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Graphs and Networks by S. R. Kingan Book

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Graphs and Networks by S. R. Kingan Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: Graphs and Networks

A unique blend of graph theory and network science for mathematicians and data science professionals alike.

Featuring topics such as minors, connectomes, trees, distance, spectral graph theory, similarity, centrality, small-world networks, scale-free networks, graph algorithms, Eulerian circuits, Hamiltonian cycles, coloring, higher connectivity, planar graphs, flows, matchings, and coverings, Graphs and Networks contains modern applications for graph theorists and a host of useful theorems for network scientists.

The book begins with applications to biology and the social and political sciences and gradually takes a more theoretical direction toward graph structure theory and combinatorial optimization. A background in linear algebra, probability, and statistics provides the proper frame of reference.

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