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Monster Girl by Anne Hall Book

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Monster Girl by Anne Hall Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: Twenty-two, and I haven't felt more than a spark of magic. Which is more than a little awkward considering I'm leaving for The Academy of Magic in forty-eight hours. I'm a monster, or at least my fathers reassure me that I am. Though I'm not very monster-like if you believe the stereotypes. I spend most of my days curled up in my room with my nose buried in a good book. Despite preferring to hide away, my best friend Lexi is constantly encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone, but I'm okay the way I am. My life is going decently—if I do say so myself—until I step into my headmaster's office and into a whirlwind of trouble. Not to mention the sweet troll who is insistent on being my friend, my mountain man of a runes partner and my shy new tutor, who have me questioning whether my lady bits are on the fritz. When my past and present collide, I can't help but wonder if I'm going to make it through the term, let alone the next two years. I guess I'll just have to roll with the crazy or go insane. Either way, at least I'll have some eye candy along for the ride. 

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Monster Girl by Anne Hall Book Read Online Chapter One

Present Day…

I blow a long strand of black hair out of my face in an exasperated fashion. Goddess, I hate packing. You know what, actually, I don’t hate packing, but I do hate leaving my room which doubles as my book haven. An entire wall is dedicated to books, all artfully arranged in floor to ceiling black bookshelves. Bookshelves I will have to abandon in forty-eight hours. Nope, I can’t do it. Maybe I can con the academy into letting me do the last two years online as well? I mean, I got straight A’s for the first two years doing it that way. So, it’s not like I’m going to fail.

With a world weary sigh I flop back onto my queen bed, another thing that I’ll miss. My eyes snag on the sheet covered board shoved off to the side of the room and my lips pinch, nerves swirling in my stomach, but alongside that is determination. I know what I’ll find if I remove the sheet, but I just don’t have it in me today to pour over it and agonise over the could-have-beens. The vivid pictures pinned to it are already burned into my mind as it is. Memories threaten to rise up, but I shove them away. Okay, pity party time is over. Lexi will be here soon. 

I quickly finish packing a backpack’s worth of clothes and two suitcases. Then, using a basic storage spell—with great difficulty—I shrink the covered cork board and place it into my suitcase gently. I let out a satisfied breath as I glance over my packed suitcases. One is waterproof and filled with strategically arranged books and consequently heavy as fuck. The other has all my school textbooks and human technology, and isn’t much lighter than my book one. 

Lexi and I are sort of nerds. Well, I am, she’s an extrovert that happens to love hacking, while I prefer to hide in my room with my nose buried in a book. I opted to complete my first two years of the academy online. Yeah, I’m sure you can see the differences. Lexi portals home from the academy every weekend to see her family, so we haven’t grown apart since she left, but she is ecstatic that I have to do my last couple of years at the actual school with her. 

I work on brushing out my waist-length hair as I contemplate what this year is going to be like. Awkward, probably. I chose to do online schooling when my magic still hadn’t come in by my twentieth birthday. A familiar frustration curls in my chest at the thought of my magic. I know it’s there, and have since my eighteenth birthday, but it’s an internal battle to try and use it for even the most basic spells. It’s as though my magic is locked and I have no clue how to unlock it. 

So instead, I took only the academic and theory side of all my classes, which means I’ve actually completed all of that up until graduation. All I need to focus on for the next two years is the physical side. Which, frankly, is going to be really embarrassing because my magic still hasn’t come in properly. 

My fathers are monsters. No, not bad people like the word automatically brings to mind, but literal monsters. It’s the umbrella category that their supernatural species fall under—well, our species fall under. Two of my fathers are A-class, which means they have multiple powers but only one that’s strong, which is their primary one. Diarmuid’s primary power is my favourite out of all my fathers, he can influence the weather. As a girl who grew up loving storms, I was constantly begging him to call on them for me. Azure has the ability to trick someone into thinking they’re feeling debilitating pain with just a thought, which is considered strong for an A-class monster. 

Though they are powerful, they’ve got nothing on O-class monsters. They’re extremely rare and when discovered, coveted for their powers. Unlike other classes they have multiple powers that are all at the same strength level, which as a baseline, match that of an A-classes primary one. There aren’t any around here, due to their rarity they’re seen as gods in the realm and are almost always in upper class positions. Not walking among people below them, like us normal supes. 

I snort. I’d hate that and would be quite happy as a mediocre B-class. My eyes catch on my black claws and I grunt. B-class are considered the most common and most have a jumble of weak to medium level powers with possibly a few physical tells that point to them being other. And lastly, G-class, who barely register as supernatural and a lot of the time never realise they’re anything more than human. People with light psychic powers often fall into this class in the human realm, and quite often end up working in a field where they can utilise it. 

Then there is me, I know I’m not a G-class because of my claws and the small amount of magic I can access, but I don’t exactly qualify as a B-class either. If there were something in between the two, that’s where I would be. N-class, for Nessa, a class all of my own. 

My Dads don’t believe that for one moment, though they haven’t told me their theories of what I could be, they do believe it will be revealed in time and the best way for that to work is to attend school.

Still trying to wrangle my hair I let out a sigh of frustration. Meeting the golden eyes of my reflection, I cock my head to the side. I think I’m finally going to cut my hair. Tossing my head back and forth a little I decide on a bob. My sharp features stare back at me from the mirror as I try to imagine myself with my hairstyle of choice. Yep, it’s gonna make me look totally badass. I snort at myself. Yeah… that’s a big no, ten-four rubber ducky. 

Giving up, I toss the hair brush onto my vanity and go downstairs. My feet thud on each step, announcing my presence. I’m fairly tall for a supernatural woman at 6 foot 1, and I blame that for my lack of stealth. Lexi’s going to be a hairdresser when she graduates and is taking human classes alongside her supernatural ones, so hopefully she’ll do my hair for me. I know the field I want to work in, but I don’t know which specific section will suit my goals. Working for the supernatural FBI or SFBI, is my current goal. But to get there, I have to work my way up the ranks first through the Supe police force and then—hopefully—onto an SFBI team that shares similar values as me. But that could just be a pipe dream of mine. Either way, I’ve done the theory classes I need and passed with flying colours, and now I have the next two years to prove my worth in my physical classes so when I graduate, I can already be ahead in my goal.   

The kitchen smells amazing, Morrigan must be cooking. My stomach rumbles, and I wave good morning when I find my three dads already seated around the dining room table. They each give me a chorus of distracted greetings while I begin piling up my plate before digging in. Goddess, this is amazing. As I shovel in mouthfuls of food, the droning background noises from our TV draws my attention. 

“...The number of supernaturals going missing throughout the Supernatural Realm has risen dramatically over the last seven days. The Drákon group is said to be behind these attacks, but the supernatural police and FBI are hesitant to confirm anything. If anyone has any information please ring the tipline…” 

I zone the rest of the newswomen's spiel out when I’m sure there is nothing new being mentioned and stare at my plate as guilt clenches my chest. The Drákon group have been terrorising the supernatural realm for the last few years and are steadily getting more brash in their attacks and the supes they’re kidnapping. High ranking officials and powerful well-knowns being part of the list of who have been taken, means no one is safe. The group works under a mated pair of supernaturals whose identities are well guarded with the goal to return the realm to being under one rule. Or so the rumours say, anyways. My fingers curl into fists at just the thought of them and I suck in a breath to steady my emotions. The Drákon group are just a part of the reason I want to work with the SFBI, the injustice of it all is insane and I want it to change.   

I’m distracted from my heavy thoughts when Lexi comes flying in. She’s a bundle of energy and happiness. Her mood is contagious and a small smile graces my lips as she delivers hugs and hello’s to all of my dads before coming over to strangle—I mean, hug me. Thankfully she keeps it mostly around my shoulders, I’d probably burst if she squeezed my stomach. My nose crinkles. Eww, that was an image I definitely didn’t need after eating. I wash up my plate, then we head upstairs together. 

Lexi flops down onto my bed with a huff, thumbing through a new novel I’m currently reading while I run through the mental checklist I have for what I’ll need packed. The quiet between us is comfortable and after I’ve rechecked everything my focus shifts to her. 

“So, how are you doing?” I ask softly. 

A broad grin stretches her lips. “Great, Layla and Dan are so excited to meet you in person. Are you nervous?” 

My lips twitch at her enthusiasm. Layla and Dan are her partners, they’re engaged to be bonded officially at the end of the school semester in a few months time. My amazing bestie put her foot down and said that they had to hold off on bonding for at least a semester so I can quote, ‘get the proper roommate, university experience with my bestie’. The last of my sour mood dissipates and I grin at Lex. “I can’t wait to meet them too. And, yeah, a little.” I shrug. I’ll deal with it. I watch her peek in my suitcase for a minute before I ask hesitantly, “I was thinking of cutting my hair, would you like to do—” I’m cut off when she flies at me with a shriek. 

“Yes! What were you thinking? A trim, shoulder length, bangs?” she prattles excitedly. She runs her fingers through my thick hair, cupping it and twisting it in different ways with an intense look of concentration on her face, as though she’s visualising me with different hairstyles.

“A bob. What type do you think would suit me best?” I’m not surprised when her mouth falls open. It’s been years since I’ve properly cut my hair and never that short before, but I feel like it’s time for a new start. Lexi’s face falls into her professional mask as she examines my face with a clinical eye before she shuffles my hair around again, holding it so it's sitting at different shorter lengths.

She makes a small humming noise in her throat before saying with a decisive nod, “An A-line bob.”  

I grin. “I trust you.” 

Still smiling, she slips away to grab her hairdressing stuff which is never far away. Lex returns with her overnight bag in-hand. She mutters under her breath, activating the spell she has placed on it for extra storage before starting to pull out her travel hairdressing kit. As she sets up she says conspiratorially, “Are you going to tell your dads or is it going to be a surprise?”

“A surprise,” I decide, my lips curling up even more as I imagine their shocked faces. Yep, definitely a surprise. 

“How are your dads doing? With you leaving for the academy, I mean.” She’s almost finished setting everything up and I grab the book I’m currently reading because I know she’ll zone out the second she picks up the scissors. 

I swallow slightly, guilt eating at me, even if it is irrational. “I’m not sure. I’m going to try and come home for the holidays and call them often. I don’t want them to be lonely. I know it really hurt them when they lost Demi.” I don’t mention their daughter, but Lexi already knows what I leave unsaid anyway.  

With a sad nod she ushers me to the chair, wrapping one of those barber blankets over me. She gets started immediately and I study her reflection in the mirror. Her skin is grey with beautiful gold scales trailing down her arms. Right now her hair is dyed rainbow, and her eyes are so light blue that they look like jewel tear drops. Lexi is absolutely gorgeous and her soon-to-be bonds are very lucky to have her. She’s an A-class monster and her intended bonds are strong B-classes. There are no rules against different classes mating per say, but it can be frowned upon if a powerful monster such as an A-class mated with a G-class. The only firm rule is you can only mate with those who consent and are aware of the supernatural world. There’s a bunch of other legal stuff, but that’s the gist of it. 

Giving myself a mental shake I focus on my book, a laugh bubbling from my lips as I immerse myself in Sinclair Kelly’s Ghost Girl series. The main female character is a little loopy and her ramblings are hilarious. 

By the time Lexi taps my shoulder to let me know that she’s done, my ass has long since gone numb and my back is aching. Then again that’s probably just from my shitty form, but I’m going to blame the chair for being uncomfortable. 

Suddenly nervous, I scan her face before I can even consider looking in the mirror. Shit, my hair feels so much lighter now. Lexi’s sporting a huge grin and makes a twirling motion with her hand. Sucking in a deep breath, I turn and take in my reflection. Wow, Lexi will definitely be passing her hairdresser course. She did an amazing job. My hair is now cut into a sleek A-line bob and I tilt my head this way and that to get a better look at the back. The new hairstyle has my cheekbones and jaw looking sharper and makes my gold eyes look huge, complimenting my best features, and making happiness bubble up inside me. I turn around and throw my arms around her with a laugh. “Thank you so much, Lexi. It looks fantastic.” 

She squeezes me back before moving around me in a circle, admiring her handy work. “It really does look good. The hairstyle definitely suits you. Your fathers are gonna love it when they see it.” 

Despite her protests, I help her clean up, chatting as we clean up my mass of hair. The main part that we cut off I ask Lexi to donate to the human realm and she agrees easily. We spend most of the day hanging out in my room, lazing about, packing and watching Netflix. 

When the scent of dinner wafts upstairs we both head down to the kitchen. As I was hoping, my dads are surprised by my new haircut and Morrigan walks off muttering under his breath about boys and his throwing knives collection. My brows pull down in confusion but I shake it off with a laugh. Yep, they’re definitely where I got my crazy from. I reassess the room, well, Morrigan and Diarmuid are surprised, Azure isn’t in the kitchen. He’ll see it later. 

I hip check Diarmuid as I head to the cutlery drawer, flashing him a smile when he grumbles, and grab a handful of stuff before setting the table. The man is at least 6 foot 5 and built like a human realm linebacker, but is a total teddy-bear on the inside. Lex draws my attention when she sidles up to Morrigan who has returned to the stove and is monitoring the simmering pasta sauce. She leans in, trying to sneak a piece of half cooked pasta only to be blocked and ushered away with a mock stern look. She grins, using her powers to pinch the back of his calf, the spot flaring with white light like a beacon, before he curses and falls back, so the cheeky shit has room to grab the piece she was after, and dances away. 

I shake my head and focus on placing the last of the cutlery down. We’ve known each other for so long that she’s more like a sister than a friend, and my fathers are like her second ones. I know her parents as well, but they tend to keep their distance, emotionally, from everyone, even Lex, so I know she really appreciates my fathers. When she was younger and first came into her powers it ended up being a rather traumatic event and she struggled afterwards to come to terms with using them. My fathers helped her through it and tutored her in an array of different techniques, with me there often as moral support. 

The smell of dinner has my mouth watering. “Smells amazing,” I praise, and Morrigan sends me a satisfied grin, adjusting his thick rimmed glasses. Despite his nerdy outward appearance, he’d pick a movie over a book any day, which is something I give him shit over on a regular basis. 

“It’s almost ready, could you go find Azure for me?” 

“Sure.” I duck out of the room, peeking into rooms as I trail down our hallway. When I reach the study a soundless chuckle vibrates in my chest. I should have guessed he’d be here. Azure sits sprawled out in a plush giant bean—a gift that I gave him a few years ago—a book resting on his thighs while his black eyes rove over the words in rapid movements. Must be a good part. I knock on the door frame lightly and his head pops up, focus snapping to me. 

“Dinner’s almost ready.” 

He sets the book aside and unfolds himself from the chair, absolutely towering over me as he passes me to head to the kitchen, ruffling my hair as he does. “It looks good.” 

A sheepish smile curls my lips as I follow him. Diarmuid is dishing the plates up and I plop down into my seat eagerly. Morrigan’s cooking is the best. Once we’re all seated and everyone has their food, I dig in. 

After a few minutes, Diarmuid breaks the silence, “Are you all packed?”

I nod, letting out a hum in response because my mouth is full. 

“Remember we’re only a call away,” Morrigan adds. His features are pinched as he focuses on me, the usual humour in his expression absent. 

Swallowing, I make sure to exude the ultimate confidence as I meet his eyes. “I’ll be fine, I promise. And I’ll call if I need you.”

That seems to appease them somewhat and we finish up dinner with Morrigan detailing this new recipe he wants to try. We help wash up then head back up to my room.  

Lexi and I spend the rest of the day relaxing, her and I exchanging our feedback from our latest reads. She also messes around with my hair, showing me some of the new ways I can style it now that it’s a shorter length. 


It’s late the next night and we’re watching a movie when the nerves about going to the new school really hit me. Holy shit, I’m going to be at the academy tomorrow. Swallowing audibly I ask Lexi, “What’s the academy like?”   

She pauses the movie, a serious expression falling over her features. “Well, as you know it’s very cut off from the world. The professors are mostly polite, with a few assholes.” 

“But, what about the um… the magic lessons?” My shoulders hunch slightly and I bite my lip. The magical aspects of the academy have been poking at the back of my mind more and more as I get closer to attending in person. I have no idea how I’m going to be able to pass my classes when I have basically no access to my magic. Anxiety practically strangles me at the thought of my first day because I have no idea what I’m going to be walking into.  

A small smile spreads over my friend's face. “You’re going to be okay, Nessa. They’ll understand about your magic and if they don’t then I’ll kick their asses, okay?” 

That has a laugh tumbling from me. Goddess, I’m so lucky to have Lexi in my life. 

I take a deep breath as we settle back in and she unpauses the movie. It’s pointless to ruin my last night worrying over the unknown, and knowing Lexi will always have my back has confidence rolling over me. Whatever happens I’m going to be okay. I bump my shoulder against hers and blow her an air kiss before turning to focus back on the movie. 

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