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Past Imperfect by Remington Kane


Overview: Jessica White and her exceptional husband return in a new series.


Past Imperfect by Remington Kane Book Chapter One


Three people, two men and a woman, lurked in the woods near the home of Dr. Jessica White, the famed serial killer expert and author. They weren’t interested in Jessica; they were there for her husband.

They had spent the last three days watching Mr. White and learning his routine. They knew that he went for a mid-morning run after the children had gone off to school. On one of those three days, White had run with the family dog, a pit bull who was named Stitches. They knew something else about White, they knew that he was a predator.

White had never been convicted of assaulting a woman much less murdering one. And over the years he and his wife had captured or killed many serial killers. Among them were Monarch and Numerical. To the public and numerous law enforcement agencies, Mr. White was a man to be admired. The trio lurking outside his house were certain that his public persona was a disguise that hid his true self. White wasn’t a man to be well-regarded, he was a monster who needed to be eradicated. He was a killer of women, and God only knew how many victims there were in his past.

White emerged from the house dressed in black jogging pants and a matching hoodie. The dog was absent and that was a good thing. No one had wanted to hurt the dog, but they had a can of bear repellent handy in case it was needed.

White was a tall man who was in great shape but not overly muscular. In his youth he’d been an undefeated mixed martial artist. That was when the sport was in its early days in the United States.

One of the men was bearded. He was watching White through binoculars and had also competed in mixed martial arts. He was a good ten years younger than White and was packed with muscle. He figured that he could take the man down easily if things got physical. Of course, they weren’t supposed to get physical. That was why they were carrying Tasers.

They wanted to take White alive. Once he was in their custody he would be questioned. Tortured might be a better word, but that was up to him. If the bastard cooperated and confessed to his crimes, things would go much easier for him.

White finished stretching in preparation for his run. As he had the previous times they had watched him, he took off through the woods while running along an old deer trail. The two men and the woman were farther along that trail and concealed behind trees. Each was armed with a pistol and a Taser. There was a four-wheel drive vehicle parked several hundred yards away near the edge of the trees that bordered a highway. Once he was bound, gagged, and blindfolded, the men would carry White to the vehicle and watch over him while the woman drove.

“Get ready,” whispered the other man. He was black, an inch shorter than the bearded man, but in great shape. He had boxed as a teen and later went on to college on a full academic scholarship.

White was nearing their position and would soon be in range of the Tasers. If one of them missed, then the others would make sure to nail him. To avoid hitting him at the same time, they had worked out a firing order. First the woman would attempt to take him down, followed by the black man, then the bearded man. If they all failed to strike White and disable him, they’d pulled their sidearms and would threaten to kill him if he didn’t comply with their orders.

The woman slid her finger onto the trigger of her Taser as she heard White’s footsteps growing closer. She was in her early forties with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was about to step out into the open and confront White when she felt a stabbing pain in the back of her left thigh. It felt like a bee sting. That was unlikely given that it was November, and the temperature was only a few degrees above freezing. The woman reached back with her free hand and felt a tubular object. At the same time a feeling of great weariness came over her.

“What’s wrong?” asked the bearded man. He’d been waiting for her to make her move on White then saw her grab at the back of her leg.

The woman opened her mouth to speak and her eyes fluttered as she fell to her knees. Nearby, the black man was doing the same. There was something sticking out of the side of his neck. It looked like a dart with a small glass bottle attached.

The bearded man looked about and saw no one. Before he could react, he realized that White was almost even with his position. He had been set to fire last, but he had his Taser in his hand and was ready to complete their mission. He stepped out of hiding and found that White was only a few feet away. The man was holding a weapon of his own. It was a tranquilizer gun.

The dart struck him just beneath the right side of his chin as he fired the Taser at White. White dodged the weapon’s twin barbs and they landed impotently upon a pile of leaves. Then came the feeling of drowsiness and the inability to keep his eyes open. The bearded man looked at White while falling forward. White had stepped closer to catch him. As he felt himself going unconscious, the bearded man wondered if White’s intense eyes would be the last sight he ever beheld.

* * *

Jessica White stepped out from behind a row of bushes as White’s daughter, Violet Poe, came out from the other side. She was in her twenties, tall, and with long raven hair. Jessica’s shot had taken down the woman while Violet’s had struck the black man. Both women carried rifles designed to shoot tranquilizer darts. The guns made a slight noise when fired.

They had been lying in wait for the trio since becoming aware of them the day before. The bearded man had gotten too close and triggered a silent alarm and a camera on the previous day. The camera had a microphone that had recorded the man telling someone out of view that they would make their move the next day and snatch White.

Jessica and her husband had been ready for them but were perplexed as to why they would want to abduct Mr. White. Their best guess had been that it was a kidnapping attempt.

Violet checked the woman for identification and found none. The same was true for the men White frisked, although he did find a set of keys and two burner phones. The trio’s weapons were gathered up and placed in a sack, after the firearms had been unloaded.

“What should we do with them, Father?” Violet asked.

“I’m going to place them in the safe room below the workshop,” White said.

Jessica pointed toward the road. “They must have a vehicle parked nearby. We need to find it and move it out of sight until we know what’s going on.”

“I’ll do that after I—” White had stopped talking in mid-sentence. He had been looking at the woman when he realized that he knew her.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

White didn’t answer. Instead, he bent down and rolled up the right pant leg on the woman. On the back of her calf was a birthmark shaped like a heart. “It’s her.”

“You know her?” Violet asked.

White nodded, then looked at Jessica. “This woman. She’s Sienna Ross.”

Jessica wrinkled her brow. The name sounded familiar, but she was having difficulty recalling where she’d heard it before. When she remembered, her mouth parted in shock.

“Why would Sienna Ross be coming after you?”

White shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Who is she, Father?” Violet asked.

White stared at his daughter. She was aware that he had predatory tendencies, but she was unaware that he had ever acted upon them. He dreaded telling her how depraved he had once been.

Jessica placed a hand on Violet’s shoulder. “It’s a long story, Violet. For now, why don’t we get these three restrained before the drug wears off.”

“All right,” Violet said. She had sensed her father’s discomfort and it worried her. White was normally self-assured and calm.

Violet grabbed Sienna Ross under the arms while Jessica took her legs, and then they began walking back toward the house. White, whose strength was fantastic, tossed the bearded man over one shoulder before bending his knees to reach down and grab the belt of the black man. He followed his wife and daughter while lugging both men along as if they were sacks of wheat.

Seeing Sienna Ross again had brought back memories of how he and Jessica had met. That day had been one of the worst and the best days of his life.

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