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Vanished (Syren Nova 1) by Mercedes Morgan

Read Online Vanished (Syren Nova 1) by Mercedes Morgan Mystery Book

Overview: You never think it could happen to you until it does. It's something that only happens in movies or to people who aren't very smart.
But that's a lie. It can happen to anyone. They have no opinions on how smart you are, how well behaved or loved you are. All they care about is you. For whatever reason you caught their attention. Its no use trying to figure out why they chose you. The truth is only they may know.
That family on the news who just got news that a body was found and identified... those tears. They aren't always of sadness. Of course sadness is in there. But a lot of times its relief. Closure. That doesn't stop them from wanting to know who could do such a thing or why it happened to them. But, as we've come to realize. There is no real reason.
The person who does it is sick. Its no excuse, but they are the only one who might be able to understand their reasoning.

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Vanished (Syren Nova 1) by Mercedes Morgan

Read Online Vanished (Syren Nova 1) by Mercedes Morgan Book Chapter One

They say that life is what you make it. And that everyone has a destiny that they need to uphold. But what if that destiny is cut short? What if your life was no longer in your control? Would you still say the same things?

I never thought to really think about these things before… but, I guess, no one really does. We all have this beautiful fantasy of life. These expectations that we are all supposed to abide by. Family, friends, relationships, hobbies, you name it; that’s what makes us-us. But who are we really? When everything is taken away, what’s left? Are you still the same person? Or are you someone brand new, taking over so the previous person can die? Life is a funny thing like that. You are born, grow up, and die. But what happens when you don’t finish that pattern?

Hi, my name is Syren Nova Velasquez. I am fifteen years old. I was born in Denver, Colorado, to Tally and Jake Burns. I had two little siblings, Allie and Whitley, ages four and ten. I had three of the best friends a girl could ever hope for. Marina, Jordyn, and Taurus.

Marina was a short, bubbly girl. At first glance, you’d assume she is some cute kid who was a pushover. Well, you’d be wrong. She was captain of our girl’s varsity soccer team and was a black belt in karate. But the most intimidating thing… she was president of the debate team. As a freshman! That never happens! The girl could talk rings around you and spew facts all while charming the audience and winning all of her cases. She is going to make an amazing attorney one day.

Now, Jordyn was what she liked to call “Latin realness”. She and her family moved here from Spain when she was twelve. Now at fifteen she was tall, had skin every person envied, and could walk in heels like no one’s business. She was an amazing artist and seamstress. I just know that someday she will have her own world famous fashion label.

Taurus was my first friend. I grew up with them. We knew everything about each other. I was the first person who Taurus came out to. It was also my family who took them in when their no-good sorry excuse for parents kicked them out. Yes, I am extremely passionate about this. But back to Taurus; they were one of the smartest people I had the honor to meet. I mean, we are talking genius IQ level here. But, if you try to tell them that. They’ll shut you down quicker than you can shut a door.

I miss them so much… but. I also want them to rest and move on. They have their whole lives ahead of them and they deserve to live them. If not for themselves, then for me. I just wish I could talk to them one more time, hug them, tell them how much I love them… but I can’t. They made sure we couldn’t.
December twenty-third started out normally… or as normal as it can be considering the horrors that awaited me. But the magic in the air was hard to resist. Everyone’s excitement for Christmas and New Year’s was infectious. I had even found the best gift for Taurus the day before. I can’t wait for them to open it. I just hope it helps them.

As ninth graders, we were the newbies. The awkward ones who were barely out of their pre-teens. We were the lowest of the low as far as the social hierarchy went. I mean, don’t get me wrong I was by no means unpopular. But I was also best friends and a sister to Taurus. Taurus seemed to have a giant BULLY ME sign on them. Jordyn, Marina, and I tried to deter the brunt of any potential bullying. But things always slip through the cracks.

I worry about them, now that I’m gone. Taurus was my best friend… they still are my best friend. But more than that, they are my sibling. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. I guess I should start at the beginning.

December 17th, 2010. Life was normal; I went to school, hung out with my friends, had an amazing significant other, fought with my siblings, and accused my parents of being overbearing. You know, normal teenage things. I thought I was invincible. Doesn’t everyone? Maybe it’s just a me thing. I’ll have to ask Cassandra or Kyle their older, so in this case I figure they must have more knowledge on this than I do.

I can barely remember what the school looked like, the other people in my year, heck I barely remembered my teachers… okay, so I may have forgotten one or two of them. But it’s not my fault! You try living in hell for three years and then, given the freedom you craved, only to now crave something else. Something you never ever thought you could want. But now it’s the only thing that matters. Okay-okay, I’m getting ahead of myself again.

I know I had eight classes. Ironically, while I forgot some teachers, I can remember my locker combination and schedule. It’s funny how the brain works like that. But yes, I had Chemistry first with Marina and Jordyn, Geometry alone (at the time this is what I considered cruel and unusual punishment), English with all three of my friends, Spanish with Taurus, World History alone, Theatre with Jordyn and Marina, Home Ec with Jordyn, and Soccer with Marina. All in all I had a pretty great schedule for a freshman. Not many people have most every single class with their best friends.

Our teachers weren’t even that bad. Ms. Clark (Chem) was a stumpy old lady who had more sass than any one person should have. Mrs. Young (Math) was a strict woman who I swear had eyes everywhere! She could be sitting at her desk writing or whatever and without even looking up and call some kid out for cheating. Nothing could get past her. Our soccer coach, Mr. Hodge, was by far my favorite teacher, though. He was always smiling, cracking jokes, and giving out compliments to me, and commenting about the slight changes I made to my hair or clothes… in hindsight, I guess that is a little weird.

He was also a devastatingly handsome man. No one in their fifties should look as good as Mr. George Louis Hodge. He had muscles, salt and pepper hair that always looked the slightest bit tousled, tall broad shoulders, and the brightest teeth I have ever seen. But he was married. He married Joyce Hodge nee Rodgers thirty something years ago. They even had six children. SIX! I don’t know how that woman does it. Needless to say nearly all the girls at the school had crushes on him, even a few of the boys and they’s.

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