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Alpha and Omega by J Everett Cross (The Nightguard Tales Book 2)

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Alpha and Omega by J Everett Cross (The Nightguard Tales Book 2) Online And Download

Overview: Jake Jones, the one who carries the burden of the Nightguard, is just getting used to things when adventure calls once more. This time, he is sent to Helheim by his mentor, Judas, in order to escape an ancient evil. Neither Judas nor Jake have any idea what has awoken with the intent of killing the Nightguard.

Unfortunately for Jake, Helheim ain't no picnic, either.

Rejoining the beginnings of his harem with the Vampyre Queen, Lilith, and Mother Witch, Stella, the three of them are thrown into a sort of civil war for the control of that side of the veil. In order to make it out of this alive, Jake is going to have to recruit some of the most famous (and sexiest) heroes of old.

And while he's having all the fun, Judas is in a life or death game of Who Are You with maybe the most powerful man to ever walk the Earth.

Alpha and Omega by J Everett Cross (The Nightguard Tales Book 2) Read Online And Download Epub Digital Ebooks Buy Store Website Provide You.
Alpha and Omega by J Everett Cross (The Nightguard Tales Book 2)

Alpha and Omega by J Everett Cross (The Nightguard Tales Book 2) Read Online Chapter One

January 16th 

Providence, Pennsylvania 


“Ummm, what’s happening?” 

Judas stepped in front of me. “Go, slide through the veil. I will deal with this intruder.” The fear and worry in his voice told me that now was not the time to joke around. “He knows your name already, so Jake, find the other enchanted book and learn his name. Do not come back into the shadow realm until you do.” 

With that, Judas pushed me through the veil, my last sight of him being consumed by darkness. I felt Lilith’s hands catch me as I stumbled backwards. She steadied me as the spot where the veil had opened was no longer there. I wanted to cry out for Judas to follow me, but I knew it was futile. He was tied to the book in Providence and whatever shadow realm we were in, chances were he was stuck there, too. Man, magic and all this mumbo jumbo gave me a huge migraine - the kind right behind your eyes that felt like someone was digging around your head with a fork. 

“Jake, what just happened?” 

“I have no idea! One minute I was opening the veil and the next, it felt like the world was about to end.” 

We weren’t in Castle Surtr, as I began to get my bearings. It soon dawned on me that this must be Revelations, the home of the vampyres. It was eerily quiet and dark, like it could have been abandoned. Lilith grabbed my hand and led me into a room just off the main hallway. Once inside, she hugged me so hard I felt quite a bit of air leave my body. When she let go, her eyes met mine and there was quite a bit of sadness in them. 

“Things haven’t gone well since our last communication.” 

“Are you here by yourself?” 

“No, I’m trapped here. Freki, the Werewolf Alpha, has sent a hit squad to kill me. The other vampyres have escaped; I’m the only one left.” 

The last time we spoke was in my dream realm, the one that Stella could create and I could enter at will. Lilith had been able to join us a few times, mostly for wild dream sex (basically a very vivid wet dream). The last time we convened, Stella had a lead on a werewolf who might be interested in joining the harem of queens. Lilith had something, too. She had a beat on the mirror book in Helheim that we’d been determined to find. Both expressed a bit of dismay due to the fact Abaddon had been running unchecked recently, doing his best to kill witches and vampyres as a token of revenge due to our last encounter. 

We’d come up with a plan. Stella would see if there was a way to meet with this werewolf unchecked and, if it worked out, bring her into our dream realm. Lilith was going to follow up with some leads she’d received from the vampyres’ base of operations. Finding her here wasn’t the surprise, really. The fact she was in the midst of potentially being mauled by werewolves was the kicker I hadn’t been counting on. 

To make matters worse, I had no weapons. 

Or did I? The boomerang was tucked safely into my jacket pocket. I’d never truly understand how that thing stayed so close to me. Something else was in my other pocket. I reached inside and pulled out an old, wooden cross. Wait, this was part of the Nightguard equipment Lilith and I stole back from the police department. I never actually paid much attention to it until now. When I showed her the boomerang and the cross, she actually looked quite pleased. 

“That cross might just be our ticket out of here.” 

“How so?” 

Something in the distance shook and we heard metal objects clatter off the stone floor. “The werewolves are close, so we don’t have much time. The boomerang can cause physical harm, yes, but that cross is the symbol of the very thing that all daemons are afraid of: the holy light. I can try and teach you more about it once we’re out of this, but a lot of it, you’ll have to learn on your own.” 

“Do I just hold it up or something?” 

“These wolves are not expecting you. Have an aura of authority and, if possible, shout some Bible verses at them. They will flee, that much I can promise you,” she said. 

Again, probably not a shocker, but my Biblical knowledge was lacking. I felt really bad because I’d become friends with Judas Iscariot and he was trying his best not to have me follow the same path he had. In fact, his actions were the catalyst for where we were today. I was the last Nightguard and rumor on the street had it that my actions dictated how the End Times were going to play out. My plan was to try to bring harmony to both sides of the veil (the mystical force that kept the monsters and daemons away from humans, most of the time). To do so, I had already aligned with Lilith, the Vampyre Queen, and Stella, Mother Witch, to form the harem of queens. In order to do that, I needed to be alive. 

I dug deep and found a few that I thought fit the situation. “I’m ready to do this.” 

“Okay, I’m going to open the door and we will run towards the noise. Just keep up the confidence and you’ll be fine.” 

As much as I wanted to, I refrained from pointing out how little confidence was in her voice as she tried to pump me up. She opened the door, just as she said she would, and the two of us ran like fools towards the werewolves. It didn’t take long for the wolves to appear. They were huge, like the wolves from my side of the veil on steroids. Some were white, grey, black, and a few blonde ones. As their vicious teeth became ever so clear, I held of the cross and began shouting the Bible verse I knew best - John 3:16. Having been to a number of family weddings, that one always stuck in my mind. 

I just never imagined I’d be shouting it at a pack of angry wolves. 

It worked, though. The wolves turned and ran. Well, most of them did. One blonde one dug its back feet into the stone and steadied itself. As the rest fled the scene, it stayed behind, growling at Lilith and myself. It flipped itself up onto its back legs and began to transform. Where there was once a wolf, the shape morphed into that of a curvy, leather-clad warrior woman. The heels on her boots had to be at least five inches and oh man, did that leather hug every inch of her in a way that was straight out of a porn. 

Her long blonde hair fell down to her waist, all wild and unruly. “What do we have here?” she asked, in what came across as a Germanic accent. 

“A lone wolf,” Lilith replied. 

“Not you, Vampyre Queen, I meant the man.” 

“He’s none of your con-” 

“I’m Jake. Who are you?” 

“Jake, what are you doing?” Lilith hissed at me. 

I just shrugged my shoulders. “If she stayed behind, there has to be a reason, right? I don’t see the need in fighting or being hostile, if the situation doesn’t call for it.” 

The sexy wolf lady agreed. “Freki sent us on a mission to kill you, Vampyre Queen. He told us you were in league with a dangerous human, one who would rip us apart and condemn us to the Pit. When I saw him running towards us, it didn’t take long for me to realize something was not as it seems.” 

Lilith started chuckling which quickly turned into a full blown laughing fit. I’m pretty sure tears were streaming down her face. 

“What’s so funny, Lilith?” 

“Yo-you, as some sort of boogie man,” she said, barely keeping it together. “Sorry, it’s just funny that the roles have reversed.” 

That was true. On my side of the veil, vampyres, witches, werewolves, and daemons were the stuff of nightmares. To hear that Freki, the Werewolf Alpha, was playing me up as some sort of terror just felt odd. 

The werewolf took a few steps towards me. “Your scent, it is one of youthfulness and righteousness. This is why I stood my ground.” She embraced me, which felt really nice. “My name is Nyla. I am the eldest daughter of the wolves from the northernmost region of Helheim. We submit to Freki due to the law of the pack, but we are not his allies.” 

A flash of dark energy broke up this conversation. I immediately reached for the boomerang, but felt at ease the moment I saw the long legs and black dress that belonged to one Mother Witch. “Jake? Is that you?” 

“It sure is, Stella. It’s good to see you.” 

Her attention darted from Lilith, to Nyla, and then back to me. “This was easier than I thought. Lilith and Nyla I expected, but how did you get here?” 

“I can open the veil, while in spirit realms.” 

Nyla and Stella both gasped at this proclamation. Lilith backed me up, telling them how I appeared in front of her as she was trying to find a safe spot to plan her escape. She also slipped and told them about Judas (who she didn’t know was Judas) and the black cloud of doom that had been descending upon me. “I didn’t know Jake was in a spirit realm and I used his name.” 

“The possibilities are endless for what nameless terror could be after you, Jake.” 

“That makes me feel a ton better, Stella.” 

Nyla sniffed the air. “The pack I was hunting with, they will come back. I sense them, lurking just beyond the trees that this hall was built in.” 

Stella gave me the most enchanting of smiles and snapped her fingers. One second we were at the vampyres’ stronghold and the next, we were back in Castle Surtr. I was quite familiar with this room, as it was the one Stella always used as our personal space in our safe place. Two witches immediately appeared and offered us some refreshments. I didn’t want to be standoffish, but the idea of either blood or flesh didn’t seem appealing. 

The one closest to me gave me a few other choices. “We do make bread,” she said. “It’s nothing that we need, however, it tastes divine.” 

“Do you have water or beer?” 

“What’s beer?” 

This was going to be a long stay. I accepted water and bread, crying privately that alcohol probably wasn’t something you’d be able to find very much of in Helheim. As the others were telling Nyla about synthetic blood and flesh, I began retracing my steps from the moment I went to the spirit library to talk to Judas until I got here. My mind was racing, there had been thunder, rumbling all around, and then dread. It all happened in the blink of an eye before Judas pushed me through the veil, to Lilith. The more I thought about that sinister feeling, the more I felt like I could vomit. 

When I looked up, everything was frozen, except Stella. “I know you and Lilith have a bond that cannot be broken, yet it seems the two of us are more alike than we thought.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Unlike other Nightguards who preferred brute strength and muscle to solve their problems, you use your brain. Plus, there is this mystical quality about you that I do believe you have been very curious about.” Damn, she was good. 

“Can they see or hear us?” I asked. 

“In this castle, I control very much. Because they are relaxed and at ease, they never saw this enchantment being worked. No, to them, it will be like nothing ever happened.” 

“Something bad is after me, Stella. The spirit in the book said it was imperative that we find the companion book in Helheim and I discover the name of what we encountered.” 

She walked around me in a circle, very much deep in thought. “Lilith was hoping to find a lead in her old stomping grounds, however, I do believe the wolves interrupted her. Has she told you what’s been going on since our last communication?” 

“Only that things weren’t going well.” 

That was an understatement. It’d only been a few weeks, yet that was long enough for Abaddon to take back the reins of the last two Arch-Fiends, Beelzebub and Freki. Her little act of disobedience destroyed what little apathy Abbadon had left and he commandeered the armies of werewolves and daemons as his own. Stories about me, or what the denizens of Helheim were led to believe, were circulating like wildfire. A few witches and vampyres that were originally loyal had switched sides. The only safe place for Lilith and Stella, plus those who still stood with them, was here. Stella enchanted the grounds around Castle Surtr that only those who posed no threat could enter. 

The problem was supplies were getting low and the answers sought were well beyond the safety of the enchantment. “Thanks to my magic and the vampyres’ recipes, we have synthetic food and nourishment for those who remain with us. However, unless we can expand, our resources are beginning to wane.” 

“What about Revelation Hall? The place is abandoned and would be perfect to take over.” 

“Werewolves roam there now. Unless we can drive them away, it would be a waste of time and effort.” 

“Could you conjure me a map of Helheim?” 

Stella clapped her hands together and expanded them. It was almost like a star map you’d see at a planetarium. The map encompassed the room with little stars and words breaking it down into the simplest of details. It was stunning, to say the least. The brightest star was over Castle Surtr, where we were. I saw Revelation Hall, surrounded by forests, a tall spire that stuck up like a finger going towards the sky, and abandoned ruins. The tall spire was labeled as the Tower of Baal and the ruins were called Freki’s Den. It didn’t take much to realize those were the homes of the daemons and werewolves, respectively. 

Other awful areas stuck out, such as nightmarish looking plains, something called the Edge of Despair, and a blood-red lake in the middle of the whole thing. However, what caught my eye was an area that seemed very much out of place. Instead of the dark, reddish hue that most of the other places were surrounded with, there was a mountain range along the far, northwestern part of the map that looked downright normal. The snowy peaks and trails seemed like the perfect place to set up a base. Walking closer to the spot, I even saw what looked like an old fortress, built into the side of the mountain. 

“What about here?” I asked, pointing at my discovery. 

Stella followed my finger and immediately scoffed. “Of course you would find the one place that would be a death sentence for all of us.” 

“I’m not following. Are the mountains too treacherous to scale? They honestly don’t look that bad.” 

“It’s not the mountain, it’s those who call that place home,” she informed me. 

I had to be missing something. “The daemons live there,” I assumed, pointing to the Tower of Baal. “And the werewolves live there,” redirecting my finger to Freki’s Den. “That accounts for everyone in Helheim.” 

“The ones in Helheim who cross over. There is a fifth group that lives here, though being in the mountains, I can hardly say they belong in Helheim. I do believe you are familiar with some of the oldest human lore, correct?” 

There was a ton of old human lore. Between the Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, Native Americans and so on, there were a lot of old stories. “You’ll need to be more specific. We got a lot of legends.” 

“Many eons ago, angels and humans lived together on Earth.” 

“This feels like a Bible story.” 

“That’s because it is, Jake. When the sons of God and the daughters of humanity procreated, a race of Nephilim were born. Those that survived the Great Flood found refuge in Helheim and built Valhalla. No one goes there, as the Nephilim are crazed, killing machines.” 

Something didn’t add up. “If they are crazed, killing machines, then why do they stay put on the mountain?” 

Stella was about to retort and then stopped. “Actually, I do not know.” 

“Maybe we loop the others in and see if it’s worth a shot.” 

“We can do that, after we have sex.” She removed her belt and her dress parted ways, exposing her very naked body. “I miss the feeling of your cock inside me.” 

“When you put it like that…”

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