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Enthrall Ecstasy by Vanessa Fewings Book

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Enthrall Ecstasy by Vanessa Fewings Book Read Online And Epub File Download

Overview: Cameron Cole’s trusted head of security Shay Gardner has someone in his sights: new submissive Rue Asher.

It’s my sworn duty to protect her.

But I find myself craving not just her safety…but her love.

A love that comes with a price. I’m unable to resist her demands to become her Dom, but I fear she has no idea of the intense play I’m capable of.

I will take her beyond her limits. Beyond her imagination. I will reveal to her depths of pleasure she didn’t know was possible.

Rue will soon call the secretive world of ENTHRALL her home.

For the answers lie in the ecstasy. 

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Enthrall Ecstasy by Vanessa Fewings Book Read Online Chapter One

This was a place you came to escape a scandal.

I passed the company logo for “Quinn Public Relations and Consulting.”

Being summoned to a meeting with an influential figure wasn’t unusual. Very often this was how the elite asked to enter Enthrall.

But I’d been around long enough to know this was about something else.

“Your reputation precedes you.” Carrie Quinn welcomed me into her swanky office. A business degree hung on the back wall. “You’re quite the charismatic figure, Mr. Gardner.”

I hated this meeting already.

Quinn’s PR approach was apparently ruthless.

“Goodness, you’re tall,” she said.

I offered a polite smile.

I was rough around the edges, maybe, but I looked good in Armani—the suit I’d worn today. I took pleasure in challenging expectations.

She looked me up and down.

Her stare lingered on my beard. Recent weeks had leaned toward chaotic, my lack of shaving the only indication life had worn me down.

She wouldn’t know that, though. To her, I’d merely look ruggedly handsome and aloof.

November rain lashed against the window. I’d barely noticed the downpour.

In a turquoise blouse and tight-fitting pencil skirt, wearing knee-high boots, she’d pass for a Dominatrix in other circles. I clocked her age at forty. She carried a confidence that told me she thrived under stress.

For some reason, I was on her radar.

She strolled by me to get to the door. “We’ve never met.”

“I don’t believe so.”

A waft of sultry perfume lingered in the air.

She wielded that scent to subdue clients. Get them right where she wanted them—obedient to her demands.

After closing the door, she headed back to her desk and sat on the edge. “There will be no record of this. No one need know you and I crossed paths, Mr. Gardner.”

My curiosity spiked. “I can live with that.”

She gave a nod. “Thank you for your service. Navy SEALs, right?”

My response was only a polite smile, not wanting to trigger a conversation about Afghanistan. I’d left that experience in my rearview.

Not my friends, though. War leaves scars no one sees. But in each other, we recognized cuts that went deep.

I was good at slaying chaos.

Much like Carrie.

Once someone like me reaches their thirties, little tends to surprise you anymore.

“You served alongside Henry Cole.”

The comment piqued my interest.

Carrie might even know that’s how I’d met Cameron—through his brother Henry.

“Such bravery.”

I met her compassionate gaze. “Why am I here?”

“A situation…one that requires discretion. Being ex-special forces, you’re perfect for this.”

“I’m not for hire.”

“I hear you’re a member of Enthrall?”

My expression remained unchanged.

Carrie reached into her jacket pocket and removed her phone. A few swipes of the screen and then she turned it so I could see the photo of a striking, curvaceous redhead. Twentyish, with flowing red hair and a breathtaking smile, her pretty face was covered in freckles. Her blue eyes were the kind that reflected pain. She’d tried to hide it by feigning happiness.

Pretty but complicated was the type I avoided.

“Rue Asher.” She looked at the photo herself. “She’s stunning, isn’t she?”

I didn’t react.

I’d done my research, too, and drilled down hard on this CEO. Yet I’d found nothing, which revealed this woman was good at hiding her private life.

“She’s a friend,” she said. “In a way…”

That wasn’t vague at all.

“What do you need from me?” I asked.

Carrie hesitated as though wanting to keep something back. “I’m concerned for her safety.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

She smiled. “I can see why Dr. Cole hired you.”

My relationship with Cameron went deep. We were close, like brothers, really. Cole had hired me as his head of security back when I’d left the SEALs.

That man could read a soul with one glance. He was a goddamned genius—a man who deserved protecting at all costs.

Parlaying the conversation away from him was crucial.

“This is about Rue?” I said.

“I don’t need to know the details.” Carrie looked uncomfortable. “Just get her out. Extract her. Tonight.”

My interest piqued at her desperation. “Out of…?”

“Are you going to pretend you don’t move in those circles? I have it on good authority you do. You’re the man who keeps everyone safe. You’re the tech expert.”

Rue wasn’t at Enthrall or Chrysalis, which was what Carrie had insinuated.

“Who referred me?” I asked.

“I’ll never divulge who recommended you.”

She wanted me to go into this situation blind.

“You should share your concerns with her,” I said.

Carrie held up her phone again, this time showing me Rue dressed in her graduation gown. I again noted her freckled button nose and bright red hair, a feature that would make a submissive easily discernible if wearing a mask.

Carrie put her phone down. “She has a bright future. Only you can make sure of it.”

“That’s a curious statement—”

“Get her out of Pendulum.”

A jolt of concern hit me at hearing that name.

If Rue was in the clutches of Pendulum she was in danger. If anyone asked about the place, they were told it didn’t exist.

Pendulum was where the richest and most powerful men in the world went to misbehave.

Consent was dubious and the play rough.

“I don’t know who else has the skill to access the place,” Carrie said softly.

“Is she a client?”


Carrie pressed a palm to her chest. “Please, Shay.”

“This is not what I do.”

“Enthrall does good work.” She tilted her head. “So I’ve heard.”

“This isn’t in my wheelhouse.”

“How much?”

“It’s not about money, Carrie.”

“Go to Pendulum. Bring her home.” She pushed off the desk and came closer.

Rue would be so deep down the rabbit hole by now.

“What can I offer?” she said. “Access to a public figure? Someone famous you’d like to fuck?”

“There’s nothing I need or want.” An elegant way of saying fuck off with your bribes.

“You must listen to me.”

“I’ve heard everything you’ve said, Carrie.”

I held her stare. A fierce stand-off.

“I can arrange an unmarked car. It will leave in five minutes.”

“Anything else I can help you with?” I said.

She softened as though realizing this tactic wasn’t going to work with me.

“I don’t know who else to turn to.”

“I’m sure you can think of someone.”

She clutched her skirt and raised it—high enough for me to see she wasn’t wearing any panties and view that circle of silver piercing her labia. The jewelry signaled a Dominant’s ownership of her. Her clit peeked out between her adorned sex.

We were both silent for a moment, contemplating a familiarity we were both accustomed to.

“Submissive?” I asked.

“Domina. I still switch for my master.”

“Do I know him?”

She shook her head. “He lives abroad.”

“You can…” I gestured for her to let her hem fall.

She gave a thankful nod and dropped her skirt, reassured by my calm demeanor.

“Speak,” I ordered.

“I’m a Mistress at the House of Majestic,” she said. “Rue’s one of our submissives. She’s only been training with us for a month. She’s at Pendulum to be auctioned off.” Carrie looked distraught. “She’s not ready, Shay. Not for that place.”


“How long do I have to get her out?”

“Two hours.”

I glanced at my watch and then looked at Carrie. “I’ll drive myself to Pendulum.”


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