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Dark Legacies by Hadena James


Overview: Brenna has been stuck in the ethereal plane for some time now. Her only companion is Uther Pendragon, an overlord she knows very little about, but has to learn to trust.
Jasmine has been free to terrorize the world in Brenna's absence. She is unleashing dark forces onto the earth in an attempt to bring about the Second Elder War and fulfill her dreams of domination over humans.
Brenna must summon every bit of her power to fight Jasmine, The Horsemen and anything else brought into the realm of reality. Despite being one of the most powerful beings on earth, will Brenna have the power to battle against her own sister? Let alone, win, knowing death might be only way to stop Jasmine's madness?


Dark Legacies by Hadena James Book Chapter One


“Good lord, that hurt,” I moaned.

“I don’t think that covers it,” Pendragon groaned. “I never expected to get my body back in mid-fall. I am so glad that your house is still only one story.”

“Hi!” Rachel squealed at me.

“Even my hair hurts,” I grumbled at her.

“Brenna, it was a pleasure to be stuck with you in the aether. In six months, maybe a year, I’ll come back over for dinner. Until then, I would very much like not to see you at all,” Pendragon flopped over on his side to look at me.

“Ditto,” I answered, rolling my head sideways.

“I cannot seem to get off the floor,” Pendragon said.

“It takes a day or two to get used to the bodies,” Sonnellion answered.

“I see,” Pendragon didn’t look very happy as my uncles helped him to his feet.

Anubis reached for me.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll stay here for a while longer. What are the floors made out of again?”

“Obsidian,” Anubis answered.

“It’s terribly, terribly hard,” I told him.

“It is not meant to be a landing zone for falling Demons,” he said.

“Perhaps, we should have plush carpets put in over the obsidian, very plush carpets, just in case it ever happens again,” I suggested.

“Have a donut, you will feel better,” Ba’al handed me a donut.

I couldn’t take the glass of milk they were offering. I gave in and let the Overlords pull me to my feet. My legs felt as if they were made of sand and would crumble at any moment. I leaned against Anubis to keep myself from falling.

“I think I need the couch,” I said, pointing over my shoulder. They moved me as if I were a priceless statue, and then deposited me with less reverence onto the sofa. I sat for a moment, trying to collect myself.

“It’s good to have you both back,” Lucifer said, as Pendragon took a seat as far away from me as the living room would allow.

“You have Jasmine?” I asked, glaring at him.

“Yes, but I think you should take a day before confronting her,” Sonnellion cautioned me. “While you are back to form, you could do with some food and a nap.”

“And kicking her ass would be good,” I told him.

“Bren, don’t pick a fight on your first day back,” Anubis told me.

“I didn’t start it,” I reminded him. “She sent Pendragon and me into the aether. She deserves whatever she gets.”

“It can wait,” my mother spoke and ended the discussion about it by handing me a child. I stared at the bundle of swaddled blankets. My sister, Amanda, had grown while I was in the aether. She no longer resembled a wrinkly blob with hair. Now, she had features. Somehow, she managed to stretch, yawn, and spit-up on me all at the same time.

“Ew,” I moved her out to arm’s length.

“It’s just spit-up,” my mother chided, then grabbed a towel and wiped me off. She frowned, took back the child, and her eyes turned dark as she said, “We couldn’t manage clothes for them?”

Her eyes moved from me to my siblings. Suddenly, everyone was in motion. I was swept from the couch and carried down the hallway to my bedroom. I blushed. My dresser began spitting out clothing. Anubis handed each item to me.

“How do you feel, honestly?” He asked as I finished pulling on socks. My toes went through them.

“I feel like this isn’t really my body,” I admitted, “My toes seem pointier.”

“You’ve always had clawed feet.”

“Yes, but I have never ruined socks with them,” I looked at myself in the mirror. “My horns are bigger too.”

“They do appear to be, yes.”

“So, I got my body back, but it isn’t exactly my body. It is some amped up version of it.”

“There might have been a little creative license taken by your younger brothers,” Anubis explained, frowning.


“You are slightly bigger, stouter, and taller.”

I looked down, my socks and pants met, but there was a thin line of skin visible. If I had to guess, I would say I had gone from being five-feet, three inches tall, to being about five-feet, five inches tall.

“Go get them and my mother,” I told him.

“Of course,” and then he left. I caught another pair of socks in mid-air as the dresser spit them out to me. I was more careful pulling on this set. My shoes were problematic. My clawed feet caught the leather and split it down the middle from the tongue to the toe. I sighed in frustration.

“What?” Elise asked, coming into the room.

“I look like a cartoon character,” I stood up and showed her the outfit and the shoes.

“Hmm,” Elise wrinkled her brow and stared at me, “you do appear to be bigger.”

“I didn’t mean to make her bigger,” Nick instantly protested. “It just happened!”

“I don’t think we are mad about it, just surprised,” Elise soothed him. “I’ll go shopping. We will need to have you measured again.”

“I don’t want to go shopping,” I told her.

“I didn’t say we would have to go shopping. I said I would have to go shopping. You just need to be measured. I’ll get the seamstress’ tape,” and with that comment, my mother disappeared from the room.

“I don’t think it is just your height,” Daniel said, “You look more muscular.”

“I was thinking as I built the body that a bigger Brenna might be good because she’d be more capable in a physical altercation. I didn’t actually mean to make you bigger,” Nick defended himself again.

“Were you worried Bren couldn’t handle a fight?” Daniel asked.

“Well, she is kind of small for a demon,” Nick shrugged.

Part of me wanted to point out to Nick that I had been doing just fine over the years. Another part reminded me that I just spent six months in the aether with Uther Pendragon, and maybe I did need a little help. However, making me physically bigger was probably not the solution. Of course, I didn’t have any better solutions, so I stared at the hem of my pants and said nothing.

My mother returned a few moments later, with tape measure in hand. My brothers snickered and they were ushered out of the room. She stared at me for several minutes. I stared back, willing her telepathically to give me a clue about what I was supposed to do. It didn’t work. My mother eventually sighed at me.

“Well, take them off,” she huffed.

“What?” I asked.

“Your clothes, of course,” she said it as if I was a complete idiot.

“Um, why?” I asked.

“To be measured,” she kept the same tone. I had a moment when I wanted to ask why my mother needed to see me nude to measure me, but I was pretty sure she had a reason. Mothers didn’t voluntarily deal with nude adult daughters. I shed the undersized clothing.

Rachel and Olivia walked into the room with their arms full of clothing. They dumped them into a pile on my bed. I stared at the wadded pile and felt very vulnerable in my nudity.

“Until you get some of your own clothes, we are loaning you ours,” Rachel said and sat down on the couch. “How much did she grow?”

“A couple of inches taller and I think Nick bumped her up with about one hundred pounds of muscle.” My mother was frowning as she measured me. “I don’t know that for sure yet, but she doesn’t seem to be much bigger around, only an inch or so. I need a scale, a real working scale.”

Olivia left the room and retuned a minute later with a digital scale. I stepped on it. For most of my life, I had weighed 387 pounds. The scales informed me that I now weighed 515 pounds. I shook my head.

“Wow, he really did create more mass,” Rachel said, peeking at the scale.

“Great, now I have even more bulk to go kick Jasmine’s ass,” I said. Previously, Jasmine had been an inch taller and a hundred pounds heavier than I had. That had changed with the new body. I was taller and we were about the same weight, not that I needed more bulk or height. I had more magic than she did, and a coven full of witches willing to back me up. Jasmine was alone.

“Not today,” my mother tutted at me as she went through my sisters’ clothes.

“Yes, yes,” I told her, waving my hand at her. I had every intention of doing it today. If I were really lucky, I wouldn’t have to kill her. If I wasn’t, it was going to get messy. Nothing like being stuck in the ethereal to change your viewpoint.

My mother selected some clothes and I put them on, ignoring the fact that the top was knit and paisley. The pants were long enough and bright blue. If they went with the top, fashion was even more mysterious than I originally thought.

“This will work for now. I’ll go shopping this afternoon, you can babysit Amanda,” my mother said.

“I really want a nap. I haven’t slept in six months,” I protested.

“Oh fine, take a nap. I’ll make one of the Overlords babysit.” My mother left the room.

“You’re about to do something stupid,” Rachel said.

“Can you read my mind?” I asked.

“Nope, I just know you. You are not going to wait to deal with Jasmine, you’re heading out there just as soon as the coast is clear,” Olivia answered.

“If you tell Mom or Dad...” I started.

“We’re not going to tell either of them. We think she deserves a good ass-kicking,” Rachel shrugged. “But we’re going with you. Eli, Nick, and Daniel intend to come as well.”

“The more the merrier,” I shrugged and flopped onto my bed. “It feels weird to have a body again. At first, it felt weird not to have a body, but I got used to that. Now I have to get used to this. And memory isn’t serving well, because it isn’t like my old body.”

“You cracked the floor when you fell,” Rachel told me.

“It really hurt, but the pain is gone now,” I said.

“We’ll come back when Mom and Dad leave,” Rachel stood and Olivia followed behind. I was adjusting to the silence when the door opened again.

“That outfit is very loud,” Anubis said.

“I didn’t pick it out. I prefer basic black,” I answered without moving.

“How do you feel?”

“Terrible. I don’t know why Nick decided to upgrade my body, but I’m going to need time to adjust to it.”

“All the more reason for you not to go ahead with your plans,” Anubis answered.

“Were you standing outside the door?” I asked.

“Something like that,” Anubis sat down next to me. “This new body has a few surprises.”

“Like what?” I sat up.

“Everything is bigger, Bren, everything,” Anubis gave a very pointed look at my chest.

“I’ll be damned,” I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but he was right. My younger brother had kept me proportioned the same when he increased my size. My breasts were a size or two bigger.

“It isn’t unappealing,” Anubis cracked a smile.

“Really?” I rolled my eyes. “Not today, I have a new body and a sister to deal with.”

“Tomorrow then? I’ll pencil it in on my calendar if it works for you.”

Despite the crudeness or the subject, I couldn’t help but laugh. I put my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. I had spent time in the aether with Uther and he had been good company. However, one of my own Overlords would have been better.

“Come here,” Anubis stretched out on the bed. I curled up with him. I was very tired. His heartbeat was strong and steady against his chest, and it echoed in my ears, slowing mine to match his. He smelled of cinnamon and cloves. The short hairs on his muzzle tickled my cheek. I snuggled in closer, feeling his arms wrap around me. My body began to tingle. His touch was like electricity. I kissed his neck.

“Bren?” His voice was very quiet.

“No, I still don’t know the logistics, but we’ll work it out as we go,” I whispered back, keeping my face in the nape of his neck. He even tasted like cinnamon. His hands moved along my back, then my ribs. I rolled over onto my back as his tongue touched my neck. I closed my eyes and a small moan escaped my lips. Jasmine could wait.

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