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Ruined Things by Samantha Lovelock

Ruined Things by Samantha Lovelock Romance Book Read Online

Ruined Things by Samantha Lovelock Romance Book Read Online
Ruined Things by Samantha Lovelock

Overview: How do you say goodbye to the one who holds your heart?
Payne Emerson should never have been behind the wheel, or on that stretch of road. It’s all my fault. The nightmare I feared most has come true and the boy I love is paying for my mistakes.

No matter how loud my screams or how deafening the sound of my heartbreak, he can’t hear me.

I am alone in this fight.
But I am fierce in my love.
And I will find out who did this.

My name is Sunday Grace Easton, and it’s time to make them regret the day they decided to take him from me.

Read Online Ruined Things by Samantha Lovelock  Book
Chapter One

Bodhi sits on the curb in front of his family’s garage half an hour later, holding me carefully on his lap.

“How come we’re not inside waiting?” I ask drowsily.

“Because you love the stars and the way things appear so different in the moonlight,” he says quietly. If I had any tears left, I’d shed them for this moment.

“You remember that?”

“I remember all kinds of things. My name, where I live, random things chicks say during conversations at treatment facilities.” His muted chuckle rumbles in his chest, before he gets serious again. “Know what else I remember? That you promised yourself this would never happen again, that you would never walk this path again.”

“Well, to be fair, I’m not exactly walking anywhere right now.” My lame attempt at a joke falls flat.

“Not funny.”

“Why does everybody keep telling me that?” I ask the night sky above us. The familiar rumble of the Camaro purrs in the distance, slowly getting louder as the car approaches us. “I’m sorry, Bodhi, sorry for being a screw-up.” Dotting a chaste kiss on his cheek, I feel him sigh and can just barely make out the smile gracing his mouth.

“I know you are, but you need to sort your shit out, Sunday. This is no way to live,” he says pointedly. “You and I both know that.” Stella’s car rounds the corner and pulls into the lot. Not bothering to shut off the engine, she and Poe jump out and hurry over to Bodhi and me. “She’s okay, just tired and hurting. A good night’s sleep and she’ll be fine in the morning. Physically, at least,” Bodhi says, handing me over to Poe before getting up.

He stands and watches while my friends load me gently in the backseat. Stella stays with me, fussing and fretting, while Poe walks back over to the other guy. The little I can see from this position looks like Poe is thanking him. Bodhi nods in acknowledgement before waving once at Stella and walking through the lot back into the shop.

“Sunday, I know you feel like complete shit physically and mentally, so I’ll let you have that tonight. But come tomorrow, you and me? We’re going to have a little talk and things are going to get real, real damn quick,” Stella says, relief and anger making her voice quiver as she slides into the driver’s seat.

“You okay back there, Sun? Or you want to switch so you can sit shotgun?” Poe offers generously as he opens the passenger door and climbs in.

“Wow, I must be in bad shape,” I say, my voice pathetic. “Poe Halliday offering to give up shotgun to a girl?”

“Yeah, it’s a new thing I’m trying, not being a dick. Don’t get used to it.” He warns jokingly.

The three of us are quiet as we head out of Ashbrook and back to Folkestone, the only sound in the car the muffled road noise and Alexisonfire’s ‘Season of the Flood’ playing softly on the sound system.

Payne’s current favorite song.

Curling into a ball, I drift between the notes, feeling like a shell of myself until I notice the car starting to slow.

Why are we stopping? There’s no way we’re home yet.

When I open my eyes, the interior of the car is lit with blue and red, flashing in time with the pounding of my heart. Even though some innate sense of self-preservation tells me it’s the last thing I want to do, I force myself to sit up fully to see what’s happening.

We’ve just crested the hill that divides the towns of Ashbrook and Folkestone. There are a couple of cruisers blocking the road ahead, with the nose of an ambulance just visible past the front end of a fire truck off to the side.

“What the hell?” Poe mutters under his breath as Stella pulls over and rolls to a stop. “Stay here,” he orders us and gets out of the car, slamming the door behind him. Stella and I watch him walk over and speak to one officer standing next to his cruiser. Whatever the cop says has Poe dashing frantically around the back of the fire truck and sliding clumsily into the culvert beside it.

“Do not move from this car!” Stella yells at me, and jumps out, running after her boyfriend.

I sit frozen in the backseat, barely taking a breath as I wait for my friends to come back. Stella reappears first, sobbing and half dragging Poe behind her. As soon as he gets to the top of the incline, he falls to his hands and knees and starts dry-heaving. Unable to stay in the safety of the Camaro any longer, I slip out from behind the driver’s seat and stumble toward the side of the road.

“Sunday, no!” Stella screams too late.

The twisted wreck of a beautiful silver sports car with truly ridiculous doors rests on its roof at the bottom of the short incline, steam rising from the undercarriage that’s folded almost totally in half. The blood thunders steadily louder in my ears, warning of the coming storm that will sweep me out to sea and leave me to drown in misery.

Standing on the gravel shoulder watching everything that was supposed to be my future slip away, I reach into my pocket and pull out the tiny ring I gave to the boy I love so many years ago. My hand clutches around it tightly as the first piercing cry rips free of my lips, and the only thought echoing through my mind is that I never should have taken it back.

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