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Chained By Duty (Black Moon Alphas Trilogy 1) by Belladonna Vixen Book

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Chained By Duty (Black Moon Alphas Trilogy 1) by Belladonna Vixen Read Book Online And Download

Overview: Lilith was never meant to be an Alpha. Born to the most powerful ruling Clan, she is considered to be a mistake as she shows no signs of being a Wolf. When her brother dies, she is left as the only option for her family to continue their line and maintain their power over the Clans.

Thrust into the position of Alpha of her own pack with four of the most powerful men in all the Clans as her potential mates, all hoping to mate with her and solidify their position as Alpha of the Black Moon Pack and next in line as Alpha of all the clans, she must learn the ropes of running a pack without the skills that make a wolf a wolf.

As the bonds begin to strengthen between her and the men, she begins to discover secrets buried deep within her past that threaten to topple the very existence of the Clans. The men become her only safehaven in a turbulent world of power struggles, politics and long forgotten prophecies and through it all, the hardest thing may just be choosing between the men who have captured her heart...

Chained By Duty (Black Moon Alphas Trilogy 1) by Belladonna Vixen Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Chained By Duty (Black Moon Alphas Trilogy 1) by Belladonna Vixen Book

Chained By Duty (Black Moon Alphas Trilogy 1) by Belladonna Vixen Book Read Online Chapter One

I was never meant to be an Alpha. I had barely been acknowledged as a wolf within my pack let alone one who held power over others. I had come to terms with my place in the world and thought I would get the chance to live a life in relative peace, away from the politics of the Clans and yet here I was, standing at the foot of my father’s throne, accepting the staff that would proclaim me Alpha of my own pack.

This was the last place I wanted to be. I can hear the whispers from the other packs, feel the judgement and cold glances. Shes not a wolf. It is what they are all thinking, what I am thinking. Looking at my father I shudder. He is thinking it too. But he has no choice. The death of my brother had me as his last remaining heir, I am all he has got.

“You understand the requirements of your new position?” My fathers voice echoes through the room, everyone silent as they wait for my response. I nod, my grip on the Alpha staff tightens. I glance at my mother, hoping to see some support, a smile of encouragement or even a little sympathy and all I find is the cold stare of disgust.

“Good.” He stands, looking over the people who had gathered to honour his choice.

“As Alpha of the Sons of Arcadia, King of the Lycan Clans, I proclaim Lilith as Alpha female of the newly formed Black Moon Pack. She will mate with the sons of the chosen to find her Alpha male, continuing the line of Lycaons descendants.” He looks down at me, his face unreadable.

“You have one year to do your duty and restore honour to the family. If you cannot uphold your end of the deal, I will kill you.” He walked away as my mother stood, sneering down at me.

“I am ashamed to call you my pup. I don’t know why we let you live.” She followed my father, her regal clothes swishing against the cool marble floors. It was done. I was Alpha of my own pack. A pack that was already considered the joke of Lycans.

“Lady, it is time for you to leave.” The butler waited, a look of impatience that he never would have shown to my father, or my brother. My brother. He had been the only one to show me kindness in a world that was as cruel as it was cold.

He never judged me, never considered me weak and always had my back. No one touched me out of fear that Ryder would tear out their throat. His death had sent ripples through the packs, left a gaping hole of power that could risk my family’s position as Alphas of all the Clans.

His death had been my fault. A fact that no one had let me forget. My heart ached, he was the only friend I had in this world and the blood bond we had made, a pact so sacred that it was rarely used anymore had been the lifeline I needed to stay alive and yet it had been the cause of his downfall.

“Lady.” The voice startled me, and I glanced at the man behind it and shivered. It was Archer. There was no love between us. He had been my brother’s closest friend until he tried to kill me. Archer was hand picked by my father to be one of the men in my pack, to be one of the wolves in contest for the position of Alpha male, a prize awarded to who ever could get me pregnant first.

I shivered at the thought of sharing his bed and he smiled coldly, as though he knew what I was thinking.

“The others are waiting for you.” His voice was polite, ever the courtier, but his eyes were full of rage that promised pain. The men were as tied to me as I was to them. None of us had a choice but they would do their duty, the prize was worth it. Not only to be Alpha of our pack, but to be next in line as Alpha of the Clans. The next Alpha of the Sons of Arcadia. The next Lycan King.

As I walked towards the waiting limo, I felt as though I was walking towards the gates of the Underworld. Three men stood waiting, all radiated pure, raw masculine energy. They turned as one towards me, each held looks of disgust, anger or apprehension.

I had never felt so small in my entire life. I was barely 5ft tall, the only thing I had going for me was my build. My brother had seen to that. He worked me like a dog in the gym, teaching me to fight, building muscle and helping me to understand the weakness of a wolf.

Swallowing, I pushed aside the thoughts of him and looked at each man in turn. I paused on Cain and considered. He was the only one who didn’t look as though he were on his way to the noose. When he gave me a small smile I took a step back, shocked.

“Your future awaits, Lady.” Archer smirked as Helion bowed mockingly and opened the door. Helion had always thought he had a great sense of humor, always the joker at formal events. I slid into the car and waited as each man climbed in behind me.

Nykos was first and he pressed against me, forcing me to move closer to the door. He looked down at me with such disdain I shivered. He scared me, with good reason. Of all the men here, he was by far the strongest and most feared.

He held no love for my family, my brother had been betrothed to his sister and broke her heart when he refused her hand. Nykos was from a bloodline as ancient as ours, some said they were older and the true Alphas of the Clan. My father was trying to mingle our bloodlines to create peace, but that peace was held by a thin thread.

“You may be a princess amongst your Clan but to me you are nothing but a mistake that should have been left out in the cold to die.” His voice was cold, deep and held a violence barely in check. I glanced away and came face to face with Cain. He sat across from me; his long legs touched mine in the small space.

He watched me in silence, studying my face and offered a smile again. It was warm, genuine and I couldn’t help but smile back. I didn’t know Cain, had only met him briefly years ago. He was the youngest of his pack and held no real responsibility. It was an insult to have offered the youngest and weakest of his pack, but I didn’t care. His eyes had a kindness I didn’t expect and would need in the days to come. Archer sat next to him, also watching me. He stared at me as though he was considering ripping out my throat.

I had no idea how I was going to survive the next year of my life, having to share my body between four powerful men who despised me. My brother would have given me words of encouragement, would have held me tightly and told me to never show fear in the face of adversity.

I swallowed, closed my eyes and straightened my spine. I was Alpha. No matter what these men thought of me, I was their Alpha now and they had to respect me, they were honour-bound to do so through the contracts of our pack. I would command that respect if it cost me my life because to show weakness would mean I would have no control at all.

“Gentlemen. Tell the driver to go. I want to see our new home before the sun leaves the sky.” The men stared at me for a moment, a muscle ticked in Archer’s jaw and Nykos shifted slowly, glancing at Archer. The slight glazed look in their eyes told me they were communicating via mindspeak, the wolf connection. It was a further insult to me as they all knew I did not possess the ability.

Cain was the first one to turn and knock on the dividing glass, signaling to the driver to go. I smiled at him, grateful for his support amongst so many enemies. Helion let out a snort of laughter, he must have also been in the private conversation. The look on Cains face said he had heard it too and that it was clearly an insult of some sort aimed at me.

“Gentlemen. As you are all aware, I do not possess the ability to mindspeak. So, when you are in my presence you will use real words to communicate and give me the respect I am due.” My voice wavered, and I could feel the anger in the car before they each inclined their heads in a show of respect.

“As you wish, Lady.” The men said in unison the contempt showing but I considered it a win. We drove in silence, the tension so thick you could almost see it.

The drive was relatively short, the estate we were to live in was nearby my fathers and had belonged to my brother. It had been years since I was allowed to walk on the grounds, my father had refused to let me leave the family estate, preferring to keep me hidden from sight.

The driveway was long, manicured hedges lined the length of it and rolling fields lay beyond, backing onto the private woods. The large estate was stone, oldworld style with vines of ivy trailing towards the roof.

A fountain stood at the centre of the drive, the stone wolves in the middle were in honour of the first Lycan wolves. There was a Greek undertone to the estate, mixed with English charm. As the car came to a stop, the men got out, stretching their legs and sniffing the air.

The servants were waiting, heads down as they waited for me to leave the car. A few glanced sideways at me, fear in their eyes as they saw the men. Cain stood at the door, offering his hand to me as was expected.

I almost thanked him, then caught myself, remembering that I was the Alpha, and I was not meant to thank anyone. As we walked towards the door, I could feel the weight of the stares at my back, the expectation and judgement that I would fail, that I was not the person who should be here.

I straightened, rolled my shoulders and stepped inside the building that was now mine.

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