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Eternal by Jaymin Eve, Everly Frost Book

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Eternal by Jaymin Eve, Everly Frost Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: Demons don't belong in the light.

I played a game of deception, and my world was torn apart.

Now my pack, my family, and the ruthless demon who has claimed my heart could pay with their lives.

To save them, I must walk a treacherous path between hope and destruction—a path that leads me out of the shadows and into the light.

Where betrayal waits.

With every move I make, my enemies close in.

To end this game, I must turn to the dark.

I must free the demon I was born to be.

Before it's too late for us all.

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Eternal by Jaymin Eve, Everly Frost Book Read Online Chapter One

Golden light explodes around me, tearing Roman away before his outstretched hand can close around mine.

“Nova!” His furious roar is drowned in the blast, his deep-amethyst wings pushed back in the explosion. Bright purple runes flare across his body as he’s whipped away, the light of his magic flaring within the golden haze before he disappears into it.

The world spins as I’m thrown backward.

I tumble across the ivory ground, blasted through the white dirt so hard that it rises in clouds of sparkling white around me.

I don’t know where my sisters are right now. Or my wolves. Taniya and Malia were rushing toward me when Esta’s power exploded—Taniya in her harpy form, Malia trying to cast a protective spell. Three of my wolves—Temple, Luca, and Blitz—were also racing to help me. My fiercest demon wolf, Ace, was lying on the battlefield, wounded, beside the ruby-eyed wolf that was forced to attack me during the final battle.

I can’t see any of them now.

I also can’t locate Crone, the ancient woman with black eyes and pure-white skin who heralded Esta’s return from the dead.

Now, Esta’s power wrenches me to a stop as suddenly as it hit me, pinning me to the ground on my back. Even though I’ve come to a halt, I can’t seem to get my bearings. Up is down and down is up and all I can do is scream with pain.

A scream that sounds far away.

One of my eardrums is burst. My ribs are fractured, my right cheekbone cracked, and several of my fingers are broken. But nothing compares to the pain Esta’s power causes me as the glowing light thickens and sharpens across my chest.

She is seeking the darkest part of me: my soul. And she intends to rip it out.

Esta’s silhouette appears through the intense haze. Her hands are raised as she steps in my direction, her power akin to blazing sunlight filling the air around her and dripping from her fingertips like honey.

Her skin is light brown and her blonde hair billows around her face. She’s wearing simple black pants and a crossover top that brings out the darkness in her midnight-blue eyes.

She is the reason my father disappeared.

She tore his soul from his body and sent his body to the angels’ realm, leaving the Underworld in chaos and triggering the Elimination—a fight to the death between the King’s seven children to determine the new ruler of Pyra-Mortem, or Hell, as I used to call it. It’s a fight I was forced to join.

She is triumphant as she strides toward me.

“Give up,” she cries, her voice a soothing croon. “Stop fighting, Nova. You’ve lost. Accept it.”

I don’t have the strength to reply. I’ve used up the last shreds of my physical strength in screaming. I try to make myself move, to shift, to fight back. Anything other than to lie here and accept my fate, no matter how broken my body is.

With a cruel twist of her lips, Esta plants her feet mere paces away from me and strikes again. This time, her power forms directly over her heart and leaps across the distance between us.

It hits as precisely as a sharpened blade, cutting through my mind and my body. I’m wearing armor that Roman conjured for me, which covers every inch of me from my neck to my toes; it’s strong and flexible, but it can’t protect me from her.

My soul screams as her power rakes across it. Sharper than a wolf’s claws. More painful than a burning knife.

The impact is like being sliced into two, but at the same time, the force of the attack is so great that I expect to be thrown backward again under its intensity.

There’s sudden movement beside me and I’m shocked when I jolt in place, my thoughts clearing for long enough to realize that I’m being anchored by a single hand around mine.

Koda’s hand.

“Koda?” My focus flashes to him, to his bright, cobalt-blue eyes that match his hair. To the blood running down his face and the angry tears dampening his lashes. His navy-blue armor fits across his broad shoulders, chest, and thighs, but it’s cracked from the battle and his black clothing beneath it is torn.

He is stretched out toward me across the stained earth as if he’d leaped in my direction to catch hold of me, his large biceps bulging as he fights against letting go.

“No!” He roars back at Esta. “We won’t give up!”

I’m suddenly acutely aware that Esta’s power is not only trying to cut through my soul but is also trying to separate me from Koda, the glow around our hands increasing with every passing second and a pressure building between us.

She needs to separate us because we’re stronger together.

Esta’s soul power rages across Koda, but his own power sparks within the storm, bursting around our hands and rapidly spreading toward my wrist.

Its form is crystalline like dust.

The power of bliss.

His power is an antidote to pain and anger, and it protected me during the battle with our oldest brother, Arga. Together, Koda and I combined our power and defeated Arga, leaving us the last two standing. A combined power that would allow us both to survive the Elimination.

Or so we thought.

Until Esta reappeared—the sister we thought had died.

Once she destroys Koda and me, Esta will win the Elimination and claim the throne with Crone standing at her back.

“Your power!” Koda shouts at me, his face deathly pale. Blood continues to stream down his cheek from the wound on his forehead, but he doesn’t try to wipe it away. “Use your power!”

I’m broken. Injured. In terrible pain. But a surge of Koda’s renewed bliss rushes through me, suppressing my agony and clearing my mind.

I call on my control over nightmares, harnessing my own fear of being left soulless and using it to strengthen the icy force that streams through my chest and my free arm. I’m still lying on my back in a completely vulnerable position, but I extend my arm and release the darkness at Esta.

Charcoal light blasts across the space between us, thudding into her chest right at her heart, where her power was growing again. The blast is so fast that I wouldn’t be able to see it if I wasn’t using my demon vision.

It’s the same level of force I used to kill Arga.

It should knock Esta to her knees, and I wait a heartbeat for her to fall, but all she does is falter and take a single step back.

She has consumed thousands of souls—so many that she said she lost count. Each time she dies, she appears to draw on another soul to revive herself, and it seems she can revive as quickly as she likes.

Still, I use the very brief reprieve to force myself up onto my knees, swaying there, as unsteady as Koda as he follows me up. Meanwhile, the glow of Esta’s power around us doesn’t diminish, concealing everything beyond a few paces in each direction. It doesn’t let up. The thick cloud of golden light that fills the air continues to ripple and strike at my chest, arms, and face. Harder than before.

Her soul light intensifies around my chest, tearing at me, clawing and scraping at my soul, trying to separate it from my body.

I groan against the pain.

If it weren’t for Koda, I’d be screaming.

Doubling over, I plant my free hand on the ground but refuse to look away from Esta.

Beyond the fog of her power, I sense a disturbance, crackling energy, and I can only imagine what Roman and my sisters and wolves are doing to try to get to me.

Esta’s hair is as bright as a halo as she gives me a smile and stretches her neck. “Really, Nova? Koda? You think you can fight back?”

I want to scream a response, but another groan of despair is all I can manage. I’m so physically and mentally broken right now that I’m sure she would have ripped out my soul already, except that my wolf is fighting for me.

Within my mind, my wolf is writhing with pain like I am, but her ferocity is undeniable. She wants to tear Esta apart and she will fight until the bitter end.

It’s a shame my father didn’t have a wolf to guard his soul, because the tension around Esta’s eyes and the sudden crease in her forehead tells me that my wolf is a force she didn’t expect.

A growl rises to my lips and my voice is guttural as I allow my beast’s instincts to combine with my demon power. “We won’t stop fighting you. Sister.”

Despite my assertion, Koda isn’t doing so well. His chest is glowing, too, and the darker shimmer around him indicates that his soul might be only moments away from being ripped from him. He doesn’t have a wolf to help him.

Even so, he grits his teeth and echoes my thoughts. “We aren’t done yet.”

He’s a survivor, like I am. Throughout the trials of the Elimination, he revealed that he will fight as wildly as a wolf to avoid death. Hell, he traveled through the gates between Pyra-Mortem and Earth in a bid to flee the Elimination. I don’t agree with, or condone, his past choices, but I do understand his motivation to survive.

Beyond the glow of Esta’s power, a dark light flickers, a crackle like lightning, and for a moment, I’m sure I can hear Roman’s voice. “Hold on, Nova. We’re coming for you.”

Roman promised that if I died here, he would get my sisters out of Pyra-Mortem, but death will have to fight harder than this if it wants me.

Screaming against the soul power tugging at my chest, I gather another blast of nightmares, this time drawing on more of Koda’s bliss before I release the shot.

Without knowing Esta’s true fear, my power doesn’t have as much force. I learned during my training with Roman that in order for me to find the fear of powerful beings like my siblings, I need to be in physical contact with them. Right now, I’m barely managing to stay on my knees. The only way I’ll come close to touching Esta is if I draw her closer to me—which is not a viable option when I’m so physically weakened.

Esta jolts when the blast hits her. A shout rises to her lips as she slides backward a few steps.

“You. Can’t. End. Me!” she shrieks, as if I didn’t understand her the first time.

With screams that sound muted in my damaged hearing, I blast her again. And again. Over and over. Emptying the breath from my chest as I exhaust what remains of the power from my body.

Mine and Koda’s.

Each shot drives Esta farther back until her silhouette isn’t as clear and—finally—she gives a scream of rage, and her power falters.

The air clears.

It’s only for a second, but within that heartbeat, another power cuts across the space between her and us, a force so wild that it knocks us to the ground.

I struggle to rise, my head spinning as I focus on the new threat in front of me.

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