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Romance in NYC Forbidden Bosses The Complete Collection by Angel Devlin Book

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Romance in NYC Forbidden Bosses The Complete Collection by Angel Devlin Read Book Online And Download


Abandon – Manager Ashley’s best relationship is with her career. New deputy Lucas is fresh from an employment scandal. It’s strictly business… isn’t it?

Exception – When Toby returns to Bree’s life to employ her, he finds she has a strict rule to not date clients. But is Toby the one exception she’ll allow herself to make?

Confession – On his last warning after a workplace affair gone awry, Barnett is determined to save his job. Then in comes new assistant Jess, and the arrival of some spicy ‘confessions’ through the mail. Are they truly anonymous or are they from Jess? What’s a guy to do when he’s a forbidden boss?

Romance in NYC Forbidden Bosses The Complete Collection by Angel Devlin Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Romance in NYC Forbidden Bosses The Complete Collection by Angel Devlin Book

Romance in NYC Forbidden Bosses The Complete Collection by Angel Devlin Book Read Online Chapter One


Working for Aidan Hall kept me on the toes of my Jimmy Choos. You never quite knew what he was going to ask you to do next. As the owner of Abandon, a private members sex club, he’d inherited me as his main assistant the moment he bought the club from Henry Carter two years ago. I’d known Aidan a while before he took over and he was a great guy, though known to be impulsive at times. I loved my job, although it was busy and challenging. I was a shit hot assistant and Aidan knew it.

He’d been pre-occupied the last few days as he had finally begun a romance with a woman called Lori who he’d been giving puppy dog eyes to for ages. This morning he had called a meeting with me and said it was very important. I hoped he wasn’t going to give me much more work to do as my schedule was brimming over.

I knocked on the door of his office, walking in when I heard his voice instruct me to do so. My dark-haired, dark eyed boss had stubble on his chin, a sign he’d been too busy with Lori to shave. It made me smile.

“Hey, Ashley. Take a seat.”

Well, he looked in an amazingly great mood anyhow. Relaxed and with a smile that took up almost his whole face. Getting regular sex did that to you I suppose, though I found it hard to recall. The only relationship I had was with my job and that’s how I liked it.

I sat in the chair opposite him, my iPad in my hand ready to take notes.

“You won’t be needing that.” Aidan smiled. “This isn’t a PA thing.”

I raised an eyebrow at him before sliding the iPad onto the edge of his sleek black desk, then I sat back crossing one leg over the other. Now I was intrigued.

He scrubbed a hand over his face. “Ashley, I want to start by apologizing.”

I looked up at him with a query in my gaze. I could feel my eyebrows pulling tautly together. What did he need to apologize for? What had he done and how did it involve me?

He cleared his throat. “I think Abandon and its previous incarnation Club S, plus me and the previous owner, Henry, have largely taken you for granted. You do an amazing job around here, above and beyond what an assistant should do.”

“I love my work,” I said slowly and cautiously.

“It shows.” He nodded his head.

I ran my tongue around my now dry mouth wishing he’d get to the point.

“Now, I’m planning on being out of the office more. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that I’m looking to expand the business, given its success. So I plan to be out scoping locations for a new sister club to Abandon. I’ve also decided to extend this place…”

Fuck. I was getting more work. Did he think I could do without eating and breathing?

“To that end. I’m changing things around. Ashley, I want to invite you to take on the position of manager for Abandon, second only to myself. Abandon is extending to the floor above and I want you to oversee that development. There will be a VIP area for the elite there. Somewhere they can hold private parties rather than mix with everyone like they currently do on this floor. You’ll negotiate with party planners and PR in order to make Abandon XL the place for the rich and famous to party.”

I tilted my head. “XL?”

Another smile came my way. “Abandon with gold dust. Extra-large, or extra-lust? Whichever. Just make sure it’s dynamite. If you take the job that is.” He scrawled some numbers on a piece of paper and turned it around to me.

“That would be your salary. Starting tomorrow.” He searched my gaze.

My gaze that was wide-eyed. The number I was looking at was ten times my present salary.

Looking directly in my eyes, he ran a hand through his hair. “If you don’t accept, I’ll be doubling your present salary anyway. I’ll also be backdating this to when I took over, so that’s a two year backdate coming your way.”

My jaw dropped. I was having trouble keeping up with this conversation. Aidan was so very enthusiastic about everything that he talked at one hundred miles an hour and went from one thought to another. After two years, I was largely used to him, but today his general happiness was making him even more tricky to keep up with.

I was getting a two year backdate. Twenty-four times my salary going into my account, and THEN double salary from now on, or even more if I accepted this new role.

I folded my arms across my chest. “I want to say yes, Aidan, I really do. But I don’t see how I’m going to be able to take on all this extra work. I’m already here morning, noon, and night.” Although I was his general assistant, our office building was on the floor above. The one he was talking about converting into Abandon XL. That made another question pop into my mind.

“Hey, what’s happening to the other offices?” I asked. “If Abandon XL is going to be upstairs.”

He shot me a grin. “Relocating. I’ve bought new premises near GoDown Productions. It’s ready to move into. I want Abandon XL up and running in the next few months. Money’s no object. I’m employing a project manager and they’re waiting for my manager’s call. In answer to your other question of how you would cope… If you accept the job, I’m getting you a deputy manager. You’ll train them to manage Abandon and you can have Jessica to take over your PA duties. She’d be your assistant.”

“Okay, yes, I’ll do it.” The words burst from my mouth before the sensible part of myself could take over. All I could think of was handling an exciting new project, being the boss, and having enough money to tell my present landlord to go suck a dick.

Aidan rolled out some plans across the table and invited me to stand closer to look. I rose from my seat, smoothing down my skirt and stood at his side.

He gestured at the drawings. “If you can see, what I’m proposing is that these two thirds of the building to the right of the main lobby will be Abandon XL. At the left side, behind the elevators will be two separate staff apartments: one for the manager, one for the deputy. Obviously the manager’s will have extra square footage.” He laughed. “I will need one of you to be on site at all times. It would be up to you whether you used it full-time or just when you were on duty.”

I gave a slow, disbelieving shake of my head. “There’s an apartment too? That salary and an apartment?” I pressed a hand against my chest, fingers splayed out. “Aidan, could you slap me because I’m sure I’m dreaming.”

He laughed again.

“Hey, you’re not manic are you?” I frowned at him. “Do I need to call psych?”

A gleam in his eye, he winked at me. “What we are, Ashley, is on the up. Abandon is doing amazing. The elite are crying out for their own floor. You know how many times they make inquiries to get the place to themselves.”

I nodded. There was always some VIP thinking they were important enough that we’d close the club for their sole use.

“Now we’ll be able to offer them that as an option without it impacting on the other members.”

“It’s going to be incredible.” I grinned.

Aidan looked up from his plans. “So, I’ll need you to run any major ideas past me, but what I’d like you to do this week is meet with the guy who’s going to be your deputy. I’ve shown him around Abandon, but he’ll need showing the ropes of running the place. His name is Lucas and I’ve asked him to meet with us tomorrow morning.”

“So you knew I’d take the job?” I smiled.

Aidan’s eyes fixed on me. “No, Ashley, I got on my knees and prayed you’d take the job. I want you to work on ideas for what XL is going to look like and what we’re going to offer. Come back to me with a mood board, presentation, or similar as soon as you can.”

I tapped my top lip. “I could open a dialog with the VIPs who use the place already?”

“Love it. Do that, schmooze a few. Take them somewhere fancy on account. Find out what’s hip and what’s about to trend and get that in our club. Now Jess is going to be working for me, you, and Lucas so I’ve also increased her salary and she’s ready to become a workaholic just like you.” He reached over to grab his laptop bag. “I’m outta here. You have my schedule. I suggest today you take some time to process the morning and maybe take Jess to lunch? Chat about the future of Hall Enterprises and it’s meteoric rise to the top.”

He winked again, and with that he left the office. Picking up the piece of paper and the plans, I walked through to my own and sat back in my chair. I felt like I’d been whipped by a tornado. I stared at the piece of paper with my new salary written on it. Were those numbers real? I stuck my legs out, whipped them up and down, and let out an excited shriek. Oh my god, in the space of a few minutes my career had shot off into the stratosphere. The manager of Abandon! I loved this place. I’d been here from its inception right back when Henry Carter had bought it and first employed me as his assistant. I’d watched it morph into its current incarnation and now I was to be instrumental in its development to its next. I was excited to get started, but for now I called Jess, because us two girls needed to celebrate over lunch.



“I couldn’t believe it when he asked me if I’d take on the position of PA to him, the new manager, and the deputy.” Jess grinned at me then took a pull on her soda. “I asked him if you’d got one of the positions, and he told me if you said no, he was in the shit cos he’d just given your job away.”

“Aidan Hall is one ballsy dude,” I told her.

“Yeah, or he knows you so well, he knew you’d bite his right arm off to get a promotion.”

My eyes widened. “I can’t believe it, Jess. I’m going to be the manager of Abandon. Hey, it’s not going to be weird between us is it?” My brows furrowed.

“Ash, you’ve been the senior assistant to me for years and to be honest this promotion for you has been a long time coming. I’m ecstatic for you. I’m getting a promotion myself, so, no, I don’t think it’s going to change our dynamic too much. Anyway if you get too cocky, can I have permission to tell you to check yourself before you wreck yourself?” She started to laugh.

“Please do. Seriously, Jess. I can’t believe it. Do you know I get an apartment with my job?”

Her jaw dropped open. “An apartment? I want to be the manager.”

“It’s going to be on the same floor as Abandon XL. Aidan said I had the choice whether to use it when I was working because myself and this Lucas guy will have to take turns to be around for twenty-four-seven cover, or to live there. Well, seeing as I basically live there anyway and I swear my current rental has bed bugs, it’s a no-brainer.”

“Well, I’m happy for myself today. But I’m not only happy for you, I’m jealous to all hell.”

“Hey. I haven’t met this Lucas guy yet. This could be the worst business decision I’ve ever made.”

“See this glass?” Jess shook her soda glass at me. “It’s half full, not half empty. That’s how you need to see things. Fresh starts and all that.”

Jess knew that I came from a family of deadbeats that I had no contact with, and an ex that did the cheating-with-my-best-friend thing. The way I saw it, my work was social. I met hundreds of people a week. My life was busy, and I had a job I loved. What had happened today was some kind of miracle and I felt like I needed to keep pinching myself.

“We’re going to be meeting all kinds of celebrities and getting to know all their kinks.” Jess winked. “It’s going to be like Abandon Enquirer in our office.”

“Ah, we’ll too busy to worry about that nonsense,” I told her.

“What? You mean if we got Tom Hardy in there naked you wouldn’t wanna look? Seriously, girl, you need to get back in the game and get laid. You have a whole sex club at your disposal. Go play.”

I put my head forward a little and placed a hand over my forehead. “You just shouted that I had a whole sex club at my disposal. People are staring.”

Jess snorted. “Sorry, got a bit overexcited there at the thought of naked rock stars.”

“Look. We have to keep professional. There’ll be no fraternizing with any members, or staff.”

“Whaaat? That’s not a rule, seeing as our own boss bedded the bartender! Plus, he used to take part in threesomes before he took over ownership. Aidan has a mighty fine ass you know?”

I shook my head. “Well, it’s my rule anyhow. To keep work separate from my personal life.”

“What personal life?” Jess quipped. “You oughta give all the new toys in Abandon XL a try and loosen up a little.”

“Have you used the club?” Though I’d known Jess a long time, I didn’t really know that much about her, other than she lived with a roommate called Sheridan who’d been her best friend since high school.

“Yes!” she said. “A couple of times on the masquerade nights. I don’t think I could have gone in there with the possibility of anyone recognizing me, but with a mask on, it was different. Like no one knew it was Jess from Hall Enterprises.”

“Really?” I was intrigued now. “Did it add to the excitement, people not knowing it was you?”

“Hell, yeah. Plus, well, some of the guys there just had the best bodies: really ripped, gym-honed, bounce-quarters-off-them bodies.” Her face took on a dreamy look. “I think I might have to do it again this week.” Her eyes widened. “Hey, why don’t you join in on the next one? It’s on Friday, isn’t it?”

“No way.” I put a hand up. “For me Abandon is strictly business. That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it will stay.”

Jess shrugged her shoulders. “You’re missing out.”

“I may well be, but I need my focus to be on my job, especially now that I have the promotion. I need to make sure this club is the best it can be.”

“Which you’d know if you tested it.” Jess winked.

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