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Hardwired (The Silencer 18) by Mike Ryan Book

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Hardwired (The Silencer 18) by Mike Ryan Read Book Online And Download

Overview: Jones intercepts a message from someone reaching out for Haley for assistance. The Silencers split up temporarily, with Haley out of town and helping someone from his past. Recker is left to deal with an impending threat from someone he is all too familiar with, who is once again upping his efforts to gain more control of the city. With the help of Malloy, Recker will meet this growing menace head-on as Vincent’s grip of the city starts to loosen.

Hardwired (The Silencer 18) by Mike Ryan Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Hardwired (The Silencer 18) by Mike Ryan Book

Hardwired (The Silencer 18) by Mike Ryan Book Read Online Chapter One

Recker and Haley had split up, each taking different floors. They were in an old abandoned building, looking for the kidnapped wife of a wealthy businessman. According to the information that Jones intercepted, the exchange of her life for a large sum of cash was scheduled to go down the next day. But the team didn’t believe the woman would make it that far. Jones had evidence suggesting that the kidnappers were only keeping the woman alive long enough for the woman’s husband to bring the money to them. Once they had that, they had no intention of setting her free, or letting her live.

Recker and Haley knew they were on a time crunch. There were six floors to clear, and they had only gotten through the first one. They snuck in without incident, and hadn’t even seen anything nefarious up to this point. Once they got into the building, Recker took the right side, while Haley took the left. There were separate sets of stairs on each side of the building.

“I’m about to enter the second floor,” Haley said.

Recker had just reached the door to the second floor as well. “Me too.”

“Still haven’t seen anything. What if we got this all wrong?”

“They’re here. David was positive.”

“We still don’t even know how many we’re up against here.”

“Don’t think there’s more than six,” Recker said. “That’s the max.”

“How sure are you of that?”

“Eh, I wouldn’t bet the house on it.”

Haley laughed. “That’s what I thought.”

“Even if there’s more, there won’t be much more.”

“All right, going in.”

Both men threw open their respective doors and stepped onto the second floor. They walked slowly and methodically, making sure every inch of space they moved through was clear and free of surprises. After they went through the entire floor, without any hint of an enemy combatant, they went back to their previous positions on the stairs. Now they were making their way up to the third floor. Questions were still unanswered.

“Something about this seem funny to you?” Haley asked.

“Like what?”

“There’s supposed to be a team of kidnappers in here, right?”


“We’re through two floors and we haven’t seen a single sign of anybody. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“I mean, wouldn’t these guys have guards posted on the first floor to alert the others if there was trouble?”

Recker turned his head, looking down the steps he had just come up. “There’s nothing in the rule book that says the people we’re going up against have to be smart.”

“But that’s the thing. They’ve been smart up to now. The kidnapping, the ransom, everything. Nothing suggests these people are idiots.”


“So why make an idiot move now?”

Recker looked back at the steps again. Something was gnawing at him. His partner’s words were ringing true. Something was off. He just didn’t know what that something was.

“What do you think?” Haley asked. “Keep moving forward?”

“What other choice do we have?”

“Maybe we’ve got a big surprise waiting for us.”


Recker started envisioning different scenarios in his mind. The opposition could have just been hoping that Recker and Haley would get comfortable. Lackadaisical after going through several floors with no results. Maybe that would cause them to be careless. Or maybe they were waiting on one of the remaining four floors, just waiting for one of those doors to fly open, so they could fill it full of lead, along with whoever happened to be unlucky enough to stand there. Or maybe there was an explosive waiting to be detonated. As soon as a door opened, that would trigger it, taking out whoever was going through it.

Recker once again looked down the steps. He didn’t hear anything, but he had that feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was telling him to go back.

“Chris, I might clear the first two floors again.”

“Why? We’ve already been through them.”

“It’s like you said. It was too easy to get in here.”

“You think maybe they let us in, hoping to catch us from behind by surprise.”

“It’s possible.”

“Want me to head down with you or keep chugging on?”

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I think I should keep going,” Haley said. “If we’re wrong and there’s nothing down there, we’ve wasted time.”

“If you walk into something up there, you’ll be on your own until I can get back up there.”

“I can handle it for a while. I’d rather be sure nothing’s coming up to bite us in the ass.”

“All right, let me know if you run into something.”

“Will do.”

Recker started descending the steps, while Haley started checking the third floor. As soon as Recker got to the second floor, he stopped, and waited by the door. He hadn’t heard or suspected anything suspicious yet, but he had one of those feelings that something bad was about to happen. He wasn’t the type who worried easily without reason, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was about to go down.

He pulled open the door slightly, but didn’t go in. He didn’t even show his face. He just listened. He was hoping to hear something that would indicate he wasn’t alone there. A voice, a footstep, a whisper, a gun hitting against a wall, anything. But after waiting for several minutes, he never heard anything. There was nothing but silence.

Satisfied that there was nothing on the second floor, Recker went down to the first floor. He did the same thing, pulling the door open just a hair. Then he heard it. That one thing he was looking for. It sounded like a whisper. He couldn’t make out what it was. Just a voice. It was faint. Barely audible. But he heard it.

Then he thought he heard another. He still couldn’t hear what they were saying, though. But there was now no doubt in his mind that someone was there. And they were probably waiting for him.

“Chris, I think I got two people down here on floor one. Gonna go check it out.”

“Sounds good. Just about to head onto floor four.”

“Any trouble?” Recker asked.

“Not yet.”

“Keep your eyes open. They’re either wanting to surprise you up there, or they were hoping to surprise us on the way out.”

“Either way, we got it.”

Recker put his face up to the crack in the door, peeking through it. He didn’t see any movement. But he knew they were out there. The whole building was dark, which helped them in some cases, but not in this one. Now Recker wanted to be able to see.

He took a few deep breaths, then quickly threw open the door, hurrying through it. Recker immediately clung to the wall and moved to his right. He was still right next to the door. He didn’t hear the voices at the moment, though. He didn’t want to prolong this, knowing Haley was all alone. He wanted to get back up there to back his partner up.

Recker then hit the door a couple of times with his gun. It made a loud enough clanging sound that it should’ve been heard. And it was.

“What was that?!” the male voice loudly whispered.

“Think it was the door,” another man replied.

“Maybe they’re back already.”

“We would’ve heard.”

“Well somebody’s over there. And nobody told us they were coming down.”

“Maybe it’s just one of those bumps in the night type of things.”

“Somebody made those bumps.”

Recker waited patiently for the right time to strike. As the men were talking, it sounded like the voices were coming closer. They were moving toward him. He decided to take up a position elsewhere. He wanted to be able to surprise them as they reached the door.

He moved along the length of the wall, stopping in front of what used to be a bathroom entrance. He got down on one knee, and raised his gun up in front of his chest. It wouldn’t be long now. He heard one of the men take some deep breaths as they got closer. That man was obviously nervous. Probably not too experienced in this type of thing.

A minute or two went by, and then Recker saw them. They were dressed in black clothing, but he could still see their outlines in the darkened room.

“Looking for me?” Recker calmly asked.

The two men instantly shuffled their feet and turned in the direction they heard the voice. The rifles they were carrying raised up, ready to fire. But they never got the chance. Recker fired three rounds, hitting the first man with one, and the second man with the other two. They both fell to the ground, dead on arrival.

Recker scurried over to the two of them, making sure they were permanently out of commission. He then looked up, waiting to see if they had any friends in the area. He didn’t hear anything to indicate that there were. He let Haley know of the situation.

“Chris, got two down here.”

Haley didn’t reply. Recker gave him some time before trying to check in again. Maybe he’d run into some friends too.

“Chris, you there?”

He still got nothing. Now he was starting to worry. Then, another voice was heard. Recker immediately looked down at the dead men. One of them was carrying a radio on their belt.

“Hey, you guys got anything down there yet?” the voice bellowed.

Recker knew he could pull off a switch, and bent down to pick up the radio. After all, a whisper of a voice could be anybody.

“Not yet,” Recker whispered.

“You might be getting action soon. We’ve got the other guy.”

“He dead?”

“Not yet. We’ll hold him in case we need leverage on the other guy.”

“Maybe send two more guys down here just in case.”

“We’re not operating with an army here. There’s only eight of us.”

“I’d still feel better with a couple more guys,” Recker said, continuing his whisper. “I mean, you left me with the nervous one. He’s basically useless.”

The man sighed loudly into the radio. “All right, all right. I’ll send two more guys. You better get him.”

“You want him killed or captured?”

“Just kill him. Once he’s dead, we can take out the guy up here too. We’re only keeping him alive in case we need leverage.”

“OK. You guys still on the sixth floor?”

“Fifth floor dumb-dumb. Maybe you should listen to the plan next time.”

“I thought you said sixth?”

“Why is it so hard to get good help? We’re on the fifth.”

“OK. Sorry.”

“Just get this guy.”

“He’s as good as dead.”

Recker put the radio on his belt in case he needed it again. He then walked back over to his previous spot in front of the bathroom. He had a good line of sight at the door in case the next two guys came in that way. If they came in at the other end of the floor, they’d still have to come down that way eventually, anyway. So he was comfortable remaining in the spot he was in.

As Recker waited, he aimed his gun at the door. He knew it wouldn’t take the next pair too long to get there. He was right. Only a few minutes had passed since his conversation. The door on his side opened up. Two men quickly walked in. Almost immediately, they stumbled over the dead bodies on the floor.

“What the…”

Recker opened up, not wanting to announce his presence and give the pair any chance at all. Six shots. Not all of them were needed. The first two or three probably would have sufficed. But Recker wanted to make sure there was no chance for them at all. And there wasn’t. One of the men dropped on top of his friends, while the other wound up next to them.

Recker went over to the bodies to inspect the damage. Half of the group was now gone. He knew there were eight to begin with. Now he had the element of surprise on his side. And he knew exactly where they’d be.

Recker went through the door and almost flew up the steps, not stopping at all until he reached the fifth floor. He was hesitant about going in until he had some type of diversion. He wanted to put the group at ease. Recker then grabbed the radio and whispered.

“Hey guys?”

“What now?”

Recker had his ear up to the door, but didn’t hear anything. That was a good sign. It meant they were on the other end of the floor. Recker slightly opened the door and peeked inside. He saw nothing there. He snuck in and clung to the wall.

“What do you want?” the voice said.

“I think the guy’s down here.”

“Well get him!”

As Recker snuck down the hall, clinging to the wall, he thought he detected a couple of voices. He was definitely getting closer. After a minute or two, the voices were growing louder. He was almost on top of them. They were in a room around the corner from where he was. Once he got to the end of that hallway, he peeked his head around the corner. There was a man standing in front of a door. Recker pulled his head back to prevent being seen.

It didn’t take long for him to develop a plan. Even if it wasn’t a good one, he wasn’t sure how much longer Haley had. He couldn’t take forever to figure something out. Good or bad, he had something in mind, and he was coming in hot. Recker grabbed the radio again and whispered.

“We got him.”

Laughter and loud voices erupted from the room, sounding like they were giving each other high-fives. Recker burst from around the corner, rushing toward the man standing there. Once the man saw Recker coming near, he started reaching for his gun. Recker put two holes in him and hurried through the door.

The other three men in the room were stunned when they noticed Recker enter. The happy faces were quickly swept away as they realized what was happening. They weren’t ready for the fight that was coming. None of them were in any kind of position to respond, and Recker was easily able to take the three of them out, hardly breaking a sweat in the process.

With everyone down, Recker looked in the corner and saw Haley sitting there. It looked like his hands were tied together and he had a hood over his face. Recker went over to him and took the hood off.

Haley batted his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief once Recker’s face came into focus.

“I heard them say they got you and I was worried.”

Recker shrugged it off. “Amateurs.”

“Well they got me pretty good.”

“What happened?”

Haley reached for his head. “Stepped onto the floor and somebody slugged me on top of the head.”

“You OK?”

“Yeah, nothing a little ice won’t cure.”

“Did you see the woman?” Recker asked.

Haley shook his head. “No, but she’s here somewhere. I heard them say to check on her.”

After Recker untied his partner’s wrists, they left the room, continuing to check the rest of the floor. It didn’t take long until they reached the room the woman was being held in. She was lying on the floor, her hands and feet tied together in back of her. She didn’t have a hood over her head, but they did have duct tape over her mouth. Her eyes widened as the two men approached her, fearful they were about to do something.

Recker put his hands up to try and ease her fears. “We’re here to help.”

They went over to the woman and gently sat her up, then cut through her restraints.

“Oh, thank you, thank you.”

Recker tried to give her a warm smile. “You’re safe now. We’ll get you out of here.”

“I thought this nightmare would never end.”

“They always end at some point. At least you were able to wake up from this one.”

Recker and Haley helped the woman up, then proceeded to leave the room. As soon as she left, she saw the dead man in the hallway, blood pouring out of his chest.

“Oh my God.”

Haley walked next to her to try and obstruct her vision. “Try not to look at that.”

Once they had left the building, they walked over to the car, putting the woman in the back seat. She was shaken, but otherwise OK.

“Chalk another one up for the good guys,” Haley said.

Recker then checked his phone, seeing a message from Jones.

“Everything good?”

“David said there’s something important he needs to tell us,” Recker answered.

“Wonder what that’s about?”

“We’ll know soon enough.”

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