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Demon in My Veins by Sydney St. James Book

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Demon in My Veins by Sydney St. James Read Book Online And Download

Demon in My Veins by Sydney St. James Book Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Demon in My Veins by Sydney St. James Book

Demon in My Veins by Sydney St. James Book Read Online Chapter One

I stride along the waterfront, hands in my pockets. I can still taste the sweet and tangy pastry on my tongue, but it was the woman whose finger I’d licked it from that has captured my thoughts. My human body is elated. It feels as light as a cloud. There’s a ball of warmth spinning so very fast in my chest, pushing back the constant worries of my kind.

But more than that? My demon is awake. And it wants.

These days it feels like my demon half is always asleep, leaving me with an itchy, sort of half-awareness that isn’t pleasant. Like a sunburn that’s almost healed, only it never goes away.

What was it about her that has roused me like this?

I hadn’t lied when I told her I’d followed my nose, but it was her moan that had enticed me to investigate. I’m still not sure why. It’s not like humans interest me a great deal, generally speaking. Their lives go by so fast and then they’re gone. Before I ever truly know them. There are humans who have served me for three lifetimes now who I can’t recall as well as I can her face, the shine of her hair, or the taste of her skin.

It’s not as if she was a great beauty, either. Even now, I can catalogue her appearance. Five-foot-six to - eight, depending on her shoes. It was clear she spent a good deal of time in the sun. Her medium brown skin is bronzed to a lovely tan. Her bountiful, curvy figure is the type to occupy a man’s mind with undressing her. She had a slight widow's peak, giving her a heart-shaped face. Her nose and mouth were broad and expressive. With her dark brown, wavy hair pulled back, it made her seem more graceful.

A woman like that was wasted on utilitarian cotton clothing. She should wear something clingy. Or nothing at all.

My demon growls, and my darker desire blooms.

I want to have her. I haven’t wanted anything other than my next meal in so long; I revel in the sensation.

Eligos falls into step with me, and I have to wonder if he can sense this change. Of us, his demon is probably the strongest. Or was. Things could have changed in the years since we’ve met with the others. “What are you thinking about?”

By some minor miracle, we are the first to arrive. Seeing as this is Eligos’ province, it’s only right. Neither of us are suited for leadership, so it is a testament to our stewards and staff that our respective provinces are flourishing.

“I think I might bed a woman.”

He turns his head and studies me. “You haven’t in a while. Feeling the testosterone?”

“No. There was a girl at the tavern…”

Eligos eyes me with no small amount of curiosity.

In all our lifetimes, the seven of us have been close. But Eligos and I are bound on some deeper level. I don’t think our creator understood. We were created out of the same spark, unlike the others. In some lifetimes, we’ve been brothers or sisters. Once we were twins. A few times we’ve even married. We’re always friends. But this time is different, more intimate. We are inseparable. The love I feel for him has never been greater. 

A perfect solution would be for us to take the same lover. But that will never happen. I spent our early twenties trying to figure out what kind of woman interests him past the orgasm, but none have. I’m not sorry. In all the millennia we’ve been alive, Eligos and I have never tired of each other. Ours is a bond that transcends time, body, and soul. I welcome this lifetime, where we might love each other more completely. I just wish we both enjoyed more physical pleasure from it all.

“My demon wants her, Eli…”


“Does that upset you?”

He snorts. “Not in the slightest. Though I do pity her pussy.”

I deflect Eligos’ wandering hand with a chuckle. There are too many eyes, and we are supposed to be attempting discretion.

“You’ll destroy her with that thing if you don’t go slow.”

“She said no.”

“She what?” He scowls at me as though he’s offended. “I’m not awake enough to respond to that nonsense. What’s wrong with her? You’re delicious.”

I chuckle. “I think she was working. I’ll have to try later…”

He sighs and tips his face up toward the sky. “There won’t be time later, or have you forgotten?”


The meeting isn’t the only thing we’re here to do.

Alastor might chide us in public, and even in front of the others, but it’s all part of our act. Everyone—even our brethren—expect a sloth and glutton demon to cut corners and leave our work to our staff. Which we do, but not for the reason people expect. With our leadership so fractured, it’s much easier for Eligos and me to move about. Not as many people note our comings and goings because we are not tied to the capital. Our freedom allows us to take a more direct approach with those encroaching on our territory.

It’s not just Yokai and Vodu. There are humans who would seek to destroy the peace we’ve so painstakingly built. And tonight, while the others are asleep, we must investigate another incursion under the cover of darkness.

“Try to fuck her before the meeting? Maybe one of us will pay attention,” Eligos says.

I jab my elbow at him. “Not interested in the least?”

He snorts and glances at me. “All your women are loud and annoying. Enjoy yourself. Treat your demon. He doesn’t come out very often. I’m a little jealous…”

I grin at Eligos and decide that tonight, after we finish with our errand, I am fucking his ass. But that thought doesn’t stir my cock half as much as the memory of the woman’s moan.

I want to hear that again.

“We already know what they’ll discuss today.” I grimace and glance over my shoulder, toward the inn.

It has been sixteen years since the seven of us were in one place. We’ve never gone this long without being together. 

It’s rather surprising that after thirty years, we still don’t know who killed us. The whole event is still a bizarre episode of our history that doesn’t make sense. It holds sway over how we move about and why the others have all been distant.

We haven’t talked about it outright, but we are all weaker. Our demons have lost some of their power. Not one of us can assume demon form any longer. And that is a secret we must protect. If our enemies on the continent find out, they will come for us harder than they already are.

I wouldn’t say that my brethren are frightened. I’m too proud for that. But why else would the others have tried so hard to separate Eligos and me if it wasn’t out of fear that we’d make an easy target?

I refuse to let dread rule my life ever again.

Today, the others will arrive with their carefully prepared arguments for why this faction or that was responsible for our deaths.

My only contribution is a single question.

What the fuck does it matter?

We died.

We came back.

Our stewards and the councils managed Eden just fine in the fifteen years it took us to mature into these bodies. Another fifteen have passed, and we are still at peace. The system works. It’s seamless. Of course, regrettable things happened. Things one of us could have dealt with swifter, but we cannot be all things to all people. We are demons, not gods. We were created for the bowels of hell, not the mortal earth. We are more than we were, but not entirely what we pretend to be.

There are more important things to concern ourselves with than a crime committed against those with the highest chances of rebirth. To me, that is a victimless crime. An inconvenience at best, and I’d much rather spend my time trying to get up a certain girl’s skirt to appease my demon.

Besides, our power is waning. We can ignore it as much as we like, but those are the facts.

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