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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

King by Kenzie Macallan Book

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King by Kenzie Macallan Read Book Online And Download

She’s a hacker turned agent. He will become king to a diamond empire. Can two unlikely lovers survive a sinister conspiracy?

Former MI-6 agent Beck McKenzie needs a fresh start. So after his break-up, he takes an assignment in Zambia to connect with his long lost family. But when lies about his past begin to unravel, he’s determined to find out who is trying to kill him.

World renowned hacker Pippa Stevens lives life on the edge. So as a newly recruited agent, she jumps at the chance to investigate suspicious activity at an African diamond company. But when she discovers the truth behind the lab-created diamonds, she must move forward on a deadly mission despite Beck’s protest.

As Beck uncovers the betrayal of those around him, he fights his attraction to Pippa. And when the sins of his brother comes to light, he must protect her at all costs, so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Can Beck and Pippa uncover the truth about the diamonds and to find their way to true love?

King by Kenzie Macallan Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
King by Kenzie Macallan Book

King by Kenzie Macallan Book Read Online Chapter One



His news is unexpected, and it hits me in the chest. I fold my large body into the seat behind me, unable to grasp the words as they filter through the air. My mind shies away from this unknown and ludicrous information, but my soul recognizes the possibility.

The bearer of my new reality has kind, warm eyes, but they hold power, the power of a man who knows peoples’ secrets, my secret.

Katoo Ole Kapiti, the esquire who has tilted my world on its axis, leans down. “Your Highness, you need to tie things up here. You can meet me in Mubala, Zambia, your birthplace.” He pulls a ticket from his jacket. “Don’t take too long. Matters are urgent. We need to name you as king within the seven weeks after the previous king has died. Your parents, our king and queen, died four weeks ago. Otherwise, it is open to other prominent families of Mubala.”

I nod, but words escape me. Before I can process a response, he turns and floats out the door in a black-and-red blur. The truth is, they are not my parents. They are two people who gave me life thirty-six years ago and then gave me up for adoption.

A man I’ve never laid eyes on informs me I was adopted from an African family and I’m the heir to the royal throne in the Sai tribe. The information is more than I can deal with and the first thing I want to do is call my parents, but I shut down that need. I don’t want to hurt them. They gave me everything and I won’t disrespect them.

My head is foggy and I’m not able to grip on to the events that have just occurred. There are a few things I know for sure. A white couple, Albert and Ellen McKenzie, adopted me in England when I was three years old. I’m their only black child and my siblings are their biological children.

They never made me feel less than, but I hated being part of family portraits. To say I stuck out like a sore thumb would be an understatement. I never questioned where I came from because it didn’t matter… until now.

My teammates stare at me, unsure of what to say or how to say it. Sean Knight, the K of MBK Global Security, speaks first. “Did he call you, Your Highness?”

My legs are shaky. “I need to get going. There are things I need to tend to before I leave.” My voice is not my own. It sounds far away in a tunnel, coming from a place I don’t recognize, a place of insecurity and uncertainty.

Mac, a former MI-6 agent and teammate, steps forward and puts his hand on my shoulder. “If you need anything, please call us. We’re here for you. You may need us down there.”

A smile forces its way to my lips to let them know I’m okay, but I’m not. It’s a punch in the gut and I’m not able to come up for air. Life is full of gut punches, and I’ve dodged most of them, but this one hits me dead-on.

My life was on track before this turn of events. I live with a beautiful woman I will marry, settle down and have kids with. It’s the American dream wrapped up in a bow, until Katoo came along and put a bomb in my box and blew it to shreds.

The busy streets and crowds of people of New York City are a blur as I make my way back to my penthouse as the word “king” runs in a loop in my head. As if on autopilot, I pack a suitcase for a short trip. It shouldn’t take more than a week to wrap things up and make it clear I’m not who they need as their leader.

I shuffle to the bathroom and steal a glance at myself in the mirror. My fingers run over the bumpy surface on each side of my face near my temples and eyes that look like raised stars. I’ve always wondered where they came from, and I may get my answer. Are they tribal scarring? I can’t imagine branding a baby, but then again, I didn’t imagine finding my birth family in Africa.

The penthouse is quiet, and I stop to listen. Most of the time I’m busy mixing a protein shake, working out, or going over a case, but not today. Today, I sit and listen. The words of wisdom to guide me and my inner voice don’t kick in and nothing comes to me. I have no sense of calmness, instead it’s replaced by numbness.

I plop down on the huge leather couch and turn on the big-screen TV on the wall. Steve Harvey talks to the audience about taking the jump, having faith, and moving forward. I’m at a loss as to which way I should move, but his words resonate with me, and I let them sink further into my thinking. This isn’t a jump, it’s a dive off a cliff and I’ve never had faith in anything.

I flip open my laptop and run a search for the Sai Tribe. When nothing comes up, I continue on to several other search engines but they garner no results. It’s odd. I can find almost everything online or on Wikipedia, but the tribe seems to be a mystery. This may be what Neil McFadden, my ex-boss at MI-6, referred to as the team’s next assignment.

My phone draws my attention with my parents’ ringtone. I debate whether I should answer their call, but curiosity gets the better of me. Their timing is remarkable.

“Hello, how are you two doing?” Answering on a video call, I try to sound chipper and force half a smile.

Their faces come into view washed with worry. My mum tries to smile. “Hello, sweetheart. We were hoping you would make a trip home. We have something we need to discuss with you.”

I realize I can’t do this right now. “I’m getting ready to go on assignment. Can it wait until I get back?”

They look at each other and frown. My dad says, “We can wait. It’s not an emergency. Let us know when you can make it.”

“I’ll be in touch.” My mum taps her nose and touches the screen. It’s always been our way of saying goodbye.

The conversation is stilted and awkward, unlike most of the conversations we have on a weekly basis. I fail to mention the identity of my birthparents and my royal connection. It would only serve to upset them further.

Being home in the middle of the day throws off my routine. Routine keeps me grounded and centered.

Putting a protein shake together, I head for the gym. It’s not just any gym. It’s a state-of-the-art gym. My circuit changes from day to day, hitting the major muscle groups to get the greatest benefit. There’s no point in working out if you’re not efficient and putting in maximum effort. I try to make the most out of every movement. Waste not, want not. Perfection doesn’t just happen, it’s created.

The workout does nothing for my energy level and doesn’t distract me like usual. I spend the rest of the day watching one talk show after another. I don’t hear or see anything they are talking about.

My life story has been shattered, only to be replaced with what seems like a fairy tale. I resisted the urge to ask my parents questions they don’t have answers to. What would they know about a royal family in Africa thousands of miles away?

Clouds float past the window as the sky darkens into dusk and the room becomes pitch-black without a light source. I leave my post in front of the TV to go to bed. I can’t remember if I ate dinner, but Taylor isn’t home yet, so she must be working late. My mind spins in eighteen different directions, but I must have succumbed to sleep.

When I wake up, I’m as tired as when I went to bed. The sheets are twisted around my legs and Taylor’s side of the bed is neat and unwrinkled. Her pillow is cool to the touch. Where has she been all night?

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