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The Trouble with Death and Demon Gods Cary Redmond Book 7 by Kat Simons Book

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The Trouble with Death and Demon Gods Cary Redmond Book 7 by Kat Simons Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: Trouble's Last Stand...

Magical Protector Cary Redmond has not been enjoying her test year. Discovering she absorbs magic, figuring out how to release that magic, and dealing with enemies from her past regularly complicates her life. Her seventh year has been overflowing with Trouble. And way too many demons and vampires.

Now, with only two months left to go, Cary must face her greatest enemy again. Not to stop him. But to protect him.

Family squabbles suck. And when they involve demons, chances of realm destruction are high. Cary will need all the help she can get in this epic stand against the forces of evil. Because if she can't stop the demons this time...

Her world will burn. 

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The Trouble with Death and Demon Gods Cary Redmond Book 7 by Kat Simons Book Read Online Chapter One

Cary pulled herself off the hard, navy blue mat, groaning only a little bit, and straightened her shoulders. The lovely scent of frankincense sticks burning by a small statue of the Buddha near the front desk of the dojo didn’t completely hide Cary’s sweat stink, but she’d take it. At least she wasn’t bleeding.

“I’m not sure this is working,” she said to her best-friend-current-torture-master and her bear shifter training partner.

“This is only the third time you’ve trained with Brandon,” Lucy said in her sweet, high voice, putting her hands on her hips. “Give the process time.”

Lucy Evans-Nakada, physically, was not what you might expect of a multi-blackbelt holding martial arts expert. She was a petit red-head, with brown eyes, pale skin, freckles across her nose, and a high-pitched, sweet voice that made her sound like a little girl. But she’d been training in martial arts since the age of two, including time spent in Japan studying under masters, and she could kick the ass of grown men—more than one at a time—without breaking a sweat.

She owned the dojo they were training in and had been teaching for years. And because she was one of Cary’s best friends in the whole world, she tortured Cary here on a regular basis. To be fair, Cary was trying to get better at the self-defense stuff. Her job as a magical Protector just kept getting more and more complicated, and knowing how to at least not freeze in the face of danger if her powers weren’t working seemed like a really good idea.

Although, freezing in the face of danger was precisely the instinct that made her a good Protector. Get between bad guys and good guys and then just…stand there. That was her job description. The magic she channeled from her bosses rose up and shielded both her and the good guy. And all was right with the world.

At least in theory.

“You got up quicker than usual,” Brandon said. “That’s a marked improvement over the last two sessions.”

She grunted in response.

Brandon Hawthorn, physically, was everything you might imagine a bear shifter to look like. Huge at six-foot-nine, at least, thickly-muscled, and when he didn’t smile, pretty intimidating. He kept his dark hair cut very close to his head and was clean shaven, showing off a granite jawline any model might envy. His dark brown complexion was smooth, and his brown eyes hooded and hard to read. Until you looked directly at him and he smiled. Then suddenly you spotted the sweet, gentle man lurking behind the large, scary façade.

Being a bear shifter, however, meant he was faster and stronger than Cary. By a lot. And since he’d been training more diligently with Lucy for a lot longer than Cary, he was also a better martial artist. By a lot.

The first time they’d sparred—at Lucy’s insistence—Cary had spent most of her session flat out on her back, staring up at the dojo’s ceiling tiles. He was right about her getting up quicker now. But she had a feeling that was because he was pulling his punches.

“Are you two taking it easy on me?” she asked. “You’re feeling sorry for me, aren’t you?”

“Not…exactly,” Lucy said, though she wouldn’t meet Cary’s gaze.

“Right.” Cary huffed and straightened her training gi with a little more oomph than was absolutely necessary.

“It’s mostly distraction,” Brandon said, his deep voice gentle. “Not pity.”

“You hate waiting,” Lucy said.

Well, that was the damned truth. And she’d been waiting for two weeks. Which was starting to make her a little…difficult. Deacon would say that nicer, but he was her mate so he had to. But difficult was a good word for her snapping, brittle, irritable mood. Taking that mood out on her friends was unacceptable, though.

“I haven’t been making your life miserable, have I?” she asked, now feeling worse than when they’d been tossing her onto her ass for the last hour. “Have I been grumping too much?”

“Not too much,” Lucy assured. “Just enough. I’d be grumping, too. It’s not like you’re just waiting on a package or a repairman or something. Having to wait to stop the end of the world must be extremely frustrating.”

More truth. Cary pressed a hand to her stomach to stop the jumping nerves—the real reason for her irritability, she was sure. Waiting for the world-ending confrontation between a demon god, the Angel of Death, and their demon offspring who, coincidentally, hated and wanted to kill Cary, was not exactly a fun experience.

Waiting for that confrontation without any signs of it actually happening was a whole lot worse.

If she was going to face—and maybe have to actually protect—one of her most deadly enemies, it’d be nice to just get it over with.

But no. That would be simple. And Cary’s life never seemed to follow the simple path.

She let out another groan and sat on the mat, dropping abruptly enough both Lucy and Brandon took a step forward as if to catch her. She snorted. “I’m not fainting. I’m just tired. More emotionally, though, you know.”

Lucy also dropped into a cross-legged seat on the mat. “Makes sense.”

Brandon settled on his knees. “I get that.”

She hadn’t actual meant to unload the whole thing in front of Brandon, but it had just come spilling out during their last training session because she’d been too distracted to even attempt paying attention. He’d tossed her around the dojo like a ragdoll for all of ten minutes before Lucy called a halt and demanded an explanation for Cary’s lack of effort. The whole thing just…spilled out.

Fortunately, according to Deacon, Brandon was a really good guy and could be trusted with the information. At least the parts of the story Cary had admitted to. Brandon was a professional fundraiser, and Deacon had worked with him in the past on fundraisers for Deacon’s family business—they ran animal rescue shelters around the country, which was, of course, the reason she’d fallen in love with him because how was she supposed to resist that? It didn’t hurt that he was a gorgeous, sexy leopard shifter who smelled like heaven and brought her donuts regularly. But the animal rescue job had really pushed his appeal over the top in Cary’s mind.

The fact that her mate said she could trust Brandon had probably been the reason Cary had let go with all her pent-up anxiety.

“How’s Sheldon doing?” Lucy asked quietly.

Ah, there was another thing that had her stretched too thin. The not quite twenty-year-old wizard who had at one point tried to kill Deacon, Cary had accidentally drained all his powers, his former master had tried to kill Cary for it—more than once—and now, maybe, possibly, Sheldon was no longer evil. But she wasn’t sure about that, which only complicated things. Sheldon had most definitely been a bad guy. And he’d never really tried to atone for the evil—and murder—he’d committed before being drained of all his wizard magic. He hadn’t even apologized. So he definitely wasn’t a good guy.

Cary had been forced to protect him as part of her last job, which was the job that had gotten her into the waiting-on-the-world-ending-confrontation position she was in now. And because, for reasons Cary still couldn’t grasp, he’d done something monumentally stupid and possibly suicidal, Sheldon had spent the last two weeks in a coma with his insides…well, not in good shape.

“He’s hanging in there,” she answered Lucy’s question. “Thanks to Eriana’s healing efforts.”

Eriana was a Fae healer and a Protector mentor-in-training—although Cary wasn’t supposed to know that last part—and she had a very complicated past, and current, relationship with Cary’s own former mentor Jaxer, also a Fae. Unfortunately, Cary hadn’t been able to enjoy that drama because she’d had too much drama of her own.

“Has he woken up since…everything?” Lucy asked.

“No. Eriana isn’t letting him. He’s still got too much healing to do. But she says he’s mending, so I suppose that’s something.”

“How’s Deacon handling the whole Sheldon thing?”

“With a lot more…kindness than I would have expected.”

The little shit had tried to kill Deacon. Cary had met Deacon because she’d had to save him from Sheldon and his nefarious plan to steal Deacon’s body. There was no reason in the world, not even a little bit, for Deacon to have any concern at all for whether the former wizard healed or not. Yet he checked regularly with Eriana on Sheldon’s progress, and had even been to see Sheldon in person once. She wasn’t sure if he did all that for her sake—because Sheldon was so young, Cary’s feelings about him were very very complicated—or if he did that for his own piece of mind. But the fact that Deacon hadn’t ripped Sheldon’s throat out yet was a miracle, and the fact that he seemed genuinely concerned that Sheldon not die was even more amazing.

“Your mate is a good man,” Brandon said quietly. “Even when he doesn’t think he is.”

“You’ve known him a while?” She’d never talked to Brandon about Deacon, and only really once to Deacon about Brandon. She’d be interested to put the two men in the same room to see for herself how they got along.

But that was mostly because Brandon had eyes on one of her other best friends and Cary wanted to make sure that situation was a potential good thing and not a potential bad thing. Deacon getting a good super shifter sniff of Brandon would give him all the information Cary needed in regards to Brandon’s feelings for Marianne. Brandon—being a shifter himself—would know that and likely only let Deacon get close enough to judge his motives if his motives were good.

And since thinking about Marianne—and her healing heart—and Brandon was a lot less tormenting than considering the fact that one of her old demon enemies was, even now, on his way to Portland for this world-ending confrontation with his parents, Cary decided to get to know her sparring partner a little better.

Or she would have if they’d gotten the chance to actually have a conversation.

When Deacon stalked into the dojo, looking entirely too serious, thoughts of other conversations got ditched.

Cary came to her feet instantly. “What’s wrong? What’s happened?”

“Sheldon is awake,” he said. “Eriana and Jaxer are with him. He’s asking for you.”

Shit. But also maybe good? Given the look on Deacon’s face, she wasn’t sure what to hope for. “I’ll change. Give me two minutes.” To Lucy and Brandon, “Thanks for the session. And for the not-pity distraction. I appreciate it.”

“Call if you need us,” Lucy said, giving her a brief hug.

Cary hurried back to the locker room to put on her street clothes, anxiety clawing at her gut.

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