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Nathan by Alexis Ashlie


Nathan - When First Lieutenant Nathan Trenton found out that his fellow Marine, Alex Howly, was going to be in his town for the holidays, he was upset. He could not imagine being in proximity to the ice queen . . . but he was in for a surprise.
Alex turned out to be the most passionate woman he had ever met, and when she proposed an affair just for the holidays, how could he say no?
As they start their explorations, while also discovering more about each other, true emotions begin to develop. Sparks fly. Their chemistry is undeniable . . . but emotions were never part of the deal.
This was supposed to be short term—only they’re not the same people anymore.


Nathan by Alexis Ashlie Book Chapter One



I smiled as I made my way outside the airport. It was a small strip that allowed only for domestic flights. Being in Charlestown always made me happy. This is my home. I grew up here. My parents and brothers lived here with their families.

And most importantly, I needed this break. After being overseas for months, it's great to be back home for Sean’s wedding, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just the thought of giving Sean hell brought a smile to my face.

My being away was also good news for Alex. She was determined to make herself a competitor for my promotion. I cannot believe a human being can be as devious and crazy as her. From the onset, she made it clear she was out for the position and used every opportunity to get under my skin.
She despised me, to be honest, but being far away from my nemesis, who constantly gave me a headache, was a dream come true.

As I walked out of the airport, my parents met me excitedly.

“Jeez! Both of you! I could have taken a cab,” I complained as I returned their happy smiles.
“No way. We missed you and wanted to be here when you got back.” My mom grabbed me and pulled me into a bear hug.
“It’s good to have you back, son.” My father, a retired army colonel, said with a pat on my back.

“Thanks for coming to get me. And thanks in advance for lunch. I’m famished.”
“Good. I made some lasagna.” My mother said with a light touch of my cheek as she inspected my face. “We’re just waiting for one more person.”
I wasn’t sure if I was keen on sharing a ride with a stranger. “Who?”
“Mrs. Trowner’s niece is coming to spend Thanksgiving with her, and we offered to give her a ride home, since this is her first time in Charlestown.”
“Oh, do you know what she—”
“There she is . . . Alex! Hi! This way!” my mother called out, waving her arm overhead.
I turned to see the object of my misery walking towards my mother with the brightest smile on her face.

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