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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ruthless Honor by Delta James (Syndicate Masters La Cosa Nostra 1) Book

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Ruthless Honor by Delta James (Syndicate Masters La Cosa Nostra 1) Read Book Online And Download

Overview: His power is absolute.

No one crosses Roman Genovese and lives to tell about it.


I am a master thief, a cat burglar. I manage to get access to Genovese’s estate under false pretenses. He thinks I’m there to attend a fundraising gala; he’s wrong. What I want is a priceless Michelangelo he keeps in his study.

From the time I arrive at his estate, I am drawn to the compelling gangster in a way I have never experienced. Having sex with him was a mistake… a BIG mistake. He isn’t a man to let go of what is his, and there’s no question that I am.

But staying with him is not part of my plan.


From the moment she entered my home, I knew she would never leave. Her scent filled my nostrils and I knew I had found my fated mate.

There are secrets hiding in her eyes, but I will discover them all.

She is mine. The bratva have taken her and are keeping her in a gilded cage. They mean to use her against me and force me to honor their demands. My tiger will show them the ruthless honor of La Cosa Nostra.

Ruthless Honor by Delta James (Syndicate Masters La Cosa Nostra 1) Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Ruthless Honor by Delta James (Syndicate Masters La Cosa Nostra 1) Book

Ruthless Honor by Delta James (Syndicate Masters La Cosa Nostra 1) Book Read Online Chapter One


Florence, Italy

Roman Genovese watched as the man known as The Wolf wielded double floggers to the beautiful submissive he had strapped naked to the St. Andrew’s Cross on the main stage. Normally, Dante’s wasn’t open on a Tuesday, but the woman in question was not only the Wolf’s submissive, but she was also his mate and wife. Today was their anniversary, so as a gift to her, he had agreed to a public performance; the celebration was invitation only.

The Wolf was well known to Roman as he was the omega and master vintner of Marco DeMedici’s vineyard. He was also a wolf-shifter. Roman glanced around the room and smiled. Every man there was an alpha shifter of some kind and did extensive business with either the winery or the club. Great care had been taken to ensure that the testosterone that would be pumping to the sound of dynamic music would have a controlled outlet. Given the normally voracious sexual appetites of male shifters in general, and alphas in particular, Marco had supplied each of those present with a sub he had played with at the club in the past.

Thankfully, it was a masked event, which meant that Roman wouldn’t have to admit he had no idea who she was or her name. Care had been taken to ensure that the sub was willing to meet the needs of the Dom to whom she’d been assigned. The girl was pretty enough, he supposed, with her blonde hair, lithe figure, and big tits. Unlike so many subs who seemed to favor solid black, this one was dressed in a corset and thong the colors of the sea—a paisley print of blues and greens and trimmed in lace.

She was a bit clingy for his taste as she sat between his knees, her arms wrapped around his leg, leaning her head into his thigh. She might have gone for his groin if he hadn’t spanked her lovely bottom earlier when she’d reached for him right off the bat. Subs who did that usually spent their time trying to top from the bottom and Roman preferred truly submissive females—ones who found pleasure in serving the needs of their Dom. Still, Roman could smell her arousal increasing as she rubbed her cheek against his leathers.

The girl was also human. Had she been a cat-shifter of some kind, he might have been able to release his barbs and really enjoy himself with her later, but it didn’t negate the pleasure she would give him—here and now with her mouth, or upstairs later when he drove his cock into her. He hoped she liked to be fucked, because Roman had spent considerable time and money to attend the event.

The sub looked up at him with large eyes that he couldn’t see very well because of the half mask she wore, and said, “He’s very good with that flogger, isn’t he, Sir.”

“He is. One of the best.” For the first time since he’d spanked her and set her between his legs, the best place for a woman, he set his hand on her head and stroked her hair.

“I’m very sorry I was so forward before.”

He smiled. “You were naughty; you got spanked; it’s over. Would you like to be forgiven?”

“Yes, Sir. Very much.”

She started to say more and stopped herself. Roman knew the subs had been forbidden to make any mention of previous sessions with their Dom unless the Dom first broached the subject. Yes. He had the feeling she would serve him nicely this evening.

“Bene,” he rumbled in his deep voice. “Why don’t you take my cock and see how you can please me with your mouth.”

She glanced over her shoulder, entranced with the show the Wolf was putting on. He was switching from the flogger to a single-tail.

“Sir?” the Wolf’s sub asked in a highly aroused, but nevertheless concerned tone of voice.

“Yes, my beloved,” the Wolf purred.

“I thought it was just the flogger…”

“For your pleasure, yes, but who decided to misbehave this morning with her friend, Catherine? Hmm? I think a few good kisses across your backside tonight will improve your decision making in the future.”

The Wolf approached his wife and inspected her skin for marks and rubbed his hands over her body, making her purr with arousal. She might be a wolf-shifter, but the pleasured sounds emitting from her mouth were incredibly cat-like.

Roman reached for his sub’s chin and focused her attention back on him. “The scene, little one, is for the pleasure of the Doms. Your pleasure is derived from serving me, is it not?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m very sorry, Sir.”

She didn’t wait for him to respond but unlaced the opening to his leathers and pulled his large, uncut, and completely erect cock free from its restraint. She hesitated only a moment before wrapping her small hand around the root, licking her lips and lowering her head. To re-enforce her role as a sub doing her Dom’s bidding, he placed his hand on the back of her skull, urging it forward watching as her small tongue darted out to taste the small bit of precum at his tip. Roman continued to pull her towards his groin, impaling her mouth on his dick.

He was over-sized and knew he could be a lot to take, but he also knew how to feed a woman his cock so that she could do so and enjoy it as she did. He allowed her to back off and then come forward taking in several inches. Roman place his hand back on her skull and took control, encouraging her to take more of him with each stroke. Watching his cock move in and out past her lips combined with the feel of her tongue swirling around his staff made him moan. The girl gave good head. The night was looking up.

“Deeper,” he commanded.

Her eyes met his as she began to apply herself to meeting his need. The sub drew back, licking all along his shaft until only the head was in her mouth. She swirled her tongue all around the head and over his slit, and didn’t resist when he pressed her back down to his base, swallowing as he reached the soft spot at the back of her throat. After a few strokes on her own, Roman fisted her hair and began to direct her ministrations as he began to lift and lower his hips to take full advantage of her mouth.

As the Wolf began to apply the single-tail to his mate’s generous backside with a little more intent than sensual pleasure, Roman began arching his back to thrust deeper. He liked that even though it was their anniversary, the Wolf chose to discipline his mate. Roman’s cock surged deeper with every stroke until he shoved it deep, shooting his cum down her throat with a muted and satisfied roar.

That had been nice, but he wanted more. Roman stood and extended his hand to the sub, who was still on her knees. She took his large hand in both of hers and gracefully rose. A simple acknowledgement that she understood he was not done with her. Roman hoisted her over his shoulder. He knew most subs preferred to be swept up in a Dom’s arms and cradled close to his chest, but that seemed too intimate to him. Being tossed over a brawny shoulder and taken to where he could fuck her was far more primal and more in keeping with what he required of her.

Taking the steps two at a time, he was pleased to see the door to the room he wanted was slightly ajar. This wasn’t one of the beautiful romantic rooms with a large bed and luxurious fittings. This was a room where a man came to fuck. Pure and simple. Entering the room, his eyes swept the contents as he kicked the door shut behind him.

“You understand what I want?” he growled.

“Yes, Sir. Your needs are well known at Dante’s. I was one of several subs who wanted to serve you this evening.”

“Good,” he said as he placed her face down over a leather pommel horse. “Do you need me to tie you down.”

“No, Sir. Please, Sir, just fuck me.”

Roman opened his fly, his cock already becoming erect as he spread her legs, stepping between them, smiling as he saw her pussy weeping freely for him. Lining up his cock he pushed forward. She squealed in pleasure as he began to plunder her pussy with his rampant staff. Her inner walls spread for his invasion and then hugged his dick as he drove in and out of her. He looked down at her ass, mostly watching as his cock disappeared in and out, and realized she hadn’t been disciplined in a while. Her ass cheeks were a heightened shade of pink, but she didn’t seem to mind when his hips bumped up against them.

She cried out in ecstasy as he fucked her through her first orgasm, the lust he had inflamed making her do so with a determined, primitive energy. She was female. He fucked her because that was her purpose. She arched her hips, better to serve him as he pounded into her. His cock began to swell in preparation for his second orgasm tonight. He was glad that Marco had taken care of all the arrangements, including the fact that he played without a condom. There were strict rules and requirements in order to do that, but Roman hated the feeling of his seed not settling where it was meant to. If only for that exquisite moment when he filled a woman’s pussy, he wanted to close his eyes and pretend that it was his fated mate and she was being bred.

With a final, brutal surge forward, he shoved himself deep, coming inside her and flooding her pussy. The sub cried out a second time as she, too, came, her pussy clamping down and convulsing along his rod. Roman used several, shorter thrusts to ensure he’d emptied himself inside her. Placing his hand on the small of her back, he pulled back and placed his cock inside his leathers, lacing them up. He examined her ass to ensure he hadn’t left a mark or really hurt her, and she moaned appreciatively. It was almost too bad Marco took a dim view of any shifter turning one of the subs at his club.

Roman splayed her labia to examine her sex. It bore the evidence of his hard use, but no lasting damage. Her lower lips were puffy and swollen and the entrance to her core still gaped open, dripping his cum. He went to the door and hit the button that would indicate to those who took care of these things that he required a Resident Dom.

He helped her up. “You did well, little one. I enjoyed both your mouth and your pussy. One of the Resident Doms will take care of you now and will ensure you get to the hotel. I’ve arranged for you to stay the weekend and the bill to be sent to me.”

“Thank you, Sir. That isn’t necessary. As I said, your preferences are well known, as is your ability to pleasure your partner. I enjoyed it. I know we aren’t supposed to give you our names…”

“Do you require a spanking from the Resident Dom?”

“No, Sir,” she said, shaking her head. “I was going to say they have a list of who got to play with which Dom so if you ever want to play with me again, you can.”

“I may take you up on that, little one,” he said gently, stroking her face and knowing he never would.

She was a little too clingy and was skirting the rule about no names, but she did have a tight little cunt and didn’t seem to mind his rough treatment or the fact that he did not provide aftercare. He always arranged to have it provided, but he preferred to avoid anything that smacked of intimacy.

When the knock came, Roman ran his hand down her spine and the crevice of her ass as he went to the door. Opening it, he allowed the Resident Dom to enter the room as he exited, went down to the Dom’s locker room, showered, changed, and headed out into the Florence night. Turning up his collar against the cool evening breeze, he made his way to the waiting town car and headed for the private airport.

After arriving and tipping the driver generously, he allowed him to open the door before exiting the car and walking to his plane, where the stairwell had been lowered. He climbed the steps.

“A satisfactory evening, Alpha?” said the pilot.

“Yes, very pleasant. DeMedici knows how to take care of his customers and his people.”

“I hear the club is extraordinary.”

“It is. I take it you’ve never been?”

“No. Dante’s is out of my price league.”

“Not necessarily. I have an agreement with Marco. As long as you are unmated and willing to attend the requisite courses and abide by his rules, I will pick up the cost of your membership. I find it’s an excellent way to allow our people to play safely.”

“Even the Tigresses?” the pilot gulped. The young man had left the Italian Air Force and had recently rejoined the clan.

Roman chuckled. “Especially the tigresses, but they are only allowed to pursue their pleasure as submissives, and members of the clan are prohibited from playing or sceneing together. Let’s get underway.”

The pilot nodded and brought the stairwell up, locking it in place. As he ran through his pre-flight list, Roman made his way to the bar, poured himself a grappa, the famous Italian brandy, and settled himself in the seat for the short plane ride home. The pilot’s take off was as smooth as the water on Lake Garda and he looked out the window as the plane banked for home. Roman knew there was a lot of work to be done when he reached Castello d’Onore, his castle overlooking the city of Genoa and the Ligurian Sea. Still, he was glad he’d afforded himself the brief respite to be found with the submissive at Dante’s. Inhaling deeply and allowing his breath to be expelled with a sigh, he reminded himself that was all she’d been—a brief reprieve from the burden of being Poseidon’s Tiger.

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