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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Color Red by Elliott Rourke (Red Series Book 1)

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The Color Red by Elliott Rourke (Red Series Book 1) Read Book Online And Download

Overview: Sold by his father.

Experimented on for science.

Left for dead for being the monster they made him.

Bates didn’t ask for any of this. He was once a normal teen with his whole life before him. Now, he’s fifteen feet tall with a bloodthirsty hunger surging through him.

Yet the kindness of one young woman, and her band of friends, makes him long to seize control of the monstrous fury within him. Together, they hunt for the scientist responsible for Bates’ mutation, to prevent him from raising an army of murderous creatures.

Thrust into a world he no longer fits in, can Bates prove he’s not the monster the lab created him to be? Or will his own dark impulses be his undoing?

The Color Red by Elliott Rourke (Red Series Book 1) Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
The Color Red by Elliott Rourke (Red Series Book 1)

The Color Red by Elliott Rourke (Red Series Book 1) Book Read Online Chapter One

Theories of the creation of mutants have been contested time and again. The truth is, few know of the first human modification operations that were shrouded in secrecy when they began in 1973. These processes utilized biotechnology and transference of genes to alter various organism. Genetic transference wasn’t without its risks. The new cells introduced were foreign DNA and RNA that the host cells often didn’t play nice with. When things went sideways in these experiments—as they often did—an impurity was created that the Ohio Lab of Modification called the Botulinum Toxin. This chemical quickly became the most dangerous poison known to man. Why? Because when it flowed through the veins of a subject, it morphed them into an entirely new being. 

That’s exactly what happened with the lab’s newest, and most dangerous creation... Bates Yeomna 

Once, Bates was a normal teenager with mocha-colored skin and his short, dark hair worn in a fluffy mop style. While he was by no means a body builder, he had been blessed with an athletic frame. The night his life changed forever started like any other. Bates had been sitting cross-legged on his bed, trying to get a better understanding of his Chemistry homework. His chestnut-colored eyes were flicking over the page when his father knocked on his bedroom. 

“Bates?” he called out, opening the door a crack. 

“Yeah? In here, Dad.” The boy set his notebook aside and turned his attention to his father, William. 

Stepping inside, William closed the door behind him. He looked exhausted, with a heavy bags under his eyes. “I put your sister to bed. I… I wanted to talk to you about something.” 

“Sure.” Bates scooted over to let his father sit down beside him. 

“You know we’re tight on money, yes?” William’s voice cracked with emotion. 

Bates dropped his chin to his chest and nodded. 

“I hoped it wouldn’t come to this.” His dad sighed and looked around the room. 

“Is everything okay?” Bates chewed nervously on the inside of his cheek. 

“It will be, son.” William clapped a hand on his shoulder. “It will be.” 

A chill of unease skittered down Bates’ spine. “You sure?” 

Leaning in, his father dotted a kiss to his forehead. “Everything will be fine. Get some rest. It’s late. I shouldn’t have brought anything up at this hour.” Rising to his feet, William clicked off the lamp on his son’s nightstand. 

“Night, Dad,” Bates muttered into the darkness, and slid under his blankets. 

He had no way to know his father’s eyes were burning with tears he let fall unchecked. “Good night, my boy. I love you.” 

William shut the door slowly and went to check on Bates' sister, Katie. Thankfully, she was sound asleep cuddling her stuffed cat. Walking down the hall to the kitchen, William got ahold of his emotions and fumbled through the storage drawer. There, he found the small business card he had been hunting for. A phone number was printed on the back for a company that promised over a million dollars to those willing to turn their children over for scientific modification. 

It broke William’s heart, but he had no choice. He was desperate. His own health was failing, and putting food on the table was quickly becoming impossible. The scientist promised to care for the children, and that was the best possible chance William could offer them. 

William lost his wife, Marie, while she was giving birth to Katie. The final words he spoke to her were promising he would take good care of both their children. How disappointed she would be in him now. He could hear her voice in his head, pleading with him to keep their family together. But he would rather sell his children to a wealthy man who could offer them a future than to keep them there to starve.  

It was four in the morning when William woke them both and ushered them to the car. They were confused and disoriented, to be sure. With ten-year-old Katie struggling to wake up, Bates carried her out. 

“Daddy? Where are we going?” Katie mumbled, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.  

“Somewhere safe, angel. Your brother is going to take good care of you. Just like always.” This time William couldn’t prevent his voice from cracking.   

“Dad?” Even as Bates set his sister on her seat and buckled himself in, Bates kept his uneasy stare locked on his father. “What’s happening?” 

“It’s all right, son. Promise me you’ll watch your sister, okay?” The smile he offered in the rearview mirror came nowhere near reaching his eyes. 

Bates vigorously shook his head to snap himself out of the fog of sleep. “Dad, what’s going on?” 

Katie clung close to his side, her chin trembling in frightened confusion. 

William clenched his teeth to hold back the sob that threatened to escape him. “Try to get some rest.” 

Katie nuzzled tight to her brother’s side, her fingers laced with his. The car fell silent. The children were finally lulled back to sleep by the hum of the road. A half an hour into their trek, William glanced back at them in the mirror. For a moment, he could have sworn they were helpless infants once more. Again, he heard his wife’s voice begging and pleading with him to reconsider. Yet, as he pulled into the driveway of the lab, it was already too late. William allowed one tear to fall, and then wiped it away. No sooner did his car coast to a stop did a woman in a white coat come outside. Hooking her arm under Katie’s legs, she lifted her from the seat and carried her toward the building.   

“W-Wait!” William yelled, his hand raising as if to stop the inevitable. 

The women turned and offered a warm smile. “She’ll be all right, sir. They both will.” 

William didn’t protest further, but silently watched as Bates was loaded onto a gurney. His ankles and wrists were restrained, all while the teen peacefully slept. 

Before they could wheel him away, William offered Bates a final kiss to the head. “Keep her safe, my boy.”  

A beat later, William stood back alone in the illuminated parking lot. Legs buckling, he crumbled to the ground as a scream tore from his throat. He failed his children. He failed Marie. All that had been of his family had now crumbled and scattered in the wind. 

He cried until his tears ran dry, then rose on shaky legs. Slowly, he opened the car door and something fell out of it. Bending down, he picked it up. It was a tightly folded note, burned at the edges. Climbing into the driver’s seat, he clicked on the overhead light to read the words scratched onto the page: 


Thank you for delivering my boy to me. I have no use for the girl.   

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