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Owned By A Sinner by Michelle Heard Book

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Owned By A Sinner by Michelle Heard Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: All I want to do is look after my dad, so when I land the job of a lifetime that will take care of our expenses, I grab at the chance with both hands. Little do I know, the impossible will be expected of me.

Slowly my smile fades, and my laughter dies until all that’s left is the broken puppet my personal hell created.

Liam Byrne, the head of the Irish mafia, returns from a business trip, and I expect my hellish nightmare to increase ten-fold.

Brutal, merciless, and dangerous, Liam is feared by all – even the monster intent on killing my soul.

Turns out I was wrong.

The instant Liam notices what’s happening, he takes me under his wing, and even though he’s all sharp edges and threatening growls, I feel safe with him.

Little by little, my sunshine creeps through the cracks, and my laughter returns.

But can one monster really defeat another, or am I just a girl dreaming about the impossible? 

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Owned By A Sinner by Michelle Heard Book Read Online Chapter One



Liam; 39. Kiara; 24. 

Walking up the path, I can’t stop smiling. Today was a good day, and I can’t wait to share the news with my dad. The moment I open the front door, my smile grows even wider. “Dad?” 

“In the kitchen, lass,” he calls out. 

My feet feel light as I move through the cozy living room with its worn brown couches. 

When Dad had a heart attack, I thought my own would stop. I was beside myself with worry and only managed to breathe freely once Dad was able to smile at me again. 

The doctor said we were lucky. I’ve changed Dad’s diet and made sure there’s no stress whatsoever to get him worked up. 

Entering the kitchen, it’s to find Dad and Kristine at the four-seater table. Kristine’s a temporary nurse I hired, using the money I had saved up from all the temp jobs I’ve done over the years to pay her salary. It’s not much, but it’s helping with the bills. 

Dad gives me a surly look, then glares at the carrots on his plate. “Look what she’s makin’ me eat.” 

Leaning down, I press a kiss to the top of his thinning salt and pepper hair. “You heard what the doctor said. You need the vegetables. You can’t live on pizza and burgers any longer.” 

“Aye-aye,” he mutters, grumpy as always. Instead of putting up a fight, he shovels a forkful of carrots into his mouth and makes a show of chewing. Frowning at me, his voice is brisk as he asks, “What are you doing here?” 

For some unknown reason, Dad’s against me visiting him at his house. At first, it hurt whenever he’d tell me to hurry and leave, but now I just ignore his grumpiness, telling myself it’s because he’s not feeling well. 

My parents never married. I was the result of a one-night stand, but they never made me feel unwanted. Mom raised me, and even though Dad traveled a lot for work, he tried to see me as often as he could. He might not be the world's best father, but he’s never missed one of my birthdays, and the little time we got to spend together are some of my best memories. 

“I wanted to check on you, and I have good news,” I grin while sitting down in one of the empty chairs. I sneak a carrot from Dad’s plate and pop it into my mouth. 

“Well?” He lifts an impatient eyebrow at me. “Don’t keep me waitin’.” 

“I just got my first permanent job!” The excitement and relief bubble over my lips. “As a receptionist.” 

God, I still can’t believe it. 

A smile tugs at Dad’s mouth. “Where?” 

I nod at his plate of food so he’ll eat some more. Reluctantly, he scoops up another bite of carrots. 

“Byrne Enterprises. I’ll work in the lobby. It’s a big company, so there are many opportunities for growth,” I ramble, my excitement growing with each word. 

The starts are the limit. 

God, I needed this job. I only had enough in my savings to pay Kristine until the end of the month. Now I can afford her until Dad’s back on his feet, and I’ll be able to move out of the shoebox I’m currently living in and into a better apartment. 

Dad’s features grow dark and tense, his eyebrows drawing together. “Byrne Enterprises.” He does not look happy for me, his voice laced with warning. 

My gaze flits over his features as I try to gauge his mood. “Yeah. I’ve applied all over the city, and lucky for me, they’re okay with my lack of experience. I really needed something more stable, and the pay is good.” 

Dad shakes his head, the corner of his mouth drawing down as if I just told him I’d be working in a dumpster and not a multi-billion-dollar company. “Over my dead body, will you work at Byrne Enterprises.” 


My happy bubble pops, and I slump back in my chair. I really thought Dad would be excited for me. I really don’t get why he’s against me taking this position. “I don’t understand. This job pays well, and I’ll be able to make a better life for myself. Why are you against it?” 

The expression on Dad’s face only grows grimmer, and I start to worry the conversation will make his blood pressure shoot through the roof, and we can’t have that. Under normal circumstances, I would stand my ground, but I can’t risk Dad suffering another heart attack. The doctor warned the next one could be fatal. 

Anger brims in Dad’s voice as he says with finality, “You will not work at Byrne Enterprises. If you’re strugglin’ financially, move back in with your Ma.” 

Mom lives in a small studio apartment, and besides there being no space for me, I’m twenty-four and need to build a life for myself. Why can’t Dad understand that? 

My eyes flick to Kristine, and when she shakes her head, silently telling me not to upset Dad any further, I get up from the chair and pour myself a glass of water. 

This is not how I pictured the conversation going. Damn, I really thought Dad would be happy for me. 

Kristine starts to clear the table, then checks Dad’s vitals. With a stern look at him, she says, “You need to calm down. Come,” she starts helping him up from the chair, “let’s watch that car show you like so much.” 

Dad’s eyes rest on me for a moment, and I don’t miss the worry swirling in his green irises. “Finish the water, lass. You need to go.” He turns toward the door, then pauses and adds, “Don’t come over again. You know I don’t like it.” 

With disappointment filling my heart, I watch Kristine usher Dad into the living room. 

I don’t understand his reaction to the good news. I thought he’d be happy for me. 

With a heavy heart, I follow them into the living room. I wait for Dad to sit down on one of the couches, then bend over him and press a kiss to his forehead. “Bye, Dad.” 

When I pull back, he looks up at me, affection softening his eyes. “I might be full of shit, but I love you, lass. I only want the best for you, and Byrne Enterprises is not it.” 

Nodding, I force a smile to my face. “Love you too. Get better, okay?” 

He nods, then gestures to the front door with a nod. “Get goin’.” 

Letting myself out, I shut the front door behind me and make my way down the path to the rickety gate. I glance back, wishing things had gone differently. I don’t get why Dad reacted like that. 

As I walk down the street toward the bus stop, I pull my phone out of my pocket and dial Mom’s number, hoping she’ll react differently. 

After a couple of rings, she answers, “Hey, sweetie.” 

“Hi, Mom.” The disappointment keeps my lips from curving into a smile. “I got a permanent job.” 

“You did?” Instantly, excitement bubbles in her voice, which lightens my mood a little. “That’s wonderful news, sweetheart. Where? What’s the pay like? What will you be doing?” 

Slowly the excitement trickles back into my heart. “I got a position as a receptionist. The pay is amazing. I’m starting at three thousand, five hundred.” 

“Gosh, I’m so happy for you, Kiara! That’s the best news ever,” Mom exclaims. 

Reaching the bus stop, I glance up and down the street. “Dad’s not happy about it at all.” 

“Why? What did he say?” I can hear the surprise in her voice. 

“He said he doesn’t want me working there.” 

“That’s weird.” Mom pauses, then asks, “Where will you be working?” 

“Byrne Enterprises. It’s a huge company, so there’s lots of room for growth.” 

“Oh…” This time when she pauses, I start to frown because it feels different. “Ah…” 

Shaking my head, my frown deepens. “What’s wrong with Byrne Enterprises?” 

“Nothing.” She hesitates, then says, “I just heard it’s a tough place to work.” 

“I can do tough.” 

“I know, sweetie. I just don’t want your first permanent job to scare you off.” 

“It won’t. It can’t be worse than Joe’s diner.” 

“Yeah… I guess.” 

My parents' reactions are downright disheartening, but it only makes me more determined to make a success of the job. 

They’re just being overprotective. I’ll do my best and show them I can stand on my own two feet. Especially for the pay Byrne Enterprises is offering me. I need the money now more than ever. 

Changing the subject, I ask, “Is Mr. Rodgers still a pain in the butt?” 

“Ugh.” I hear Mom moving around her apartment. That’s another reason I needed this job, so Mom can come live with me. “I swear the man is trying to drive me insane. Yesterday I placed a potted plant in the hallway, just to pretty up the empty space, and he gave me an earful about it.” 

“Such a grump,” I comment. “Try to ignore him. Hopefully, he’ll find someone else to bother.” 

“From your lips to God’s ears.” 

“I’ll pop in on Sunday,” I say as my eyes land on the approaching bus. 

“Can you bring me a box of the coffee I like?” 

“Sure. See you then.” 

Ending the call, I wait for the bus to come to a stop, and once the doors open, I step onto it. I sit down in the first available seat, and when we start to move, I stare out of the window. 

As we pass Dad’s house, it’s to see Kristine opening the front door for two men. They’re all smiling, and it makes me feel better knowing Dad has friends who check in on him. 

Damn, I wish my parents were happy for me. I expected them to be proud and to celebrate with me. 

My shoulders slump, and while I blindly stare at the passing scenery, I can’t understand why they reacted like that. 

This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m definitely not letting it pass me by. I’ll work my butt off and show them I can be successful. 

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