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Monday, August 15, 2022

Gage (Grim Sinners Rebels 1) by LeAnn Ashers Book

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Gage (Grim Sinners Rebels 1) by LeAnn Ashers Read Book Online And Download

Overview: River

Who gets kidnapped twice in one day? Apparently, me. That’s who. But what I expected even less was to actually fall in love with my second kidnapper: Gage, the President of the Grim Sinners Rebels MC.

He was someone I never knew I needed. He rescued me.

He became my home.

His MC became my family.

Unfortunately, our new life together was in danger. The President of the rival MC decided to step up his game against the Grim Sinners Rebels. What he didn’t realize, however, was that the devil himself knew better. You don’t play chicken with the reaper.

And the reaper was Gage.

Gage (Grim Sinners Rebels 1) by LeAnn Ashers Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Gage (Grim Sinners Rebels 1) by LeAnn Ashers Book

Gage (Grim Sinners Rebels 1) by LeAnn Ashers Book Read Online Chapter One



“When will you be here?” I ask my dad over FaceTime as he packs up all his stuff. It’s been a year of him not seeing me every day as he said he has decided to move to Texas.

I walk into my mini fridge grabbing my dinner from the shelf. I peel back the wrapper and take a bite of my chicken salad.

“You better be eating more than that, baby girl.” He glares at my bowl.

I roll my eyes. “Why must you have an opinion on everything, Dad?” I pretend to be mad and kick my legs up on the desk, sighing at the ceiling.

“Because I am your dad and it’s my job to torture you,” he jokes but honestly, he is telling the truth.

“I can’t wait until you meet everyone, especially little Hunter.” I smile at the thought of my little nephew; he turned a year old a few months ago and it’s hard to believe.

“I can’t wait to meet him too and your sister. I want to see if she is as mean as you.” I glare into the camera at his sassing. “Hey, all of this is your fault, you made me mean.”

He grumbles under his breath hefting a box into the back of his truck. “Don’t I fucking know it.”

I laugh. “Well, I love you, Dad. Let me know when you’re on your way.”

He smiles into the phone. “I sure will.”

Before I can tell him goodbye, a loud bang comes from the front door of my office. My stomach turns and I can hear my dad asking what that sound was.

I look at the clock on the computer and it reads ten o’ clock as another loud piercing sound rings through the office.


I reach into my desk drawer and grab my pistol shoving it in the front of my jeans just as the door is burst open.

I lean back in my seat. “Well, what the fuck do we have here?” I ask.

Three guys are standing in front of me wearing white long sleeve shirts, buttoned all the way up to their chin. Their hair is slicked over to the side and they are as pale as a fucking ghost with a mark on their skin.

It's the cult my mother was rescued from.


“Look, you are going to come with us or we can make you,” they say with such confidence standing in front of me, three against one.

I look at the screen where my dad is yelling at the top of his lungs. I push the button turning it off not wanting him to see this.

“I think I want it the hard way, boys.” I stand up and throw the small lamp off the desk, hitting the one on the far right in the face. His hand winds back and he cups his face.

He turns to glare at me. “The hard way it is, bitch.”

I laugh at getting called a bitch. I pout, “Is this really the only name you guys can come up with? Bitch? Whore? Blah blah blah.”

I know it’s not very smart for me to egg them on but it’s not in me to just roll over and be like please don’t hurt me, no.

They all run for me at once deciding that I’m not going to be easy to take. I kick at the first guy who reaches me hitting him straight in the balls. I had a second of satisfaction before the other two grab my arms, pulling me to them.

I throw my head back and forward headbutting the one on my right in the face. He screams and loosens his grip and I swing my arm free, hitting him in the face.

I pull with all my might trying to dislodge my other arm, but he grips hard. I know I will have bruises after this.

I stomp my boot into his, pressing harder and harder twisting until he screams in pain with my boot crushing his toes.

He pushes me away from him and I grip my desk lifting myself up, ignoring the stabbing pain from my scalp where I am getting pulled back toward them.

Hands grip my pants lifting me from the ground and into a pair of arms, wrapping me completely up so I can’t move.

“Tie her fucking hands and legs!” he screams holding me. I kick my legs not making it easier on them as one of them holds my legs while they tie them together. Fucking amateurs. You don’t use rope.

I’m thrown across my desk causing my computer to almost slide off the desk, my ass up in the air as they tie my arms behind my back.

They grip my hair lifting me off my desk, turning me around to face them. “Oh, how I’m going to love tearing this ass up, you are our pussy and I think you will need reminding of that soon.” His hand strokes my face.

I jerk away not wanting their touch on me as he grins at me trying to pull away. I look him dead in the eyes; I want to look into the eyes of the man I am going to make suffer. 

I’m carried out the back door and thrown into the trunk of an old beaten down car. They laugh as the trunk is slammed down.

I’m encased in darkness and I let out a deep breath willing my mind to not panic. I’m not good with being stuck in small spaces.

I turn over on my side to take the weight off my hands. I wiggle my wrists back and forth to see if I can loosen the slack any. I pull with all my might and bite my lip so I don’t make any sound and alert them to what I am doing.

The rope slips down to the largest part of my hand and I pull again, twisting my hand and moving my fingers to make it smaller. I give one final hard pull and my hand is free.

I rub my wrist and take the rope off my other hand. Lifting my knees, I reach down and untie the rope from my legs.

Remembering the tracker in my bracelet my dad gave me, I push the SOS button that sends out my direct location. I’m not sure what good he is going to do me considering he is hours away but maybe he can get in contact with someone close to me.

Right now, I’m thanking the heavens I listened to him and I didn’t panic in this situation.

An hour passes and I can hear them talking from in front of the vehicle, laughing and having the time of their life.

I don’t understand how this can happen. How someone can treat women as objects just to take care of them.

My mother has suffered so much because of them and because of us, we were meant to be in this life. We were promised to men but she didn’t allow that to happen to us. She did it for us, she suffered for us.

All of a sudden they slow down and then I feel gravel beneath the wheels. Turning around so my back is lying against the back of the seat, I lift my foot and kick at the break lights so I can see outside to get an idea of what is happening.

It’s completely pitch black out and I can barely make out the slight shapes of trees and the gravel below the vehicle.

I lay back in the trunk praying that my dad and my mom don’t blame themselves for this. I can put up with a lot but someone I care about hurting is more than I can bear.

I know one fucking thing. If I am going down, I am going down fighting like hell.

We pull to a stop and I pretend that my ropes are still on my hands. I can hear them talking, laughing, and making jokes about me in this trunk. How many girls has this happened to?

The trunk is popped open suddenly and I’m faced with the ugliest motherfucker I have ever seen.

He is disgusting, just the sight of him looking at me makes me want to barf. He opens his mouth to start to say something to me when I kick my leg out, kicking him straight in the face.

I push my way out of the trunk, walking straight up to the ugly fucker and kick him as hard as I can in the balls. A face like that doesn’t deserve to be reproducing.

“Kidnap me again, bitch!” I snarl, ready to finish his reproductive system off when I am punched hard on the side of my face.

I stumble to the side completely dazed by what just happened. He hit me hard. They lift me off the ground carrying me into an older log cabin style house.

Inside of the house there is nothing but a chair right in the middle of the room and an old filthy mattress lying to the side against the wall under the window that is barred with metal so you can’t get out.

Well, isn’t this lovely.

They set me down into the chair and I stand straight back up, pushing them back. Both charge me, one hits me so hard I fall back hitting my head hard on the chair.

Everything around me is blurry. They take my moment of confusion tying me to the chair. The pain from my head is so overwhelming, I can feel the pain pulsing in my skull.

I move my feet back toward the chair in a way that my dad taught me if I ever got into this situation so I can get loose.

They finish their shitty knots, looking down at me, proud of themselves. I know one thing they have is shit for brains. I bet they are all daddy fucking cousins.

A man walks out of the back of the house, wearing all white. He has to be at least sixty years old if not older. “What do you want?” I ask them, glaring.

The sixty-year-old man grins at me flashing me his yellow teeth. “You’re here to be my wife.”

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