk Bay series Book 1)

Ruthless Legacy by Cara E. Holt (Hawk Bay series Book 1) Read Online Chapter One


s the police car pulls up outside my foster family’s home, I groan internally at the welcome party awaiting me. My foster mum, Jackie, and my social worker, Hayley, are standing on the steps in front of their extended semi-detached house. Fuck my life. Hayley looks pissed off; no doubt annoyed that she has had to drive out here to deal with my sorry arse. Hayley is okay as far as social workers go. I do genuinely think she gives a shit about the kids on her caseload. And let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of social workers. In the last five years there’s been eight, to be exact. Kit and I take bets on how long the latest ones will last. Hayley has been our longest — she has stuck around for eleven months now. The rest of them all burnt out because of heavy caseloads. We are used to people not sticking around, though. No one wants two kids aged seventeen and fourteen, especially one like me. Let’s just say I’m no angel. I like living life on the edge. Nearly dying can do that to you — make you re-evaluate your life. You can be here one day and gone the next, just like that. One selfish drunk driver and your life can be over, wiped out, and that is left are the photographs. 


       A slither of guilt runs through me as I take in Jackie’s tired expression. To be fair, Jackie and Steve are okay. My problem isn’t with them. I’m just angry. I’m angry at the world for the cards my brother and I have been dealt. There was a time when life was good. When we had two loving parents and a stable home. Before my selfishness robbed us of our home and family. We came to live with Jackie and Steve six months ago, Hayley had pleaded with me to behave myself. She said that if I could just rein it in a bit, then this might be my last move. I’ve heard that shit before, though. Our last home was supposed to be our forever foster home and then they got divorced, and we were surplus to requirements. And the wonder why kids in care are screwed up? You try moving time and time again, only to be let down one more. 


       I no longer believe a word anyone tells me. I trust no one, apart from my brother. Kit is my world. He’s all I have in this life, and I love him with every bone in my body. We have a real close bond. When you only have each other, and you’re in the system, you stick together and have each other’s backs. Kit is better behaved than I am though. He’s a deep soul, and he channels his anger and resentment into his football and art. My brother is super talented, and yes, I’m biased, but he is a gifted footballer and artist and with his dedication, I think he’ll go far. Me, ha, where do I start? Deep down, I’m quite smart, but I’m too busy having fun to knuckle down at school. I’m tough. Nothing and no one gets to me. I’m a wall of steel. I think the last time I cried was the day of my parents’ funeral. After that day, I pulled up my big girl pants and told myself I had to ready myself for what was to come; that I had to be the strong one for my brother. It was my duty as his big sister. 


       Officer Higson parks at the bottom of the drive and turns around to address me from the front of the car, “Ready to face the firing squad, Eliza?” 

I sigh. “Let’s get this shit over with.” I know what comes next, anyway. The lecture about disappointment and throwing my life away. I’ve heard it all before. 

He pauses before getting out of the car. “Eliza, don’t waste your life being angry at the world. Make a life for yourself that your parents would be proud of.” 

I frown. “You have no idea what it’s like being in care. I bet you grew up with two loving parents and had everything you ever wanted. You have no clue.” 

He’s silent for a beat. “Actually, my dad was a cop, and he died in a car chase when I was eight years old. So, I know exactly what you’ve been through, Eliza. We all have our crosses to bear. Jackie and Steve are good people. The genuinely care, but you may have pushed them too far this time. You’re so lucky that Jackie doesn’t want to press charges and add to your rap sheet.” 

I avert my eyes from his piercing gaze. “I know.” 


       Higson climbs out of the car and comes round to open my door. I reluctantly follow him up the drive to face my fate. 

“Hi Hayley and Jackie. I was hoping it would be a while before I was back here again,” he says in a resigned tone. Jackie offers him a tight smile, her eyes quickly glancing my way before she looks away. 

“Eliza,” Hayley says, her face defeated, “I thought we made some headway last week. I thought I was finally getting through to you.” 

“Shall we take this inside?” Steve asks as he comes through the front door. He squeezes his wife’s shoulders with a look of resigned disappointment on his face. My stomach knots with anxiety at the realisation that my desire to self-destruct could cause us to move again. I’m too good at acting without first thinking about the consequences. 


       Everyone piles inside and as we cross the hallway to the lounge; I glance up and see my brother peering around the top of the stairs. I offer him a confident smile and a wink, appearing far more assured than I feel. 


       We all take a seat. I notice that Jackie and Steve sit themselves at the opposite side of the room. Okay then. This is how it’s going to be. Jackie takes genuine pride in her home. She loves watching home renovation shows, and she loves nothing better than dragging me around our local home décor store to buy new pieces for her house. I remember the first day we arrived here, and I walked in the lounge, painted all white but with shabby chic pieces of furniture that give it a modern farmhouse feel. I remember thinking that it felt like a real home. 


       “The car’s at the station. There are a few scrapes, and you’ll need a new bumper but it’s not too bad,” Officer Higson informs them. 

Steve nods his head. “I’ll come by later today and pick it up. I’m just glad no one is hurt.” Steve shakes his head and looks at me. “I just don’t get it, Eliza. A reckless driver killed your parents and yet here you are stealing cars and racing. Do you have a death wish?” 

I snigger, earning me a sharp look from Hayley. “Well, I should have died five years ago, so I guess I’m lucky I’ve lasted this long.” 

Steve leans forward, his arms resting on his solid legs. “But you didn’t die. You were given a second chance. The odds were against you, but you survived. You have a brother upstairs who worships the ground you walk on. Do you want him to down this path? Because you’re not being a great role model for him.” 

I ignore his question and do what I do best — I go into defence mode. “So, I guess I should go and pack?” 

Hayley clears her throat. “That’s actually why I’m here.” 

I ready myself for this. Will it mean another school move? We are already at school number four. How long will it be before Kit resents my actions — actions that are having a direct impact on him. 

“Jackie and Steve are surprisingly happy to have you stay, because they believe that with love and stability, the loving girl you are under all that armour could thrive. However, circumstance have changed.” 


       Kit bursts into the room. “I’m not fucking moving again!” he tells them angrily. “I’ve actually got friends here.” 

My heart drops at the shattered look on his face. I’ve done this to him. This is all my fault. Everything about this situation and how we ended up in care is my fault. 

Jackie stands and walks over to my brother, placing an arm around his shoulder. “Kit, I know you’re angry and upset, but just hear Hayley out. This is actually good news for the both of you.” 

I frown, how can she possibly think moving again is a good thing? 


       Kit leaves Jackie’s side and comes to sit beside me. He reaches over and grips my hand in his. “Well, go on then.” 

“A family member has come forward to claim you both,” Hayley announces. I blink. Sorry, did she just say a family member? I think my ears must be playing tricks on me. Maybe I’ve imagined it and heard what I wanted to hear. 

Kit scoffs. “We don’t have any family. Why do you think we’ve been in care for the last five years?” 

Hayley shrugs. “Well, we were wrong. Your Grandfather is now your legal guardian and you’ll be going to live with him.” 

I hold my hand out to stop her talking any further. “Rewind a bit. We have a grandfather?” 

Hayley smiles. “Yes, and he’s a good man. I’ve met him via video call.” 

“What side of the family?” Kit asks her, his voice hesitant. I know why. He doesn’t want to get his hopes up that this could be real. Like we could finally belong to someone. 

“Your fathers.” 

I nod, still processing this shocking news. “He said his parents were dead.” 

Hayley shrugs her shoulders again. “I can’t explain that to you. But this man is definitely your grandfather.” 

I chew on my lip. “Where does he live?” 

“He lives of the south coast, in a beautiful seaside resort. He’s also very successful. His home is quite beautiful.” 

“How do you know?” Kit asks, his voice still hostile, 

“He’s shown me photos, and I’ve had a video tour of his house. He’s already had bedrooms decorated for you both.” 

“I’m not fucking going,” Kit protests, leaning back into the sofa and crossing his arms over himself defensively, then blows his dark hair out of his eyes. 

Hayley offers him an understanding smile. “I know this is a lot to process, but he’s your legal guardian, Kit. You will be going to live with him.” 

“Why now?” I ask her. Why has this mysterious grandfather come forward now, after all this time? 

Hayley shakes her head. “I can’t speak for your grandfather. That is a conversation you will need to have with him.” 


       I look over at my brother. He’s pissed off. I know he’s been happy here. Probably the happiest he’s been since we’ve been in care. He’s made a good group of friends and he loves playing for the local team. I place my hand on his leg. “This is good, Kit. He’s family. No more moving, no more feeling like we can’t make roots in case we have to move.” 

“I’m just so tired of moving and staring again,” he admits. 

       Hearing my brother say how much the system has broken him breaks my heart. And people wonder why I’m angry? 

“I know, but this is different.” 

“Is it?” he asks me, sitting up straight, looking from me to Hayley. “What if he gets fed up with us and decides he doesn’t want us anymore? What then? Another foster home? Another school?” 

I can see Hayley struggling not to betray her emotions. “He won’t get fed up with you, Kit. He’s really looking forward to getting to know you and the school you are going to has the best sports facilities. There’s even a pool.” 

I can see him waiver slightly. “Do they have a football team?” 

She nods. “They do, the school is top-notch. The range of sports it offers is amazing.” 

Kit looks over at me and I smile in encouragement. “It sounds good, Kit.” 


       Inside, I’m not really that convinced, but I put on my game face for my brother. I want him to feel good about this. He can leave the worrying to me. Am I cynical about this news? You bet. For a start, my dad must have had a reason to say his parents were dead. If this grandfather is so great, then why did our dad have no contact with him? And why did we never meet him? I mean, if he gave a shit about us, then surely he would have been a part of our lives when we were younger? Something didn’t add up here. 

Hayley looks at her watch and gets to her feet. “I’ll be back on Saturday to collect you; I’m driving you down there myself.” 

“You are?” I say in surprise. I presumed we’d be put on a train or something. 

Hayley grins. “Yes, I am. I want to take you.” She turns her attention to out foster carers. “Jackie, Steve, thank you for being so understanding with Eliza. She is very lucky you are so forgiving.” She gives me a pointed look before she picks up her bag and car keys and heads towards the door. Steve and Jackie see her out. 


       “I smell bullshit,” Kit states, his dark brown eyes filled with apprehension and fear. 

“Well, it’s happening, kid, so we’re going to have to roll with it. We’ll be okay. It’s you and me against the world, yeah?” I hold out my fist. 

He can’t help it, he breaks out into a grin and taps my fist with his. “You know it.” 

I smile back at him. I’m pretty good at pulling him from his moods. 

He chuckles. “I can’t believe you stole Jackie’s car.” He shakes his head. “I mean, really bad-ass stealing a Ford Focus, sis.” 

“Hardy, har, har.” I grin, relieved he’s smiling again. Nothing is more important than my brother’s happiness, and I’ll move heaven and earth to ensure he gets it. 





       Five days later, we have packed our bags, and Hayley has arrived to take us to our new home. I’m still not entirely convinced that everything is, and will be, as wonderful as Hayley is leading us to believe. There are so many questions in my head. 

“Have you double checked you have your lifeline charger.” Steve teases me, as we all stand in the hallway, surrounded by our cases, filled with our belongings and our memory books from each foster home. 

I roll my eyes, but I can’t resist a smile. “Yes, I have my phone charger.” 

“Ready to go then?” Hayley asks us both. I nod my head. 


       Steve ruffles Kit’s hair. “You keep your head down and keep training hard. One day I’ll be watching you on the tv playing for Stoke City.” 

Kit laughs. “I think you mean United.” 

Steve smiles. “Just take care, okay?” 

Kit nods and smiles at Steve. He’s bonded with Steve over the last six months thanks to their shared love of football. “I will.” 

Jackie wipes a tear away. “Okay, let’s get this over with before I start blubbering all over you both.” She pulls Kit in fort a hug. “We’re always a phone call away, okay?” 

Steve gently nudges my shoulder. “You take care as well young lady. Use that fire in you to create a good life. You have so much potential.” 

I nod. “I will and thank you for putting up with all my shit. I know I haven’t been easy.” I almost choke on my words. I’m not good at apologising or admitting when I’m wrong. 

Steve nods his head. I think he knows how hard it was for me to say those words to him. I pull the handle up on my wheeled suitcase and follow Hayley to her car. Kit has his chinchilla, Winston, in his carrier, and he places him between us on the back seats. 


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