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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Bad Blood by JA Lafrance, Susan Horsnell The Phoenix Force Series 6 Book

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Ebooks Bad Blood By JA Lafrance, Susan Horsnell The Phoenix Force Series 6 | Read Book Online And Download

Overview: Daisy had her entire life mapped out…

She was career military.

There’d be no love interest.

No marriage.

No children.

It wasn’t for her.


Her plans change instantly, and she is lost until Claire, the team leader of Phoenix Force, turns up on her doorstep and makes her an offer too good to refuse.

There is bad blood between Daisy and a former special ops team mate, and she sees Claire’s offer as an opportunity to obtain the information she needs to settle the score.

Now she’s found herself doing a job she loves and pining over a man she can’t have.

Will an unexpected trip to New Zealand finally reveal the truth? 

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Bad Blood by JA Lafrance, Susan Horsnell The Phoenix Force Series 6 Book Read Online Chapter One


Six weeks after shooting

My eyes flutter open when my stomach churns. I have just enough time to turn my head before I vomit into the ever-present bucket I keep at the side of my bed. When will the nightmares come to an end? Plucking tissues from a box on the nightstand, I clean up before visions of being surrounded by the ocean fill my mind and I pass out cold.

I don’t know how much time has passed when my stomach rolls again and my eyes spring open once more. I never seem to get past Ronin saying I’ll always be his in my nightmare. I have no idea if I imagined him being at the field hospital. Did I deliberately place him in my memory because I so badly wanted him there?

I’ve never been able to figure out why I had such an obsessive crush on the man. Early in our meeting, when I first joined the specialist team, I understood Ronin was attracted to one type of woman over another. I wasn’t that type, but Jenna, another team member, was, so I’d pushed my feelings deep, never to surface. So why the hell did my nightmares insist the fellow marine had cared?

I’d been okay knowing Ronin would never feel for me what I felt for him. Hadn’t I? It meant that I could focus on my career. I could set my own goals without distractions and become one of the most successful female special forces marines the force had ever known.

I’m consumed by rage, knowing someone put a target on my head. But who? And why? The shot hadn’t been intended to kill. No, it was deliberately placed to maim. To destroy any hope I had of a long and active career in the field and relegate me to a position as a desk pony. I needed to find out why a target had been put on my head. Until I did, I’d never be able to move on and I suspected the nightmares wouldn’t quiet. Somehow, I needed to find a way to access the dark web. I was convinced that was where the answers to my questions would be found. The problem was that I had no clue how to access the secretive area, and so far, I’d been unable to locate anyone who could help.

I have a burning need to do something dangerous and know that my next adventure will be free soloing down the side of the mountain behind the small cabin where I live. The cabin had been included when I agreed to be a managing receptionist for a cabin retreat. So I was now stuck behind a desk for more hours than I liked, which was ironic since it was what I’d refused to do for the marines and the reason I’d accepted a medical discharge three weeks earlier—two weeks and one day after the shooting when the doctors, and scans they’d shown me when I’d demanded the truth, convinced me that staying in, hoping for a full recovery, and being fully active out in the field was highly unlikely. I couldn’t stick around behind a computer and watch colleagues do what I couldn’t.

I was making good progress with my leg, and although I had a barely noticeable limp, the limb was still weaker than I could accept. I’d been determined to prove the doctors wrong when they’d insisted I’d probably need some form of aid to offset the limp I’d have for the rest of my life.

I turn my thoughts to the challenge of the mountain. So far, all my climbing has been using traditional gear, giving my leg a chance to strengthen. Today I’ll be without the ropes and hooks… just me and my will to get from the bottom of the mountain to the ranger's station halfway to the summit, which is unreachable by climbing alone. The only way to reach the summit is by helicopter drop. Hopefully, the cute ranger is working today, and maybe the climb won’t be the only thing that leaves me sweaty.

I roll over, climb out of bed, and walk to the bathroom when movement catches my eyes. People are gathered at the base of the mountain. It must be the next session of wannabe mountaineers working with the local climbing school. Lightweights. I smirk, run a brush through my hair, and tie it up into a ponytail. Then I wash and apply SPF15 sunscreen to my face and neck. Heading to my closet, I pull on my black tactical pants, black tank top, thermal jacket, and combat boots. After grabbing a helmet, I slip through the back door and cross the short distance to the base of the mountain.

My eyes survey the group of people and lock on the male instructor trying to help a cute petite blonde, who keeps blushing and giggling as he fastens her harness. Another one stands alongside her, giggling, and I assume they must be friends. Shaking my head, I skirt around the side of the group and start the climb.

“Hey, you need a harness.” The instructor shouts in my direction as my foot hits the second boulder from the ground.

“I’m good, buddy. You make sure the nitwit twins are protected,” I shout over my shoulder before increasing my speed, gaining height rapidly.

“Lady, you’re going to kill yourself.” I barely hear his voice that floats in the air below.

“Peace out, bitches, catch you on the flat side.” I tap the side of my watch and music blasts into my ears.

This is one of the very few times that I can clear my mind of all the shit that has left me hurt and wondering why I ended up at the bottom of the karma bucket. All I know is that life slapped me in the face from a very young age, and I plan on changing that, one thrill-seeking experience at a time.

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