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Silver Valley by Arabella Rosier Book

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Silver Valley by Arabella Rosier Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: Alien. What does it mean to be an alien? A fantasy? The unknown? The hidden?

Savannah Shaw never knew how intertwined her life is with that one simple word.

Relocating to the secluded village, Silver Valley—situated between looming mountains and endless forest on a small island—Savannah begins to realise just how alien her life is.

In Silver Valley, the villagers don’t go into the forest.


Yet a stranger begins to follow her from the trees, never leaving her shadow, making her question the world around her.

So in search for answers, Savannah Shaw follows him deeper and deeper into the forest…

It may just be the the worst decision she has ever made.

And now the fate of everything hangs in the balance of Savannah Shaw. 

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Silver Valley by Arabella Rosier Book Read Online Chapter One

Sometimes I don’t think there’s such a thing as choice.

The café door shuts behind me and the chime sings throughout the small place.

I woke early this morning, watching the stars fade with the night to grab some peace. Space is vast and cold, unlike the claustrophobic heat in Sydney.

And it’s not even 7am yet.

“Coffee, Savannah?” the red-headed waitress, Emily, asks. Her hand is poised over her small notepad.

“Double shot.”

Amused, she shakes her head as she leans over her notepad.

I used to come to the Coffee Corner with Jasmine Spark, but she left Sydney what seems like decades ago in pursuit of a family business deal on a small island.

Today is the day I’m finally following her.

Again, not my choice.

Emily hands me my usual order, with an extra kick of caffeine. The cup burns my fingers as I take it to the bench at the side of the café.

Today is the last day I’ll see her, but she doesn’t know it yet.

I wait for my coffee to cool, but it still burns my fingers by the time she sits next to me. We spend every morning together. This is our routine.

“When does school go back again? I’m growing tired of the holiday season.”

I take a long drag of my coffee. It scalds my throat.

“Not sure,” I reply. “I’m not continuing year 12 in Sydney.”

“Oh?” Her eyebrows rise.

We never talk about anything personal.

But today is different.

I rap my fingers against the bench under me.

Cars zip by outside, casting shadows over the café. Soon, I’ll be among them. I can’t say I’m miserable at the thought of seeing Jasmine again, but doing so feels awfully like running away.

“I’m leaving the city,” I tell her. “And I probably won’t be coming back.”

She flicks her pen against her leg as she studies me.

I slouch against the wall, feeling the rough wood against my skin. I wish I got more sleep last night. The starlight woke me again, the constellations swimming beyond my window.

My mother used to point the stars out to me, trying to bond with me before leaving on some grand adventure. The memories are bitter. She told me tales of what it would be like to travel among the stars, always running, always in pursuit of adventure. As if it would help clarify why she left.

It never did.

And this time, I’m the one leaving. It feels wrong.

“When are you going?” Emily asks.

“In three hours.”

The words sink like a stone in my stomach.

“That’s… soon.”

I lower my coffee onto the bench. My eyes dart around the café, landing on anything besides Emily’s red hair and wide eyes.

But I feel her gaze on my face like a torch.

“It is.”

We both don’t know what else to say, so I take a large pull from my coffee.

I’ve never had many friends, but she might have been one.

I hold my breath before I turn to face her.

“Can I get some cookies for the drive?”

She nods. I watch her get up and weave around tables. The other staff members watch us. I know them all by name.

But I’ve never been the best at making friends.

My truest and only friend has always been, and probably always will be, Jasmine Spark. Her friendship was easy, because it was already decided for me before we were born. Our fathers worked at the same newspaper company. Then they had a daughter in the same year. The rest is history. We practically grew up together.

But they left the city a year ago, and now my father, the ever-faithful servant, follows in pursuit of them.

I wonder how much of that was his choice, too.

When Emily returns, her fingers clasped around a brown bag, I suddenly want to flee the café—a place that once felt like a sanctuary to me in this chaotic city. I abandon my half-drunk coffee on the bench as I stand.

“Well,” I mumble, “I should probably go home. My dad should be packing the last of our boxes in the car by now.”

I glance through the window at the commuters ghosting past the café with their heads lowered and coffees in their hands.

The sun has risen. The stars have fled the sky.

I smile at the waitress as she hands me the cookies.

“I’ll miss you, Savannah,” she declares.

I plant my palm against the cool glass door. I’ll miss her too.

…I think.

My grey eyes blink back at me in the glass door’s reflection as I push it open.

I can only hope Silver Valley has good coffee.

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